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International Economics Association

International Economics Association
149 Volumes | 1954 - 2019


The IEA was founded in 1950 as a Non Governmental Organization, at the instigation of the Social Sciences Department of UNESCO. This series of Conference Volumes publishes selected papers from past IEA World Congresses and other Roundtable events, representing issues discussed at sessions by both established and younger scholars from around the world. The IEA is committed to disseminating the discipline of economics at an international scale. Its aim from the beginning has been to promote personal contacts and mutual understanding among economists in different parts of the world through the organization of scientific meetings, through common research programs and by means of publications of an international character on problems of current importance.

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2019 | Book

Advances in the Economics of Religion

This edited collection brings together expertise from around the globe to overview and debate key concepts and concerns in the economics of religion. While the economics of religion is a relatively new field of research in economics, economists …

2018 | Book

Institutions, Governance and the Control of Corruption

This book considers how emerging economies around the world face the challenge of building good institutions and effective governance, since so much of economic development depends on having these in place. The promotion of shared prosperity and …

2016 | Book

Towards a General Theory of Deep Downturns: Presidential Address from the 17th World Congress of the International Economic Association in 2014

2016 | Book

The Middle East Economies in Times of Transition

Diwan and Galal looks at the structure and prospects of the Middle East economies after the 2011 Uprisings, focusing on issues of economic growth, inequality, the impact of oil, and the unfolding political transitions.

2016 | Book

Contemporary Issues in Microeconomics

With international contributors, this second volume in Contemporary Issues, by Joseph Stiglitz, includes theoretical, empirical, and policy oriented chapters based on careful utilization of theory and data analysis.

2016 | Book

Inequality and Growth: Patterns and Policy

Volume II: Regions and Regularities

It was a part of the wisdom of mainstream economics that in the early stages of development inequality would rise but, as growth persisted, it would, eventually, decline. Early evidence seemed to suggest that this pattern would be borne out. But …

2016 | Book

Inequality and Growth: Patterns and Policy

Volume I: Concepts and Analysis

It was part of common wisdom that in the early stages of development inequality would rise, but it would, eventually, decline. As time passed and growth persisted inequality has, however, continued to grow, casting doubt on the received wisdom.

2016 | Book

Contemporary Issues in Macroeconomics

Lessons from The Crisis and Beyond

In this edited collection, Joseph Stiglitz and Martin Guzman present a series of studies on contemporary macroeconomic issues. The book discusses a set of key lessons for macroeconomic theory following the recent global financial crisis and …

2016 | Book

Contemporary Issues in Development Economics

This IEA volume brings together a set of essays written by leading authors on themes relevant to the study of economic development. The book covers a range of topics many of which are relevant to policy issues. The contributors bring new insights …

2015 | Book

Taming Capital Flows: Capital Account Management in an Era of Globalization

IEA Conference Volume No. 154

This volume contains country experiences explained by policy makers and studies by leading experts on causes and consequences of capital flows as well as policies to control these flows. It addresses portfolio flow issues central to open economies, e

2014 | Book

Life After Debt

The Origins and Resolutions of Debt Crisis

This volume provides a pluralistic discussion from world-renowned scholars on the international aspects of the debt crisis and prospects for resolution. It provides a comprehensive evaluation of how the debt crisis has impacted Western Europe, the em

2014 | Book

Income Contingent Loans

Theory, Practice and Prospects

This study explores the prospect of the application of the basic principles of ICL into many other potential areas of social and economic policy. Using case studies it evaluates previously implemented ICL schemes where interest rate subsidies are usu

2013 | Book

The Industrial Policy Revolution II

Africa in the 21st Century

This volume is the result of the 2012 International Economic Association's series of roundtables on the theme of Industrial Policy. The first, 'New Thinking on Industrial Policy,' was hosted by the World Bank in Washington, D.C, and the second, 'New

2013 | Book

The Industrial Policy Revolution I

The Role of Government Beyond Ideology

This volume is the result of the 2012 International Economic Association's series of roundtables on the theme of Industrial Policy. The first, 'New Thinking on Industrial Policy,' was hosted by the World Bank in Washington, D.C, and the second, 'New

2012 | Book

Institutions and Comparative Economic Development

This collection of essays from eminent scholars discusses different phases and measures of economic development, evaluating the success of national economic transitions and providing valuable policy lessons for developing economies.

2012 | Book

The Global Macro Economy and Finance

This volume explores the measurement of economic and social progress in our societies, and proposes new frameworks to integrate economic dimensions with other aspects of human well-being. Leading economists analyse the light that the recent crisis …

2012 | Book

The Chinese Economy

A New Transition

China has enjoyed a higher growth rate for a longer period than any other nation to date. This volume brings together leading economists to analyse this unprecedented economic boom, and discuss prospects for the future. Chapters address a wide …

2011 | Book

Corporate Social Responsibility and Corporate Governance

The Contribution of Economic Theory and Related Disciplines

Corporate social responsibility is examined in this book as multi-stakeholder approach to corporate governance. This volume outlines neo-institutional and stakeholder theories of the firm, new rational choice and social contract normative models, sel

2010 | Book

Is Economic Growth Sustainable?

How can we determine if current growth patterns are sustainable, and what changes to we need to make to make them more so? This volume addresses these issues in a rigorous yet accessible fashion, presenting the current research of some of the world's

2010 | Book

Keynes’s General Theory After Seventy Years