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16-10-2019 Open Access

Learning Single-Image 3D Reconstruction by Generative Modelling of Shape, Pose and Shading

We present a unified framework tackling two problems: class-specific 3D reconstruction from a single image, and generation of new 3D shape samples. These tasks have received considerable attention recently; however, most existing approaches rely …

16-10-2019 Open Access

Dual L1-Normalized Context Aware Tensor Power Iteration and Its Applications to Multi-object Tracking and Multi-graph Matching

The multi-dimensional assignment problem is universal for data association analysis such as data association-based visual multi-object tracking and multi-graph matching. In this paper, multi-dimensional assignment is formulated as a rank-1 tensor …

13-10-2019 Open Access

Realistic Speech-Driven Facial Animation with GANs

Speech-driven facial animation is the process that automatically synthesizes talking characters based on speech signals. The majority of work in this domain creates a mapping from audio features to visual features. This approach often requires …


Towards High Fidelity Face Frontalization in the Wild

Face frontalization refers to the process of synthesizing the frontal view of a face from a given profile. Due to self-occlusion and appearance distortion in the wild, it is extremely challenging to recover faithful high-resolution results …


Grad-CAM: Visual Explanations from Deep Networks via Gradient-Based Localization

We propose a technique for producing ‘visual explanations’ for decisions from a large class of Convolutional Neural Network (CNN)-based models, making them more transparent and explainable. Our approach—Gradient-weighted Class Activation Mapping …

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International Journal of Computer Vision (IJCV) details the science and engineering of this rapidly growing field. Regular articles present major technical advances of broad general interest. Survey articles offer critical reviews of the state of the art and/or tutorial presentations of pertinent topics.

Coverage includes:

- Mathematical, physical and computational aspects of computer vision: image formation, processing, analysis, and interpretation; machine learning techniques; statistical approaches; sensors.

- Applications: image-based rendering, computer graphics, robotics, photo interpretation, image retrieval, video analysis and annotation, multi-media, and more.

- Connections with human perception: computational and architectural aspects of human vision.

The journal also features book reviews, position papers, editorials by leading scientific figures, as well as additional on-line material, such as still images, video sequences, data sets, and software.

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