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International Journal of Machine Learning and Cybernetics

International Journal of Machine Learning and Cybernetics 6/2018

Issue 6/2018

Table of Contents ( 13 Articles )

08-10-2016 | Original Article | Issue 6/2018

Modeling and optimization of polysaccharide precipitation of traditional Chinese medicine injection

Hongjun Duan, Zhenhe Ma, Shurong Zhu, Yong Shao

12-10-2016 | Original Article | Issue 6/2018

filter design for delayed static neural networks with Markovian switching and randomly occurred nonlinearity

Yaling Cheng, Mingang Hua, Pei Cheng, Fengqi Yao, Juntao Fei

10-11-2016 | Original Article | Issue 6/2018

An ordered clustering algorithm based on K-means and the PROMETHEE method

Liuhao Chen, Zeshui Xu, Hai Wang, Shousheng Liu

28-11-2016 | Original Article | Issue 6/2018

Novelty detection with CANDIES: a holistic technique based on probabilistic models

Christian Gruhl, Bernhard Sick

15-11-2016 | Original Article | Issue 6/2018

Estimated plant’s sensitivity based on data-driving observer for a class of nonlinear discrete-time control systems

Chidentree Treesatayapun

15-11-2016 | Original Article | Issue 6/2018

A transplantation of subject-independent model in cross-platform BCI

Yawei Zhao, Zhongpeng Wang, Zhen Zhang, Jing Liu, Long Chen, Hongzhi Qi, Xuejun Jiao, Feng He, Peng Zhou, Dong Ming

12-11-2016 | Original Article | Issue 6/2018

Local mean representation based classifier and its applications for data classification

Pu Huang, Chengshan Qian, Geng Yang, Juliang Hua

20-12-2016 | Original Article | Issue 6/2018

Rule number and approximation of the hybrid fuzzy system based on binary tree hierarchy

Guijun Wang, Yang Yang, Xiaoping Li

03-01-2017 | Original Article | Issue 6/2018

Arrow detection in biomedical images using sequential classifier

K. C. Santosh, Partha Pratim Roy

01-02-2017 | Original Article | Issue 6/2018

Parallel knowledge acquisition algorithms for big data using MapReduce

Jin Qian, Min Xia, Xiaodong Yue

30-12-2016 | Original Article | Issue 6/2018

Statistical binary patterns and post-competitive representation for pattern recognition

Mohamed Anouar Borgi, Thanh Phuong Nguyen, Demetrio Labate, Chokri Ben Amar

24-01-2017 | Original Article | Issue 6/2018

Data sanitization against adversarial label contamination based on data complexity

Patrick P. K. Chan, Zhi-Min He, Hongjiang Li, Chien-Chang Hsu

01-03-2017 | Original Article | Issue 6/2018

A linguistic intuitionistic multi-criteria decision-making method based on the Frank Heronian mean operator and its application in evaluating coal mine safety

Hong-gang Peng, Jian-qiang Wang, Peng-fei Cheng

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