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International Studies in Entrepreneurship

International Studies in Entrepreneurship
46 Volumes | 2004 - 2020

All books of the series International Studies in Entrepreneurship

2020 | Book

Regional Renaissance

How New York’s Capital Region Became a Nanotechnology Powerhouse

This book examines ways in which formerly prosperous regions can renew their economy during and after a period of industrial and economic recession. Using New York’s Capital Region (i.e., Albany, Troy, Schenectady, etc.) as a case study, the …

2020 | Open Access | Book Open Access

The Entrepreneurial Society

A Reform Strategy for Italy, Germany and the UK

This open access book is an outcome of the EU’s Horizon 2020 project ‘Financial and Institutional Reforms for an Entrepreneurial Society’ (FIRES). Building on historical, economic and legal analysis, and combining methods and data across …

2020 | Book

Innovative Entrepreneurship in Action

From High-Tech to Digital Entrepreneurship

This book analyses prevailing approaches and policies in innovative entrepreneurship. It explores the ways in which entrepreneurs learn and develop innovation-based businesses to drive increased regional competitiveness. Specifically, the …

2019 | Book

Regional Trajectories of Entrepreneurship, Knowledge, and Growth

The Role of History and Culture

This book offers a dynamic perspective on regional entrepreneurship, knowledge, innovation and economic growth, with a particular focus on the role that history and culture play. The authors provide comprehensive empirical analyses offering unique …

2019 | Book

Institutions, Entrepreneurship, and Economic Performance

Using institutional economics as a theoretical framework, this book analyzes institutional environment conducive to entrepreneurial activity in order to enhance economic performance across countries. In particular, the main contributions of this …

2019 | Open Access | Book Open Access

The Entrepreneurial Society

A Reform Strategy for the European Union

This open access book builds on the European Union’s (EU) Horizon 2020 project ‘Financial and Institutional Reforms for an Entrepreneurial Society’ (FIRES). The authors outline how Europe can move towards more inclusive, innovative and sustainable …

2018 | Book

Knowledge-Intensive Entrepreneurship

An Analysis of the European Textile and Apparel Industries

This book examines knowledge-intensive entrepreneurship (KIE) with a focus on the European textile and apparel industries. The primary purpose is to review the extant academic literature related to the European textile and apparel industries and …

2018 | Book

Entrepreneurial Ecosystems

Place-Based Transformations and Transitions

This book features latest research insights into the study of the entrepreneurial ecosystem. The focus is on understanding its influence on the development of socially and physically defined ‘places’, and how these factors are related with each …

2017 | Book

Revisiting the Entrepreneurial Mind

Inside the Black Box: An Expanded Edition

The book explores various aspects of cognitive and motivational psychology as they impact entrepreneurial behavior. Building upon the 2009 volume, Understanding the Entrepreneurial Mind, the editors and contributors explore the cognitions …

2017 | Book

Social Entrepreneurship in Non-Profit and Profit Sectors

Theoretical and Empirical Perspectives

This volume examines the theoretical and empirical landscape of social entrepreneurship in both non-profit and profit sectors. It extends the traditional view of social entrepreneurship to include the environmental and institutional factors that …

2017 | Book

Entrepreneurship Education at Universities

Learning from Twenty European Cases

This volume discusses entrepreneurship education in Europe on the basis of in-depth case studies of related activities at twenty higher education institutions. Based on a model of entrepreneurship education, the analysis addresses curricular and …

2016 | Book

University Evolution, Entrepreneurial Activity and Regional Competitiveness

​This book aims to bring together different contributions highlighting how the recent changes that modify universities’ activities, such as the necessity to internationalize and crucially rely on third party funding, and the new entrepreneurial traje

2016 | Book

Essays in Public Sector Entrepreneurship

This book explores public sector entrepreneurship from an international perspective. It features essays from eminent scholars in the field addressing entrepreneurial public policies from different countries. Public sector entrepreneurship is at th

2016 | Book

Researching Entrepreneurship

Conceptualization and Design

In this book, one of the most highly recognized entrepreneurship scholars shares in a personal and readable way his rich experience and ideas on how entrepreneurship can be researched. Entrepreneurship is a phenomenon of tremendous societal …

2015 | Book

Entrepreneurship, Human Capital, and Regional Development

Labor Networks, Knowledge Flows, and Industry Growth

This book makes original contributions to the literature on clusters, human capital, and regional development by focusing on the link between entrepreneurship and economic growth, aiming for a better understanding of the dynamics of growth determi

2014 | Book

Social Entrepreneurship

Leveraging Economic, Political, and Cultural Dimensions

This contributed volume features state-of-the-art research from ten different countries on implementation, institutionalization and the future prospects of social entrepreneurship. This volume aims at bringing together research that considers the con

2014 | Book

Entrepreneurship in Family Business

Cases from China

This book presents an excellent analysis of how a family business is different from other forms of organization and especially its peculiarities in relation to entrepreneurship. Focusing on small and medium-sized second-generation Chinese family busi

2012 | Book

Understanding Family Businesses

Undiscovered Approaches, Unique Perspectives, and Neglected Topics

Businesses owned and operated by families constitute the vast majority of firms around the world. These firms are found in all industrial segments, from retail and service establishments to heavy manufacturers. Their sizes and revenues range from

2012 | Book

Women’s Entrepreneurship and Economics

New Perspectives, Practices, and Policies

Over the past century, an extensive literature has developed, exploring the impact of entrepreneurship on economic performance. The active participation of entrepreneurs in virtually all aspects of business and economic activity has obliged polic

2012 | Book

Technology Transfer in a Global Economy

Technology transfer—the process of sharing and disseminating knowledge, skills, scientific discoveries, production methods, and other innovations among universities, government agencies, private firms, and other institutions—is one of the major ch