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International Journal of Computer Vision

International Journal of Computer Vision 10/2019

Issue 10/2019

Table of Contents ( 11 Articles )

18-06-2019 | Issue 10/2019

Video Question Answering with Spatio-Temporal Reasoning

Yunseok Jang, Yale Song, Chris Dongjoo Kim, Youngjae Yu, Youngjin Kim, Gunhee Kim

25-06-2019 | Issue 10/2019 Open Access

A Spatiotemporal Convolutional Neural Network for Automatic Pain Intensity Estimation from Facial Dynamics

Mohammad Tavakolian, Abdenour Hadid

18-07-2019 | Issue 10/2019

Joint Estimation of Camera Orientation and Vanishing Points from an Image Sequence in a Non-Manhattan World

Jeong-Kyun Lee, Kuk-Jin Yoon

19-07-2019 | Issue 10/2019

CU-Net: Component Unmixing Network for Textile Fiber Identification

Zunlei Feng, Weixin Liang, Daocheng Tao, Li Sun, Anxiang Zeng, Mingli Song

25-07-2019 | Issue 10/2019 Open Access

What Does 2D Geometric Information Really Tell Us About 3D Face Shape?

Anil Bas, William A. P. Smith

29-07-2019 | Issue 10/2019

Motion-Compensated Spatio-Temporal Filtering for Multi-Image and Multimodal Super-Resolution

A. Buades, J. Duran, J. Navarro

02-08-2019 | Issue 10/2019

Estimation of 3D Category-Specific Object Structure: Symmetry, Manhattan and/or Multiple Images

Yuan Gao, Alan L. Yuille

05-08-2019 | Issue 10/2019

Learning Transparent Object Matting

Guanying Chen, Kai Han, Kwan-Yee K. Wong

06-08-2019 | Issue 10/2019

Learning Human Pose Models from Synthesized Data for Robust RGB-D Action Recognition

Jian Liu, Hossein Rahmani, Naveed Akhtar, Ajmal Mian

01-10-2019 | Issue 10/2019

Tensor Decomposition and Non-linear Manifold Modeling for 3D Head Pose Estimation

Dmytro Derkach, Adria Ruiz, Federico M. Sukno

01-10-2019 | Issue 10/2019

LCEval: Learned Composite Metric for Caption Evaluation

Naeha Sharif, Lyndon White, Mohammed Bennamoun, Wei Liu, Syed Afaq Ali Shah

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