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International Journal of Data Science and Analytics 4/2022
International Journal of Data Science and Analytics

Issue 4/2022

Special Issue: Online Information Disorder: Fake News, Bots, and Trolls


Table of Contents (9 Articles)

Open Access 09-05-2022 | Editorial

Online information disorder: fake news, bots and trolls
Anastasia Giachanou, Xiuzhen Zhang, Alberto Barrón-Cedeño, Olessia Koltsova, Paolo Rosso

15-02-2022 | Review

The disaster of misinformation: a review of research in social media
Sadiq Muhammed T, Saji K. Mathew

11-01-2022 | Regular Paper

The impact of information sources on COVID-19 knowledge accumulation and vaccination intention
Madalina Vlasceanu, Alin Coman

02-02-2022 | Regular Paper

Beyond belief: a cross-genre study on perception and validation of health information online
Chaoyuan Zuo, Kritik Mathur, Dhruv Kela, Noushin Salek Faramarzi, Ritwik Banerjee

Open Access 24-12-2021 | Regular Paper

Conspiracy theories on Twitter: emerging motifs and temporal dynamics during the COVID-19 pandemic
Veronika Batzdorfer, Holger Steinmetz, Marco Biella, Meysam Alizadeh

30-01-2022 | Regular Paper

Fake news detection based on news content and social contexts: a transformer-based approach
Shaina Raza, Chen Ding

Open Access 23-12-2021 | Regular Paper

Detecting computer-generated disinformation
Harald Stiff, Fredrik Johansson

22-11-2021 | Regular Paper

Characterizing and predicting fake news spreaders in social networks
Anu Shrestha, Francesca Spezzano

Open Access 22-01-2022 | Regular Paper

Personalized multi-faceted trust modeling to determine trust links in social media and its potential for misinformation management
Alexandre Parmentier, Robin Cohen, Xueguang Ma, Gaurav Sahu, Queenie Chen

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