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International Marketing and Management Research

International Marketing and Management Research
6 Volumes | 2013 - 2020


International Marketing and Management Research (IMMR) Series provides a forum for academics and professionals to share the latest developments and advances in knowledge and practice of global business and international management. The series is a uniquely positioned contribution of interrelated research papers across all business disciplines including: marketing, international business, strategy, digital strategy, organizational behavior and cross-cultural management, international marketing, international finance, global value chains, global supply chain management, sustainable innovations, e-business and e-commerce, social media, new product design and innovation, and business economics. Six volumes have been published under the IMMR series. Each research paper published in this series goes through a double-blind peer review process. Through the series, we examine the impact of cross-cultural issues, characteristics, and challenges with regard to global and sustainable business innovations; institutional and regulatory factors on international marketing and management issues; and the effects of institutional changes on global businesses with regard to both traditional and digital worlds. IMMR series fosters the exchange of ideas on a range of important international subjects, provides stimulus for research, and strengthens the development of international perspectives. The international perspective is further enhanced by the geographical spread of the contributors.

All books of the series International Marketing and Management Research

2020 | Book

Sustainable Innovation

Trends in Marketing and Management

In today’s ever-changing global world, there is a permanent need for anticipating new and evolving customer needs, resource supply constraints, and dynamically changing employee expectations. Sustainable innovation applies to products, services …

2018 | Book

Global Business Value Innovations

Building Innovation Capabilities for Business Strategies

This edited collection is a uniquely positioned contribution of interrelated research papers about global business value transformations in both offline and online (digital) worlds. With chapters spanning multiple business disciplines such as …

2016 | Book

International Fragmentation

Impacts and Prospects for Manufacturing, Marketing, Economy, and Growth

This book addresses the increased fragmentation and internationalization of production. It explores how concurrent business transformations in manufacturing and marketing impact global and developing economies, and how supply chain initiatives and …

2015 | Book

Advertising Confluence: Transitioning Marketing Communications into Social Movements

Advertising Confluence offers a unique blend of both traditional and contemporary social media thinking about advertising and integrated brand promotions from both the developed and emerging world.

2014 | Book

Global Business Transcendence: International Perspectives across Developed and Emerging Economies

2013 | Book

International Business Realisms: Globalizing Locally Responsive and Internationally Connected Business Disciplines