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International Journal for Educational and Vocational Guidance

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Career goal engagement following negative feedback: Influence of expectancy-value and perceived feedback accuracy

This study addresses the effects of negative attainability feedback on the shift from engagement to disengagement from a career goal. It was hypothesized that negative attainability feedback regarding study choice may lead to both goal engagement …


Antecedents and consequents of professional choice self-efficacy: A study with Brazilian students

This study aimed to test a theoretical model of self-efficacy applied to the context of professional choice, verifying the sources of self-efficacy as predictors of self-efficacy beliefs and self-efficacy beliefs as antecedents of vocational …


Spanish validation of the Basic Psychological Needs at Work Scale: A measure to predict teachers’ well-being in the workplace

The present study aimed to validate a Spanish-version of the Basic Psychological Needs at Work Scale (BPNWS-Sp) and to examine the associations between needs satisfaction and engagement and burnout in secondary education teachers. Using a sample …


Career guidance in India based on O*NET and cultural variables

The Occupational Information Network (O*NET) is the primary source of occupational information in the United States (US). In this study, I review O*NET’s usage for career guidance in India and conceive a career intervention based on it. In an …


Investigating the professional identity dynamic in career counselling: The socioconstructivist interview

A socioconstructivist method is used to investigate the professional identity dynamic of employees in the context of career counselling. This method is particularly well-suited because of the intrication, at the core of the client’s identity, of …

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The International Journal for Educational and Vocational Guidance recognizes and promotes the importance of educational and vocational guidance throughout the whole international community. It publishes articles in relation to work and leisure, career development, career counseling and guidance and career education.

Coverage in the International Journal for Educational and Vocational Guidance has an international content, such as comparative studies, multi or cross-cultural perspectives, and regional surveys, as well as features topics of broad international interest, such as theoretical developments and ethical issues. The journal also contains important national developments that are of wider interest. All articles present implications for practice.

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