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International Journal of Control, Automation and Systems


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Motor Model-based Optimal Robust Guaranteed Cost Control for Two-motor Web-winding System

In this paper, a novel comprehensive model for the two-motor web-winding system is proposed, which combines the classical web-winding system model with the driven-motor model. Based on the proposed model, the state feedback robust control (SFRC) …


Robust Fractional Embedded Cubature Kalman Filter for Fractional Non-linear Stochastic System

In this study, the fractional embedded cubature Kalman filter (FECKF) and robust fractional embedded cubature Kalman filter (RoFECKF) are proposed to design the estimate the states for fractional-order nonlinear discrete systems with Gaussian and …


A Model Deviation Correction Method Based on Iterative Learning for Ultrasonic Motor

Most control strategies are designed based on the mathematical model of the controlled object. The consistency between the mathematical model and the actual object is the necessary prerequisite to ensure that the actual control performance meets …


Guaranteed Cost Consensus for a Class of Fractional-order Uncertain Multi-agent Systems with State Time Delay

This work investigates the guaranteed cost leader-following consensus of a class of uncertain fractional-order (FO) multi-agent systems (FOMASs) affected by state time delay. The leader and following group are exposed to norm-bounded time-varying …


Finite-time Set Stabilization of Impulsive Probabilistic Boolean Control Networks via Time-variant Feedback Control

This paper investigates the finite-time set stabilization of impulsive probabilistic Boolean control networks (IPBCNs) by designing time-variant state feedback control. Based on the semi-tensor product method, the algebraic form is established for …

About this journal

The International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems (IJCAS) is a joint publication of Institute of Control, Robotics and Systems (ICROS) and The Korean Institute of Electrical Engineers (KIEE), which is published as bimonthly periodical as of 2003. The two institutes have been discussing the launch of a joint publication, since 2001; by discontinuing the former English journals of their respective institutes, they aim to establish a high-quality archival journal. In addition to introducing a new journal name, the IJCAS, the joint steering committee has set a new publication direction. To broaden the scope of the journal, the committee has invited distinguished scholars from abroad as well as from Korea to serve on the editorial board. I am honored to work with them to make this a truly international journal.

Our desire is to provide a forum for original research results on theory, design, experiments, and applications in all technical areas of control, automation, and systems. The journal covers three strongly related research areas including control, automation, and systems. This type of coverage is unique and it is the only journal covering these three areas combined in the world. To become a premier journal, however, we warmly welcome your active participation and contribution, not only by submitting your precious works but also by making constructive suggestions for improving of the journal.

International Journal of Control, Automation and Systems
Volume 7/2009 - Volume 20/2022
Institute of Control, Robotics and Systems and The Korean Institute of Electrical Engineers
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