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International Journal of Machine Learning and Cybernetics

International Journal of Machine Learning and Cybernetics 11/2020

Issue 11/2020

Table of Contents ( 12 Articles )

08-05-2020 | Original Article | Issue 11/2020

Generalized two-dimensional PCA based on -norm minimization

Jian-Xun Mi, Ya-Nan Zhang, Yong Li, Yucheng Shu

20-04-2020 | Original Article | Issue 11/2020

A new BAT optimization algorithm based feature selection method for electrocardiogram heartbeat classification using empirical wavelet transform and Fisher ratio

Atul Kumar Verma, Indu Saini, Barjinder Singh Saini

06-05-2020 | Original Article | Issue 11/2020

Partial label metric learning by collapsing classes

Shuang Xu, Min Yang, Yu Zhou, Ruirui Zheng, Wenpeng Liu, Jianjun He

04-05-2020 | Original Article | Issue 11/2020

Attentive multi-view reinforcement learning

Yueyue Hu, Shiliang Sun, Xin Xu, Jing Zhao

16-05-2020 | Original Article | Issue 11/2020

Topic discovery by spectral decomposition and clustering with coordinated global and local contexts

Jian Wang, Kejing He, Min Yang

15-05-2020 | Original Article | Issue 11/2020

Multi-view semi-supervised least squares twin support vector machines with manifold-preserving graph reduction

Xijiong Xie

09-05-2020 | Original Article | Issue 11/2020

Flat random forest: a new ensemble learning method towards better training efficiency and adaptive model size to deep forest

Peng Liu, Xuekui Wang, Liangfei Yin, Bing Liu

18-05-2020 | Original Article | Issue 11/2020

Robust metric learning based on the rescaled hinge loss

Sumia Abdulhussien Razooqi Al-Obaidi, Davood Zabihzadeh, Hamideh Hajiabadi

02-06-2020 | Original Article | Issue 11/2020 Open Access

Human posture recognition based on multiple features and rule learning

Weili Ding, Bo Hu, Han Liu, Xinming Wang, Xiangsheng Huang

01-06-2020 | Original Article | Issue 11/2020

Simultaneous feature selection and clustering of micro-array and RNA-sequence gene expression data using multiobjective optimization

Abhay Kumar Alok, Pooja Gupta, Sriparna Saha, Vineet Sharma

26-05-2020 | Original Article | Issue 11/2020

A novel classification algorithm based on kernelized fuzzy rough sets

Linlin Chen, Qingjiu Chen

10-06-2020 | Original Article | Issue 11/2020

Category-preserving binary feature learning and binary codebook learning for finger vein recognition

Haiying Liu, Gongping Yang, Yilong Yin

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