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International Journal of Computer Assisted Radiology and Surgery

International Journal of Computer Assisted Radiology and Surgery 5/2019

Issue 5/2019

Table of Contents ( 17 Articles )

19-01-2019 | Original Article | Issue 5/2019

A direct volume rendering visualization approach for serial PET–CT scans that preserves anatomical consistency

Younhyun Jung, Jinman Kim, Lei Bi, Ashnil Kumar, David Dagan Feng, Michael Fulham

07-03-2019 | Original Article | Issue 5/2019

Multi-organ segmentation of the head and neck area: an efficient hierarchical neural networks approach

Elias Tappeiner, Samuel Pröll, Markus Hönig, Patrick F. Raudaschl, Paolo Zaffino, Maria F. Spadea, Gregory C. Sharp, Rainer Schubert, Karl Fritscher

11-03-2019 | Original Article | Issue 5/2019

Unifying the seeds auto-generation (SAGE) with knee cartilage segmentation framework: data from the osteoarthritis initiative

Hong-Seng Gan, Khairil Amir Sayuti, Muhammad Hanif Ramlee, Yeng-Seng Lee, Wan Mahani Hafizah Wan Mahmud, Ahmad Helmy Abdul Karim

01-03-2019 | Original Article | Issue 5/2019

A practical marker-less image registration method for augmented reality oral and maxillofacial surgery

Junchen Wang, Yu Shen, Shuo Yang

13-03-2019 | Original Article | Issue 5/2019

Automatic segmentation of bone surfaces from ultrasound using a filter-layer-guided CNN

Ahmed Z. Alsinan, Vishal M. Patel, Ilker Hacihaliloglu

14-03-2019 | Original Article | Issue 5/2019

A novel image-based retrieval system for characterization of maxillofacial lesions in cone beam CT images

Fatemeh Abdolali, Reza Aghaeizadeh Zoroofi, Yoshito Otake, Yoshinobu Sato

01-02-2019 | Original Article | Issue 5/2019

Gain determination of feedback force for an ultrasound scanning robot using genetic algorithm

Yeoun-Jae Kim, Chang-Kyu Park, Kwang Gi Kim

07-02-2019 | Original Article | Issue 5/2019

Robotic laser osteotomy through penscriptive structured light visual servoing

Jamil Jivraj, Ryan Deorajh, Phillips Lai, Chaoliang Chen, Nhu Nguyen, Joel Ramjist, Victor X. D. Yang

21-02-2019 | Original Article | Issue 5/2019

EyeSAM: graph-based localization and mapping of retinal vasculature during intraocular microsurgery

Shohin Mukherjee, Michael Kaess, Joseph N. Martel, Cameron N. Riviere

10-12-2018 | Original Article | Issue 5/2019 Open Access

Implementation of a semiautomatic method to design patient-specific instruments for corrective osteotomy of the radius

G. Caiti, J. G. G. Dobbe, A. C. Y. Loenen, M. Beerens, S. D. Strackee, G. J. Strijkers, G. J. Streekstra

20-02-2019 | Original Article | Issue 5/2019 Open Access

Subject-specific modelling of pneumoperitoneum: model implementation, validation and human feasibility assessment

Mafalda Camara, Shivali Dawda, Erik Mayer, Ara Darzi, Philip Pratt

20-10-2018 | Original Article | Issue 5/2019

Interactive patient-customized curvilinear reformatting for improving neurosurgical planning

Shin-Ting Wu, Wallace Souza Loos, Dayvid Leonardo de Castro Oliveira, Fernando Cendes, Clarissa L. Yasuda, Enrico Ghizoni

18-03-2019 | Original Article | Issue 5/2019

Optimization of electronic prescription for parallel external fixator based on genetic algorithm

Xishuai Zhang, Hao Sun, Jianwen Chen, Yue Guo, Yinguang Zhang, Zhenhui Sun, Tao Wang, Mengting Wei, Yan Zhang, Lingling Chen

16-01-2019 | Original Article | Issue 5/2019

A novel multiple communication paths for surgical telepresence videos delivery of the maxilla area in oral and maxillofacial surgery

Anupraj Bhattarai, Abeer Alsadoon, P. W. C. Prasad, Linh Pham, Sami Haddad, Jeremy Hsu, Anand Deva

07-02-2019 | Original Article | Issue 5/2019

Improving target localization during trans-oral surgery with use of intraoperative imaging

Peter W. Kahng, Xiaotian Wu, Nithya P. Ramesh, David A. Pastel, Ryan J. Halter, Joseph A. Paydarfar

06-03-2019 | Original Article | Issue 5/2019

Missed paranasal sinus compartments in sinus surgery with and without image-guidance systems: a pilot feasibility study

Aris Ι. Giotakis, Florian Kral, Wolfgang Freysinger, Stefan Markart, Herbert Riechelmann

09-03-2019 | Short communication | Issue 5/2019

Random forest classifiers aid in the detection of incidental osteoblastic osseous metastases in DEXA studies

Samir D. Mehta, Ronnie Sebro

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