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International Journal of Social Robotics

International Journal of Social Robotics 4/2019

Issue 4/2019

Table of Contents ( 10 Articles )

05-09-2019 | Issue 4/2019


Agnieszka Wykowska, Shuzhi Sam Ge, Oussama Khatib

12-02-2019 | Issue 4/2019

Physical Analysis of Handshaking Between Humans: Mutual Synchronisation and Social Context

Artem Melnyk, Patrick Hénaff

04-02-2019 | Issue 4/2019 Open Access

Multimodal Integration of Emotional Signals from Voice, Body, and Context: Effects of (In)Congruence on Emotion Recognition and Attitudes Towards Robots

Christiana Tsiourti, Astrid Weiss, Katarzyna Wac, Markus Vincze

29-01-2019 | Issue 4/2019

How Robots Influence Humans: A Survey of Nonverbal Communication in Social Human–Robot Interaction

Shane Saunderson, Goldie Nejat

30-01-2019 | Issue 4/2019

Human–Robot Shared Control for Path Generation and Execution

Hadjira Belaidi, Abdelfetah Hentout, Hamid Bentarzi

31-01-2019 | Issue 4/2019

Upper-Limb Tele-Rehabilitation System with Force Sensorless Dynamic Gravity Compensation

P. A. Diluka Harischandra, A. M. Harsha S. Abeykoon

01-02-2019 | Issue 4/2019

Robot Assisted Interventions for Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities: Impact on Users and Caregivers

Jainendra Shukla, Julián Cristiano, Joan Oliver, Domènec Puig

06-02-2019 | Issue 4/2019

Studying Design Aspects for Social Robots Using a Generic Gesture Method

Greet Van de Perre, Albert De Beir, Hoang-Long Cao, Pablo Gómez Esteban, Dirk Lefeber, Bram Vanderborght

06-02-2019 | Issue 4/2019

Love and Sex with Robots: A Content Analysis of Media Representations

Nicola Döring, Sandra Poeschl

07-02-2019 | Issue 4/2019 Open Access

Robot Acceptance at Work: A Multilevel Analysis Based on 27 EU Countries

Tuuli Turja, Atte Oksanen

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