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International Journal on Digital Libraries

International Journal on Digital Libraries 2/2015

Issue 2/2015

Focused Issue on JCDL 2013

Table of Contents ( 6 Articles )

01-06-2015 | Issue 2/2015

Introduction to the focused issue of award-nominated papers from JCDL 2013

Frank Shipman, Richard Furuta

01-06-2015 | Issue 2/2015

A comprehensive evaluation of scholarly paper recommendation using potential citation papers

Kazunari Sugiyama, Min-Yen Kan

01-06-2015 | Issue 2/2015

A generalized topic modeling approach for automatic document annotation

Suppawong Tuarob, Line C. Pouchard, Prasenjit Mitra, C. Lee Giles

01-06-2015 | Issue 2/2015

Evaluating sliding and sticky target policies by measuring temporal drift in acyclic walks through a web archive

Scott G. Ainsworth, Michael L. Nelson

01-06-2015 | Issue 2/2015

Information-theoretic term weighting schemes for document clustering and classification

Weimao Ke

01-06-2015 | Issue 2/2015

Sifting useful comments from Flickr Commons and YouTube

Elaheh Momeni, Bernhard Haslhofer, Ke Tao, Geert-Jan Houben

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