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International Journal of Technology and Design Education

International Journal of Technology and Design Education 1/2000

Issue 1/2000

Table of Contents ( 7 Articles )

01-01-2000 | Editorial Introduction | Issue 1/2000

Five Years On!

Edgar Jenkins

01-01-2000 | Issue 1/2000

Elementary School Students' Logical Reasoning on Rolling

Xiufeng Liu

01-01-2000 | Issue 1/2000

The Influences of Socio-cultural Interaction upon Children's Thinking and Actions in Prescribed and Open-Ended Problem Solving Situations (An Investigation Involving Design and Technology Lessons in English and Finnish Primary Schools)

Esa-Matti Järvinen, J. Twyford

01-01-2000 | Issue 1/2000

Working Technologically: Investigations into How Young Children Design and Make During Technology Education

Marilyn Fleer

01-01-2000 | Issue 1/2000

Technological Affordance, Social Practice and Learning Narratives in an Early Childhood Setting

Margaret Carr

01-01-2000 | Issue 1/2000

Preservice Primary Teachers' Thinking About Technology and Technology Education

Campbell J. McRobbie, Ian S. Ginns, Sarah J. Stein

01-01-2000 | Commentary | Issue 1/2000

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