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International Journal on Digital Libraries

International Journal on Digital Libraries 4/2020

Issue 4/2020

Table of Contents ( 5 Articles )

23-01-2020 | Issue 4/2020

The HathiTrust Digital Library’s potential for musicology research

J. Stephen Downie, Sayan Bhattacharyya, Francesca Giannetti, Eleanor Dickson Koehl, Peter Organisciak

08-08-2020 | Issue 4/2020

Representing quantitative documentation of 3D cultural heritage artefacts with CIDOC CRMdig

Chiara Eva Catalano, Valentina Vassallo, Sorin Hermon, Michela Spagnuolo

11-08-2020 | Issue 4/2020 Open Access

Citation recommendation: approaches and datasets

Michael Färber, Adam Jatowt

26-07-2020 | Issue 4/2020

PVAF: an environment for disambiguation of scientific publication venues

Tiago Antônio Paraizo, Denilson Alves Pereira

01-08-2020 | Issue 4/2020

OrgBR-M: a method to assist in organizing bibliographic material based on formal concept analysis—a case study in educational data mining

Marcos Wander Rodrigues, Luis Enrique Zárate

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