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International Journal of Mechanics and Materials in Design

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A dielectric elastomer membrane integrated with protective passive layers under explicit and implicit prestretch

Dielectric elastomers (DEs) are a category of soft electro-active materials that can be used as sensors, actuators and generators. In order to provide protection, insulation layers are essential and thicker layers can lead to stronger protecion.


Thermo-mechanical interactions in a functionally graded elastic material with voids and gravity field

Present research is concerned with the study of two-dimensional disturbances in a non-homogeneous, isotropic, thermoelastic medium with voids and gravity under the purview of Lord–Shulman (LS) model of generalized thermoelasticity. The formulation …


Noncontact spatiotemporal strain mapping of composite multiferroic cylinders

Recently, the reinvigoration of research interest in in strain-mediated composite multiferroic structures resulted in translational magnetoelectric devices with superior performance than their traditional counterparts. Full-filed measurements and …


Partially debonded circular inclusion in one-dimensional quasicrystal material with piezoelectric effect

In this first effort, a partially-debonded circular inclusion in a one-dimensional quasicrystal material with piezoelectric effect is studied. This mixed boundary value problem of a circular interface crack is reduced to solving three …


Thermal buckling of porous symmetric and non-symmetric sandwich plate with homogenous core and S-FGM face sheets resting on Pasternak foundation

The effect of porosity and thermal environment on buckling responses for the sandwich plates with different boundary conditions is analyzed and discussed in the present study. The author’s recently developed sandwich plate using a new modified …

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About this journal

The International Journal of Mechanics and Materials in Design features recent advances and original works in mechanics and materials engineering and their impact on the design process. The journal enables mechanical, aeronautical, civil, automotive, biomedical, chemical, and nuclear engineers as well as other researchers and scientists to stay abreast of the latest developments. Moreover, it enables them to exchange ideas concerning the use of mechanics and materials in design.

Among the topics readers will discover are intelligent design, advanced materials in design, design analysis and optimization, experimental mechanics in design, and design case studies. These topics and more are explored in an integrated, highly focused and coherent format.

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