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02-12-2022 | Original Article

The body dissatisfaction role in the adoption of compulsive healthy eating behaviors

This study investigates the effect of Instagram use, fitness and health-related content, internalization, social comparisons, perfectionism, and obsessive-compulsive personality traits on body dissatisfaction and Orthorexia Nervosa. Moreover, the …

21-11-2022 | Original Article

Increasing donor’s perceived value from charitable involvement: a multi-segment approach to the American donor market

The importance of nonprofit organizations in offering, supporting and promoting solutions to the world’s greatest problems cannot be underscored. However, in order to accomplish its goals and objectives and maintain a sustainable competitive …

16-11-2022 | Original Article

Modeling customer experience with public sector smartphone apps: a mixed methods study in the UAE

Public sector institutions are increasingly using smartphones applications (apps) as a new delivery channel and/or as an innovative approach to provide smart services to citizens (Government-to-Citizen, or G2C), within the so-called e-governance …

12-11-2022 | Original Article

Customer satisfaction with electronic public services: An 18 years of systematic literature review

Given the increase in technology-based services in the public sector, such as the use of web-based or mobile applications, understanding the levels of customer satisfaction with electronic public services is important for academics and …

09-11-2022 | Original Article

Determining consumers’ intent to purchase organic foods in emerging market: price perception affect in moderated mediation model

The main purpose of this research is to explore whether consumers’ consciousness of health, environment and food safety concern affect their intention to purchase organic foods through attitude mediation and price perception moderation. In the …

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