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International Journal of Intelligent Transportation Systems Research

International Journal of Intelligent Transportation Systems Research 1/2018

Issue 1/2018

Table of Contents ( 6 Articles )

13-09-2016 | Issue 1/2018

Advanced Impact Integration Platform for Cooperative Road Use

Jorge M. Bandeira, Claudio Guarnaccia, Paulo Fernandes, Margarida C. Coelho

29-11-2016 | Issue 1/2018

Vehicle Public Safety System Design and Implementation

Omayma A. El-Mohsen, M. Zorkany

07-12-2016 | Issue 1/2018

Evaluating the Effects of Highway Traffic Accidents in the Development of a Vehicle Accident Queue Length Estimation Model

Ying Lee, Chien-Hung Wei, Kai-Chon Chao

26-01-2017 | Issue 1/2018

Exploiting the Randomness Inherent of the Channel for Secret Key Sharing in Vehicular Communications

Abdeldime Mohamed Salih Abdelgader, Shu Feng, Lenan Wu

17-02-2017 | Issue 1/2018

Initial Investigation of Elderly Drivers’ Acceptability for Proactive Intervention by Intelligent Vehicle

Takuma Ito, Tatsuya Shino, Minoru Kamata

10-02-2017 | Issue 1/2018

Computer Simulation Modeling of Driver Behavior at Roundabouts

F. Clara Fang, Hernan Castaneda

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