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International Journal of Social Robotics

International Journal of Social Robotics 3/2020

Issue 3/2020

Behavior Adaptation, Interaction, and Artificial Perception for Assistive Robotics

Table of Contents ( 12 Articles )

04-06-2020 | Editorial | Issue 3/2020

Special Issue on Behavior Adaptation, Interaction, and Artificial Perception for Assistive Robotics

Mariacarla Staffa, Silvia Rossi, Adriana Tapus, Mehdi Khamassi

28-01-2020 | Issue 3/2020

A Holistic Approach to Behavior Adaptation for Socially Assistive Robots

Alessandro Umbrico, Amedeo Cesta, Gabriella Cortellessa, Andrea Orlandini

09-12-2019 | Issue 3/2020

Short-Term Human–Robot Interaction Adaptability in Real-World Environments

Antonio Andriella, Carme Torras, Guillem Alenyà

28-03-2020 | Issue 3/2020

RHIZOME ARCHITECTURE: An Adaptive Neurobehavioral Control Architecture for Cognitive Mobile Robots—Application in a Vision-Based Indoor Robot Navigation Context

Dalia Marcela Rojas-Castro, Arnaud Revel, Michel Menard

13-09-2019 | Issue 3/2020

Reinforcement Learning Aided Robot-Assisted Navigation: A Utility and RRT Two-Stage Approach

Luís Garrote, João Paulo, Urbano J. Nunes

22-11-2019 | Issue 3/2020 Open Access

A Novel Reinforcement-Based Paradigm for Children to Teach the Humanoid Kaspar Robot

Abolfazl Zaraki, Mehdi Khamassi, Luke J. Wood, Gabriella Lakatos, Costas Tzafestas, Farshid Amirabdollahian, Ben Robins, Kerstin Dautenhahn

20-09-2019 | Issue 3/2020

Children Teach Handwriting to a Social Robot with Different Learning Competencies

Shruti Chandra, Pierre Dillenbourg, Ana Paiva

24-07-2019 | Issue 3/2020

A WiSARD Network Approach for a BCI-Based Robotic Prosthetic Control

Mariacarla Staffa, Maurizio Giordano, Fanny Ficuciello

02-01-2020 | Issue 3/2020

Emotional and Behavioural Distraction by a Social Robot for Children Anxiety Reduction During Vaccination

Silvia Rossi, Marwa Larafa, Martina Ruocco

01-02-2020 | Issue 3/2020 Open Access

ENRICHME: Perception and Interaction of an Assistive Robot for the Elderly at Home

Serhan Coşar, Manuel Fernandez-Carmona, Roxana Agrigoroaie, Jordi Pages, François Ferland, Feng Zhao, Shigang Yue, Nicola Bellotto, Adriana Tapus

05-12-2019 | Issue 3/2020

Multimodal Object-Based Environment Representation for Assistive Robotics

Yohan Breux, Sebastien Druon

24-08-2019 | Issue 3/2020

TROS: Protecting Humanoids ROS from Privileged Attackers

Giovanni Mazzeo, Mariacarla Staffa

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