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International Journal of Data Science and Analytics 4/2021
International Journal of Data Science and Analytics

Issue 4/2021


Table of Contents (6 Articles)

Open Access 04-08-2021 | Review

On the nature and types of anomalies: a review of deviations in data
Ralph Foorthuis

Open Access 04-08-2021 | Regular Paper

Clustering refinement
Félix Iglesias, Tanja Zseby, Arthur Zimek

05-08-2021 | Regular Paper

Aspect-based sentiment analysis of mobile phone reviews using LSTM and fuzzy logic
M. Sivakumar, Srinivasulu Reddy Uyyala

24-06-2021 | Regular Paper

Modelling the epidemic dynamics of COVID-19 with consideration of human mobility
Bowen Du, Zirong Zhao, Jiejie Zhao, Le Yu, Leilei Sun, Weifeng Lv

12-09-2021 | Application

A novel unsupervised method for anomaly detection in time series based on statistical features for industrial predictive maintenance
Jesimar da Silva Arantes, Márcio da Silva Arantes, Herberth Birck Fröhlich, Laure Siret, Renan Bonnard

02-08-2021 | Correction

Correction to: Conventional displays of structures in data compared with interactive projection-based clustering (IPBC)
Michael C. Thrun, Felix Pape, Alfred Ultsch

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