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International Journal on Interactive Design and Manufacturing (IJIDeM)

International Journal on Interactive Design and Manufacturing (IJIDeM) 4/2018

Issue 4/2018

Table of Contents ( 30 Articles )

18-09-2018 | Editorial | Issue 4/2018

Advances on mechanics, design engineering and manufacturing

Gaetano Sequenzia, Sergio Rizzuti, Massimo Martorelli, Tommaso Ingrassia

05-03-2018 | Original Paper | Issue 4/2018

Natural interface for interactive virtual assembly in augmented reality using Leap Motion Controller

Pier Paolo Valentini

14-03-2018 | Original Paper | Issue 4/2018

Design impact of acceptability and dependability in assisted living robotic applications

Filippo Cavallo, Raffaele Limosani, Laura Fiorini, Raffaele Esposito, Rocco Furferi, Lapo Governi, Monica Carfagni

19-04-2018 | Original Paper | Issue 4/2018

The effect of posture, pressure and load distribution on (dis)comfort perceived by students seated on school chairs

Alessandro Naddeo, Rosaria Califano, Peter Vink

07-05-2018 | Original Paper | Issue 4/2018

A new interactive design approach for concept selection based on expert opinion

Antonio Lanzotti, Francesco Carbone, Stanislao Grazioso, Fabrizio Renno, Michele Staiano

15-05-2018 | Original Paper | Issue 4/2018

Prediction of Kansei engineering features for bottle design by a Knowledge Based System

Mattia Mele, Giampaolo Campana

16-05-2018 | Original Paper | Issue 4/2018

User-centered design of an innovative foot stretcher for ergometers to enhance the indoor rowing training

Teodorico Caporaso, Stanislao Grazioso, Dario Vaccaro, Giuseppe Di Gironimo, Antonio Lanzotti

06-06-2018 | Original Paper | Issue 4/2018

Virtual human bone modelling by interactive sculpting, mesh morphing and force-feedback

Marco Evangelos Biancolini, Pier Paolo Valentini

15-06-2018 | Original Paper | Issue 4/2018

A cyber-physical system for production monitoring of manual manufacturing processes

Andrea Tarallo, R. Mozzillo, G. Di Gironimo, R. De Amicis

04-07-2018 | Original Paper | Issue 4/2018

A CSP-based design framework for appliances under energy labelling

Paolo Cicconi, Daniele Landi, Anna Costanza Russo, Miriam Nardelli, Roberto Raffaeli, Michele Germani

17-07-2018 | Original Paper | Issue 4/2018

On methods to identify the symmetry line of human back

Nicola Cappetti, Alessandro Naddeo

09-06-2018 | Original Paper | Issue 4/2018

Hybrid nano-fluid-minimum quantity lubrication strategy for machining austempered ductile iron (ADI)

A. Eltaggaz, H. Hegab, I. Deiab, H. A. Kishawy

08-03-2018 | Original Paper | Issue 4/2018

Design parameters optimization of a particles impact damper

Cherif Snoun, Moez Trigui

03-05-2017 | Technical Paper | Issue 4/2018

The virtual pathology lab experience

Irma Elisa Eraña-Rojas, Álvaro Barbosa Quintana, José Eduardo Pérez Saucedo, Nancy de los Ángeles Segura-Azuara, Mildred Vanessa López Cabrera

13-05-2017 | Technical Paper | Issue 4/2018

Experimental study and simulation on the chip sticking–welding of the carbide cutter’s rake face

Jinguo Chen, Minli Zheng, Pengfei Li, Jingyang Feng, Yushuang Sun

07-06-2017 | Technical Paper | Issue 4/2018

Experimental and simulation study on milling parameters of hardened steel mold

Wei Zhang, Chao Cheng, Fengshun He, Shuqi Wang

07-06-2017 | Technical Paper | Issue 4/2018

Inhabitable space control for the creation of healthy interactive spaces through emotional domotics

Sergio A. Navarro-Tuch, M. Rogelio Bustamante-Bello, Arturo Molina, Javier Izquierdo-Reyes, Roberto Avila-Vazquez, Jose Luis Pablos-Hach, Yadira Gutiérrez-Martínez

09-06-2017 | Technical Paper | Issue 4/2018

Robotic platform for teaching maths in junior high school

Edgar Lopez-Caudana, Pedro Ponce, Luis Cervera, Sara Iza, Nancy Mazon

07-07-2017 | Technical Paper | Issue 4/2018

A method of measuring the frequency response function of the tool point based on the surface of feeding system

Zhe Li, Chao Li, Shuai Chen, Dekuo Ren

02-12-2017 | Technical Paper | Issue 4/2018

BikeShake: the design of an indoor simulator dedicated to motorcycle ride testing as an interactive project

D. Chindamo, M. Gadola, D. Armellin, F. P. Marchesin

05-12-2017 | Technical Paper | Issue 4/2018

Damping properties and energy evaluation of a regenerative shock absorber

Ahmad Syuhri, Widyono Hadi, Skriptyan N. H. Syuhri

05-12-2017 | Technical Paper | Issue 4/2018

Experimental and simulation study on surface texture of hardened steel mold

Wei Zhang, Shuqi Wang, Chao Cheng, Changjian Du

21-12-2017 | Technical Paper | Issue 4/2018

Improvement of a knock model for natural gas SI engines through heat transfer evaluation

Andrés Felipe Sierra Parra, Adalberto Gabriel Díaz Torres

02-03-2018 | Technical Paper | Issue 4/2018

Numerical comparison of two different tibial nails: expert tibial nail and innovative nail

V. Filardi

24-03-2018 | Technical Paper | Issue 4/2018

Emotion recognition for semi-autonomous vehicles framework

Javier Izquierdo-Reyes, Ricardo A. Ramirez-Mendoza, Martin R. Bustamante-Bello, Jose L. Pons-Rovira, Jose E. Gonzalez-Vargas

06-06-2018 | Technical Paper | Issue 4/2018

Triangular shape geometry in a Solarus AB concentrating photovoltaic-thermal collector

Luís Marques, João Paulo N. Torres, P. J. Costa Branco

25-06-2018 | Technical Paper | Issue 4/2018

User experience comparison among touchless, haptic and voice Head-Up Displays interfaces in automobiles

J. Alejandro Betancur, Nicolás Gómez, Mario Castro, Frederic Merienne, Daniel Suárez

21-07-2018 | Technical Paper | Issue 4/2018

Experimental and continuous stamping simulation study on surface wear of hardened steel mold

Wei Zhang, Shuqi Wang, Jinguo Chen, Chao Cheng, Lei Zhang

01-08-2018 | Technical Paper | Issue 4/2018

Optimization of high-speed milling hardened mold processing parameters based on surface morphology research

Wei Zhang, Lei Zhang, Shuqi Wang, Ben Wang, Shuai Meng

11-01-2018 | Industrial Paper | Issue 4/2018

Toward an integrative organizational framework for outsourced R&D efficiency

Florian Pereme, Bertrand Rose, Virginie Goepp, Jean Pierre Radoux

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