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05-10-2021 | Regular Contribution

Narrow privacy and desynchronization in Vaudenay’s RFID model

Forward privacy of RFID systems and its relaxed version, narrow forward privacy, are generally considered satisfactory for practical needs. Unfortunately, the attempt to get forward privacy by symmetric-key cryptography failed. Also, all …

23-09-2021 | regular contribution

A content-based deep intrusion detection system

The growing number of Internet users and the prevalence of web applications make it necessary to deal with very complex software and applications in the network. This results in an increasing number of new vulnerabilities in the systems, and …

21-09-2021 | Regular Contribution

Insider attack mitigation in a smart metering infrastructure using reputation score and blockchain technology

The increasing use of smart metering infrastructure invites security threats through trusted insiders in spite of the devices’ authentication phase. Trusted insiders equipped with high privilege are also become vulnerable to being attacked. In the …

14-09-2021 | regular contribution Open Access

A risk-level assessment system based on the STRIDE/DREAD model for digital data marketplaces

Security is a top concern in digital infrastructure and there is a basic need to assess the level of security ensured for any given application. To accommodate this requirement, we propose a new risk assessment system. Our system identifies …

13-09-2021 | Regular contribution

Accountable privacy preserving attribute-based access control for cloud services enforced using blockchain

When dealing with cloud services, there are important security requirements that are highly recommended to be achieved, notably, access control. Cloud services have provided several mechanisms based on traditional solutions for access management.

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