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International Journal of Technology and Design Education 5/2020
International Journal of Technology and Design Education

Issue 5/2020

Special Issue Title: Architecture and built environment design education


Table of Contents (11 Articles)

Open Access 04-07-2019

Architecture and built environment design education: disciplinary and pedagogical developments
Remon Rooij, Renate Klaassen, Roberto Cavallo, Jos A. Arts

Open Access 01-07-2019

Teaching history for design at TU Delft: exploring types of student learning and perceived relevance of history for the architecture profession
Carola Hein, Elise van Dooren

Open Access 01-08-2019

Embedding built heritage values in architectural design education
Nicholas Clarke, Marieke Kuipers, Sara Stroux

Open Access 25-06-2019

Reflection in design education
Louis Lousberg, Remon Rooij, Sylvia Jansen, Elise van Dooren, John Heintz, Engbert van der Zaag

Open Access 31-07-2019

Cultivating the next generation designers: group work in urban and regional design education
Lei Qu, Yawei Chen, Remon Rooij, Peter de Jong

Open Access 31-07-2019

Interdisciplinary and experiential learning in urban development management education
Yawei Chen, Tom A. Daamen, Erwin W. T. M. Heurkens, Wouter J. Verheul


An initial development and validation of a Chinese technology teachers’ attitudes towards technology (TTATT) scale
Meidan Xu, John P. Williams, Jianjun Gu

Open Access 28-05-2019 | Original Research Article

Uncovering early indicators of fixation during the concept development stage of children’s design processes
Alice Schut, Remke Klapwijk, Mathieu Gielen, Fenne van Doorn, Marc de Vries


The development of relational reasoning in primary and secondary school students: a longitudinal investigation in technology education
Sophie Jablansky, Patricia A. Alexander, Denis Dumas, Vicki Compton

Open Access 19-06-2019

The Mitcham Score: quantifying students’ descriptions of technology
Johan Svenningsson

Open Access 28-05-2019

HuValue: a tool to support design students in considering human values in their design
Shadi Kheirandish, Mathias Funk, Stephan Wensveen, Maarten Verkerk, Matthias Rauterberg

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