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International Journal of Computer Assisted Radiology and Surgery

International Journal of Computer Assisted Radiology and Surgery 3/2019

Issue 3/2019

Table of Contents ( 14 Articles )

31-10-2018 | Original Article | Issue 3/2019

Learning deep similarity metric for 3D MR–TRUS image registration

Grant Haskins, Jochen Kruecker, Uwe Kruger, Sheng Xu, Peter A. Pinto, Brad J. Wood, Pingkun Yan

05-12-2018 | Original Article | Issue 3/2019

Reconstruction and positional accuracy of 3D ultrasound on vertebral phantoms for adolescent idiopathic scoliosis spinal surgery

Andrew Chan, Eric Parent, Edmond Lou

10-12-2018 | Original Article | Issue 3/2019

ARENA: Inter-modality affine registration using evolutionary strategy

Nima Masoumi, Yiming Xiao, Hassan Rivaz

12-12-2018 | Original Article | Issue 3/2019

Unsupervised pathology detection in medical images using conditional variational autoencoders

Hristina Uzunova, Sandra Schultz, Heinz Handels, Jan Ehrhardt

25-01-2019 | Original Article | Issue 3/2019

Eddy-current-induced distortion correction using maximum reconciled mutual information in diffusion MR imaging

Junling Liang, Shujun Zhao, Liqing Di, Jingjuan Wang, Pengcheng Sun, Xinyu Chai, Heng Li

02-11-2018 | Original Article | Issue 3/2019

Dual-modality multi-atlas segmentation of torso organs from [18F]FDG-PET/CT images

Hongkai Wang, Nan Zhang, Li Huo, Bin Zhang

16-01-2019 | Original Article | Issue 3/2019

A dataset of laryngeal endoscopic images with comparative study on convolution neural network-based semantic segmentation

Max-Heinrich Laves, Jens Bicker, Lüder A. Kahrs, Tobias Ortmaier

07-01-2019 | Original Article | Issue 3/2019

FCNN-based axon segmentation for convection-enhanced delivery optimization

Marco Vidotto, Elena De Momi, Michele Gazzara, Leonardo S. Mattos, Giancarlo Ferrigno, Sara Moccia

05-12-2018 | Original Article | Issue 3/2019

Automatic detection of perforator vessels using infrared thermography in reconstructive surgery

Michael Unger, Miriam Markfort, Dirk Halama, Claire Chalopin

23-01-2019 | Original Article | Issue 3/2019

A computer-assisted system for handheld whole-breast ultrasonography

Filip Šroubek, Michal Bartoš, Jan Schier, Zuzana Bílková, Barbara Zitová, Jan Vydra, Iva Macová, Jan Daneš, Lukáš Lambert

14-12-2018 | Original Article | Issue 3/2019

Patient 3D body pose estimation from pressure imaging

Leslie Casas, Nassir Navab, Stefanie Demirci

22-06-2018 | Original Article | Issue 3/2019

Head-mounted display augmented reality to guide pedicle screw placement utilizing computed tomography

Jacob T. Gibby, Samuel A. Swenson, Steve Cvetko, Raj Rao, Ramin Javan

24-09-2018 | Original Article | Issue 3/2019

The use of a custom-made virtual template for corrective surgeries of asymmetric patients: proof of principle and a multi-center end-user survey

Abeer AlHadidi, Beatriz Paniagua, Richard Cook, Donald Tyndall, Zaid Baqain, Lucia H. Cevidanes

02-01-2019 | Original Article | Issue 3/2019

Segmentation of the proximal femur in radial MR scans using a random forest classifier and deformable model registration

Dimitrios Damopoulos, Till Dominic Lerch, Florian Schmaranzer, Moritz Tannast, Christophe Chênes, Guoyan Zheng, Jérôme Schmid

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