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International Journal of Data Science and Analytics 3/2022
International Journal of Data Science and Analytics

Issue 3/2022


Table of Contents (6 Articles)

01-03-2022 | Review

A survey on machine learning methods for churn prediction
Louis Geiler, Séverine Affeldt, Mohamed Nadif

Open Access 11-05-2022 | Regular Paper

RASCL: a randomised approach to subspace clusters
Sandy Moens, Boris Cule, Bart Goethals

12-05-2022 | Regular Paper

Overfitting measurement of convolutional neural networks using trained network weights
Satoru Watanabe, Hayato Yamana

Open Access 23-05-2022 | Regular Paper

Predicting and explaining employee turnover intention
Matilde Lazzari, Jose M. Alvarez, Salvatore Ruggieri

12-05-2022 | Regular Paper

Path signature-based phase space reconstruction for stock trend prediction
Cuiting Li, Ke Liu

Open Access 04-05-2022 | Applications

Ensemble clustering of longitudinal bivariate HIV biomarker profiles to group patients by patterns of disease progression
Miranda L. Lynch, Victor DeGruttola

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