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International Journal on Digital Libraries

International Journal on Digital Libraries 1/2019

Issue 1/2019

Focused Issue on Digital Libraries for Musicology

Table of Contents ( 9 Articles )

23-02-2019 | Issue 1/2019

Guest editors’ introduction to the special issue on digital libraries for musicology

Kevin R. Page, J. Stephen Downie

06-01-2017 | Issue 1/2019

Applications of RISM data in digital libraries and digital musicology

Klaus Keil, Jennifer A. Ward

13-09-2017 | Issue 1/2019 Open Access

Documenting a song culture: the Dutch Song Database as a resource for musicological research

Peter van Kranenburg, Martine de Bruin, Anja Volk

28-08-2017 | Issue 1/2019 Open Access

On providing semantic alignment and unified access to music library metadata

David M. Weigl, David Lewis, Tim Crawford, Ian Knopke, Kevin R. Page

11-07-2018 | Issue 1/2019

Heuristic and supervised approaches to handwritten annotation extraction for musical score images

Eamonn Bell, Laurent Pugin

06-02-2018 | Issue 1/2019 Open Access

Crowdsourcing Linked Data on listening experiences through reuse and enhancement of library data

Alessandro Adamou, Simon Brown, Helen Barlow, Carlo Allocca, Mathieu d’Aquin

23-10-2017 | Issue 1/2019

Encoding music performance data in Humdrum and MEI

Johanna Devaney, Hubert Léveillé Gauvin

08-12-2018 | Issue 1/2019

An MEI-based standard encoding for hierarchical music analyses

David Rizo, Alan Marsden

23-02-2019 | Issue 1/2019 Open Access

Curating and annotating a collection of traditional Irish flute recordings to facilitate stylistic analysis

Münevver Köküer, Islah Ali-MacLachlan, Daithí Kearney, Peter Jančovič

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