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International Journal of Control, Automation and Systems

Issue 10/2022

Content (30 Articles)

Regular Papers

Scaled Consensus of Disturbed Multi-agent Systems with Output Saturation

Heng Lei, Tao Han, Xi-Sheng Zhan, Jie Wu, Huaicheng Yan

Regular Papers

Prescribed-time Group Consensus for Multiagent System Based on a Distributed Observer Approach

Lingfei Dai, Xin Chen, Liuxiao Guo, Jiancheng Zhang, Jing Chen

Regular Papers

Multi-stage Nonlinear Model Predictive Control with Online Scenario Update for Semi-batch Polymerization Processes

Jing-Gao Sun, Xian-Feng Chen, Guang-Hao Su, Meng Wang, Hong-Guang Pan

Regular Papers

An Improved Quasi-continuous Controller with Disturbance Observer for Rotational Shell Magazine Position Control

Dong Chen, Linfang Qian, Quan Zou, Qiang Yin, Caicheng Yue

Regular Papers

Control Design on a Non-minimum Phase Bilinear System by Backstepping Method

Ahmadin, Janson Naiborhu, Roberd Saragih, Khozin Mu’tamar

Regular Papers

Fault Diagnosis Method of Escalator Step System Based on Vibration Signal Analysis

Fuqiang You, Dianlong Wang, Guanghai Li, Chunhua Chen

Regular Papers

Robust Passivity Analysis of Stochastic Genetic Regulatory Networks with Levy Noise

Palraj Jothiappan, Mathiyalagan Kalidass

Regular Papers

Decentralized Fault Tolerant Control of Modular Manipulators System Based on Adaptive Dynamic Programming

Fan Zhou, Fujie Nie, Tianjiao An, Bing Ma, Yuanchun Li

Regular Papers

Genetic Algorithm-based Optimal Design Strategy of a Continuum Surgical Manipulator

Haodong Wang, Zhijiang Du, Zhiyuan Yan, Yongzhuo Gao

Regular Papers

PointMS: Semantic Segmentation for Point Cloud Based on Multi-scale Directional Convolution

Hui Chen, Wanlou Chen, Yipeng Zuo, Peng Xu, Zhonghua Hao

Regular Papers

Robust Visual Inertial Odometry Estimation Based on Adaptive Interactive Multiple Model Algorithm

Lei Wang, Shicheng Xia, Hengliu Xi, Shuangxi Li, Le Wang

Regular Papers

Genetic Algorithm-based Discrete Continuum Robot Design Methodology for Transoral Slave Robotic System

Yeoun-Jae Kim, Jueun Choi, Jaesoon Choi, Youngjin Moon

Regular Papers

Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Control for Fishnet Inspection in Turbid Water Environments

Hoosang Lee, Daehyeon Jeong, Hongje Yu, Jeha Ryu

Regular Papers

Review of the Latest Research on Snake Robots Focusing on the Structure, Motion and Control Method

Junseong Bae, Myeongjin Kim, Bongsub Song, Junmo Yang, Donghyun Kim, Maolin Jin, Dongwon Yun

Regular Papers

Grasping Time and Pose Selection for Robotic Prosthetic Hand Control Using Deep Learning Based Object Detection

Hae-June Park, Bo-Hyeon An, Su-Bin Joo, Oh-Won Kwon, Min Young Kim, Joonho Seo

Regular Papers

Swarm Intelligence Based Model Predictive Control Strategy for Optimal State Control of Discrete Time-varying MIMO Linear Systems

Hao Zheng, Yanwei Zhang, Haider Muhammad Husnain, Pengpeng Zhi, Zhonglai Wang

Regular Papers

An Improved Attention-based Bidirectional LSTM Model for Cyanobacterial Bloom Prediction

Jianjun Ni, Ruping Liu, Guangyi Tang, Yingjuan Xie

Technical Notes and Correspondence

Optimal Control with Terminal State Constraints for Multichannel Input Linear Systems

Qichao Sun, Juanjuan Xu, Huanshui Zhang