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International Journal of Technology and Design Education

International Journal of Technology and Design Education 5/2020

Issue 5/2020

Special Issue Title: Architecture and built environment design education

Table of Contents ( 11 Articles )

04-07-2019 | Issue 5/2020 Open Access

Architecture and built environment design education: disciplinary and pedagogical developments

Remon Rooij, Renate Klaassen, Roberto Cavallo, Jos A. Arts

01-07-2019 | Issue 5/2020 Open Access

Teaching history for design at TU Delft: exploring types of student learning and perceived relevance of history for the architecture profession

Carola Hein, Elise van Dooren

01-08-2019 | Issue 5/2020 Open Access

Embedding built heritage values in architectural design education

Nicholas Clarke, Marieke Kuipers, Sara Stroux

25-06-2019 | Issue 5/2020 Open Access

Reflection in design education

Louis Lousberg, Remon Rooij, Sylvia Jansen, Elise van Dooren, John Heintz, Engbert van der Zaag

31-07-2019 | Issue 5/2020 Open Access

Cultivating the next generation designers: group work in urban and regional design education

Lei Qu, Yawei Chen, Remon Rooij, Peter de Jong

31-07-2019 | Issue 5/2020 Open Access

Interdisciplinary and experiential learning in urban development management education

Yawei Chen, Tom A. Daamen, Erwin W. T. M. Heurkens, Wouter J. Verheul

07-11-2019 | Issue 5/2020

An initial development and validation of a Chinese technology teachers’ attitudes towards technology (TTATT) scale

Meidan Xu, John P. Williams, Jianjun Gu

28-05-2019 | Original Research Article | Issue 5/2020 Open Access

Uncovering early indicators of fixation during the concept development stage of children’s design processes

Alice Schut, Remke Klapwijk, Mathieu Gielen, Fenne van Doorn, Marc de Vries

20-06-2019 | Issue 5/2020

The development of relational reasoning in primary and secondary school students: a longitudinal investigation in technology education

Sophie Jablansky, Patricia A. Alexander, Denis Dumas, Vicki Compton

19-06-2019 | Issue 5/2020 Open Access

The Mitcham Score: quantifying students’ descriptions of technology

Johan Svenningsson

28-05-2019 | Issue 5/2020 Open Access

HuValue: a tool to support design students in considering human values in their design

Shadi Kheirandish, Mathias Funk, Stephan Wensveen, Maarten Verkerk, Matthias Rauterberg

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