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International Journal of Computer Vision

International Journal of Computer Vision 12/2018

Issue 12/2018

Special Issue: Machine Vision

Table of Contents ( 10 Articles )

26-10-2018 | Issue 12/2018

Editorial: Special Issue on Machine Vision

Edwin Hancock, Richard Wilson, William A. P. Smith, Adrian Bors, Nick Pears

31-01-2018 | Issue 12/2018

Occlusion-Aware 3D Morphable Models and an Illumination Prior for Face Image Analysis

Bernhard Egger, Sandro Schönborn, Andreas Schneider, Adam Kortylewski, Andreas Morel-Forster, Clemens Blumer, Thomas Vetter

27-07-2018 | Issue 12/2018 Open Access

Person Re-identification in Identity Regression Space

Hanxiao Wang, Xiatian Zhu, Shaogang Gong, Tao Xiang

05-10-2018 | Issue 12/2018 Open Access

Deep Sign: Enabling Robust Statistical Continuous Sign Language Recognition via Hybrid CNN-HMMs

Oscar Koller, Sepehr Zargaran, Hermann Ney, Richard Bowden

31-01-2018 | Issue 12/2018

Learning Latent Representations of 3D Human Pose with Deep Neural Networks

Isinsu Katircioglu, Bugra Tekin, Mathieu Salzmann, Vincent Lepetit, Pascal Fua

27-03-2018 | Issue 12/2018

Combining Shape from Shading and Stereo: A Joint Variational Method for Estimating Depth, Illumination and Albedo

Daniel Maurer, Yong Chul Ju, Michael Breuß, Andrés Bruhn

27-07-2017 | Issue 12/2018

Feedback and Surround Modulated Boundary Detection

Arash Akbarinia, C. Alejandro Parraga

04-07-2018 | Issue 12/2018

Real-Time Intensity-Image Reconstruction for Event Cameras Using Manifold Regularisation

Gottfried Munda, Christian Reinbacher, Thomas Pock

07-11-2017 | Issue 12/2018

EMVS: Event-Based Multi-View Stereo—3D Reconstruction with an Event Camera in Real-Time

Henri Rebecq, Guillermo Gallego, Elias Mueggler, Davide Scaramuzza

05-10-2018 | Issue 12/2018 Open Access

Describing Upper-Body Motions Based on Labanotation for Learning-from-Observation Robots

Katsushi Ikeuchi, Zhaoyuan Ma, Zengqiang Yan, Shunsuke Kudoh, Minako Nakamura

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