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International Journal of Machine Learning and Cybernetics

International Journal of Machine Learning and Cybernetics 4/2019

Issue 4/2019

Table of Contents ( 14 Articles )

15-11-2017 | Original Article | Issue 4/2019

Nonsmooth exponential synchronization of coupled neural networks with delays: new switching design

Chao Yang, Lihong Huang

15-11-2017 | Original Article | Issue 4/2019

Two-stage pruning method for gram-based categorical sequence clustering

Liang Yuan, Wenjian Wang, Lifei Chen

20-11-2017 | Original Article | Issue 4/2019

An efficient and fast algorithm for community detection based on node role analysis

Xuegang Hu, Wei He, Lei Li, Yaojin Lin, Huizong Li, Jianhan Pan

18-11-2017 | Original Article | Issue 4/2019

Multi-criteria decision making based architecture selection for single-hidden layer feedforward neural networks

Ran Wang, Haoran Xie, Jiqiang Feng, Fu Lee Wang, Chen Xu

25-11-2017 | Original Article | Issue 4/2019

Hesitant interval neutrosophic linguistic set and its application in multiple attribute decision making

Jun Ye

24-11-2017 | Original Article | Issue 4/2019

A term correlation based semi-supervised microblog clustering with dual constraints

Huifang Ma, Di Zhang, Meihuizi Jia, Xianghong Lin

16-12-2017 | Original Article | Issue 4/2019

User-centered recommendation using US-ELM based on dynamic graph model in E-commerce

Linlin Ding, Baishuo Han, Shu Wang, Xiaoguang Li, Baoyan Song

06-12-2017 | Original Article | Issue 4/2019

The probabilistic ordered weighted continuous OWA operator and its application in group decision making

Xi Liu, Bing Han, Huayou Chen, Ligang Zhou

07-12-2017 | Original Article | Issue 4/2019

Multigranulation rough set model in hesitant fuzzy information systems and its application in person-job fit

Chao Zhang, Deyu Li, Yanhui Zhai, Yuanhao Yang

11-12-2017 | Original Article | Issue 4/2019

Neighborhood attribute reduction: a multi-criterion approach

Jingzheng Li, Xibei Yang, Xiaoning Song, Jinhai Li, Pingxin Wang, Dong-Jun Yu

12-12-2017 | Original Article | Issue 4/2019

Global exponential stability of uncertain memristor-based recurrent neural networks with mixed time delays

Jianmin Wang, Fengqiu Liu, Sitian Qin

18-12-2017 | Original Article | Issue 4/2019

Unsupervised feature selection based on self-representation sparse regression and local similarity preserving

Ronghua Shang, Jiangwei Chang, Licheng Jiao, Yu Xue

29-12-2017 | Original Article | Issue 4/2019

state estimation for discrete-time stochastic memristive BAM neural networks with mixed time-delays

Zidong Wang, Hongjian Liu, Bo Shen, Fuad E. Alsaadi, Abdullah M. Dobaie

14-09-2018 | Original Article | Issue 4/2019

An experimental study on symbolic extreme learning machine

Jinga Liu, Muhammed J. A. Patwary, XiaoYun Sun, Kai Tao

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