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International Journal of Multimedia Information Retrieval

International Journal of Multimedia Information Retrieval 3/2019

Issue 3/2019

Table of Contents ( 5 Articles )

16-11-2018 | Short Paper | Issue 3/2019

DHFML: deep heterogeneous feature metric learning for matching photograph and cartoon pairs

Anand Mishra

09-07-2019 | Regular Paper | Issue 3/2019

Hybrid descriptors and Weighted PCA-EFMNet for Face Verification in the Wild

Bilel Ameur, Mebarka Belahcene, Sabeur Masmoudi, Ahmed Ben Hamida

08-06-2019 | Regular Paper | Issue 3/2019

Brain disease diagnosis using local binary pattern and steerable pyramid

Vandana V. Kale, Satish T. Hamde, Raghunath S. Holambe

14-01-2019 | Regular Paper | Issue 3/2019

Spatiotemporal wavelet correlogram for human action recognition

Hamid Abrishami Moghaddam, Amin Zare

29-04-2019 | Regular Paper | Issue 3/2019

Video instance search via spatial fusion of visual words and object proposals

Vinh-Tiep Nguyen, Duy Dinh Le, Minh-Triet Tran, Tam V. Nguyen, Thanh Duc Ngo, Shin’ichi Satoh, Duc Anh Duong

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