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International Journal of Social Robotics

International Journal of Social Robotics 6/2020

Issue 6/2020

10th Anniversary of SORO

Table of Contents ( 9 Articles )

17-12-2020 | Issue 6/2020


Agnieszka Wykowska, Shuzhi Sam Ge, Oussama Khatib

03-06-2020 | Issue 6/2020 Open Access

A Systematic Review of Attitudes, Anxiety, Acceptance, and Trust Towards Social Robots

Stanislava Naneva, Marina Sarda Gou, Thomas L. Webb, Tony J. Prescott

10-07-2020 | Issue 6/2020 Open Access

Social Robots to Test Flexibility of Human Social Cognition

Agnieszka Wykowska

26-03-2020 | Issue 6/2020 Open Access

I–C–E Framework: Concepts for Group Dynamics Research in Human-Robot Interaction

Revisiting Theory from Social Psychology on Ingroup Identification (I), Cohesion (C) and Entitativity (E)
Anna M. H. Abrams, Astrid M. Rosenthal-von der Pütten

02-09-2020 | Issue 6/2020

Mini: A New Social Robot for the Elderly

Miguel A. Salichs, Álvaro Castro-González, Esther Salichs, Enrique Fernández-Rodicio, Marcos Maroto-Gómez, Juan José Gamboa-Montero, Sara Marques-Villarroya, José Carlos Castillo, Fernando Alonso-Martín, Maria Malfaz

19-06-2020 | Issue 6/2020

Robotic Understanding of Object Semantics by Referringto a Dictionary

Fujian Yan, Dang M. Tran, Hongsheng He

23-04-2020 | Issue 6/2020

The Secret Life of Robots: Perspectives and Challenges for Robot’s Behaviours During Non-interactive Tasks

Silvia Rossi, Alessandra Rossi, Kerstin Dautenhahn

20-02-2020 | Issue 6/2020 Open Access

Influence of Reaction Time in the Emotional Response of a Companion Robot to a Child’s Aggressive Interaction

Ahmad Yaser Alhaddad, John-John Cabibihan, Andrea Bonarini

24-09-2020 | Issue 6/2020

The Effect of Design Features on Relationship Quality with Embodied Conversational Agents: A Systematic Review

Kate Loveys, Gabrielle Sebaratnam, Mark Sagar, Elizabeth Broadbent

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