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International Journal of Multimedia Information Retrieval

International Journal of Multimedia Information Retrieval 1/2021

Issue 1/2021

Table of Contents ( 5 Articles )

24-10-2020 | Trends and Surveys | Issue 1/2021

Generative adversarial networks: a survey on applications and challenges

M. R. Pavan Kumar, Prabhu Jayagopal

23-01-2021 | Regular Paper | Issue 1/2021

Cluster-based quotas for fairness improvements in music recommendation systems

Bruna Wundervald

07-01-2021 | Regular Paper | Issue 1/2021

An automatic approach of audio feature engineering for the extraction, analysis and selection of descriptors

Marvin Jiménez, Jose Aguilar, Julin Monsalve-Pulido, Edwin Montoya

04-03-2021 | Regular Paper | Issue 1/2021

Music similarity measurement and recommendation system using convolutional neural networks

Mohamadreza Sheikh Fathollahi, Farbod Razzazi

20-02-2021 | Regular Paper | Issue 1/2021

Design ensemble deep learning model for pneumonia disease classification

Khalid El Asnaoui

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