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Open Access 12-06-2024

Value of Original and Generated Ultrasound Data Towards Training Robust Classifiers for Breast Cancer Identification

Breast cancer represents one of the leading causes of death among women, with 1 in 39 (around 2.5%) of them losing their lives annually, at the global level. According to the American Cancer Society, it is the second most lethal type of cancer in …

Bianca-Ştefania Munteanu, Alexandra Murariu, Mǎrioara Nichitean, Luminiţa-Gabriela Pitac, Laura Dioşan


Consumers’ Financial Distress: Prediction and Prescription Using Interpretable Machine Learning

This paper shows how transactional bank account data can be used to predict and to prevent financial distress in consumers. Machine learning methods were used to identify the most significant transactional behaviours that cause financial distress.

Hendrik de Waal, Serge Nyawa, Samuel Fosso Wamba

Open Access 07-06-2024

A Mixed-Integer Formulation for the Simultaneous Input Selection and Outlier Filtering in Soft Sensor Training

Soft sensors are used to calculate the real-time values of process variables which can be measured in the laboratory only or require expensive online measurement tools. A set of mathematical expressions are developed and trained from historical …

Hasan Sildir, Onur Can Boy, Sahin Sarrafi

Open Access 05-06-2024

Trust, Risk, Privacy and Security in e-Government Use: Insights from a MASEM Analysis

Despite considerable research on the factors influencing the use of e-government, citizens are apprehensive of e-government services due to the concerns primarily related to trust, risk, security and privacy. This study presents a meta-analytic …

Parul Gupta, Apeksha Hooda, Anand Jeyaraj, Jonathan J.M. Seddon, Yogesh K. Dwivedi

Open Access 31-05-2024

Efficiently Labeling and Retrieving Temporal Anomalies in Relational Databases

Time and temporal constraints are implicit in most databases. To facilitate data analysis and quality assessment, a database should provide explicit operations to identify the violation of temporal constraints. Against this background, the purpose …

Christina Khnaisser, Hind Hamrouni, David B. Blumenthal, Anton Dignös, Johann Gamper


Big Data Analytics Adoption in Manufacturing Companies: The Contingent Role of Data-Driven Culture

The objective of this paper is to investigate the factors that influence the adoption of Big Data Analytics (BDA) in manufacturing companies and examine the impact of BDA adoption on performance, while also considering the moderating effect of …

Priveena Thanabalan, Ali Vafaei-Zadeh, Haniruzila Hanifah, T. Ramayah

Open Access 20-05-2024

The Role of E-participation, Human Capital, and Corruption-Free on Environmental Performance

There are many concerns at the global level about environmental performance. The United Nations has created a framework for measuring national development goals that enable environmental sustainability. This paper examines the relationships …

Mohammad I. Merhi, Punit Ahluwalia

Open Access 15-05-2024

Qualitative Insights into Organizational Value Creation: Decoding Characteristics of Metaverse Platforms

The significance of metaverse platforms is growing in both research and practical applications. To utilize the chances and opportunities metaverse platforms offer, research and practice must understand how these platforms create value, which has …

Fabian Tingelhoff, Raphael Schultheiss, Sofia Marlena Schöbel, Jan Marco Leimeister


Exploring Information Technology Capabilities from Multiple Aspects of the Resource-Based Theory

This study elucidates the nature of information technology (IT) capabilities by developing an integrated framework that expounds upon the hierarchy inherent within IT capabilities. This research uses qualitative interviews with 64 IT professionals …

Cheng-Hao Steve Chen, Gordon Liu, Gelareh Roushan, Bang Nguyen


A Robust Rating Aggregation Method based on Rater Group Trustworthiness for Collusive Disturbance

Rating can be obligatory for many tasks, such as film recommendation, hotel rating, and product evaluation. Aggregating ratings given by numerous raters is a necessary and effective way to obtain comprehensive evaluation of the objects. While the …

Huan Zhu, Yu Xiao, Dongmei Chen, Jun Wu


Digital Literacy, Sustainable Development and Radiation Regulation: Policy and Information Systems Implications

This paper explores the convergence of development economics, regulatory policies, and public health considerations within the field of Information Systems (IS) research, focusing specifically on 5G and 6G mobile technologies. Despite the …

Farid Gasmi, Paul Noumba Um, Laura Recuero Virto, Peter Saba


Can Industry 5.0 Develop a Resilient Supply Chain? An Integrated Decision-Making Approach by Analyzing I5.0 CSFs

Advances in science and technology act as the gatekeepers of a sustainable future where a stable environment helps generate the power for innovation. Supply chains are the messengers of this euphoric future. However, when the messengers and the …

Rahul Sindhwani, Abhishek Behl, Ramandeep Singh, Sushma Kumari

Open Access 12-04-2024

Domain Adaptation for Fear of Heights Classification in a VR Environment Based on EEG and ECG

Three levels of fear of heights were detected in subjects with different severities of acrophobia, based on the electroencephalographic (EEG) and electrocardiographic (ECG) signals. The study aims to demonstrate the feasibility of a …

Andrea Apicella, Pasquale Arpaia, Simone Barbato, Giovanni D’Errico, Giovanna Mastrati, Nicola Moccaldi, Ersilia Vallefuoco, Selina Christin Wriessnegger

Open Access 26-03-2024

Addressing Knowledge Gaps in ITSM Practice with “Learning Digital Commons”: A Case Study

Information Technology Service Management (ITSM) constitutes a suite of specialized organizational capabilities aimed at optimizing the value derived from IT services. The practice of ITSM encompasses a range of complementary frameworks. However …

Muralidharan Ramakrishnan, Shirley Gregor, Anup Shrestha, Jeffrey Soar

Open Access 22-03-2024

Implementation of Additive Manufacturing in the Healthcare Supply Chain for Circular Economy Goals: Paradoxical Tensions and Solutions from an Industry 5.0 Perspective

This study addresses the paradoxical tensions that arise during additive manufacturing (AM) implementation for circular economy goals in the healthcare sector. Using the lens of paradox theory, this study identifies four competing priorities that …

Jaya Priyadarshini, Rajesh Kr Singh, Ruchi Mishra, Qile He, Ashley Braganza


Meaningful Work as an Ethical Approach: Shaping the Next Generation of Organizational Gamification

Gamified information systems have become widespread in organizations along with unintended ethical consequences. In parallel, recent advances in artificial intelligence and their promise for gamification raise new ethical concerns in the …

Divinus Oppong-Tawiah, Xerxes Minocher, Farzam Boroomand, Jane Webster

Open Access 16-03-2024

Comprehensive 3D Analysis of the Renal System and Stones: Segmenting and Registering Non-Contrast and Contrast Computed Tomography Images

Detecting and accurately locating kidney stones, which are common urological conditions, can be challenging when using imaging examinations. Therefore, the primary objective of this research is to develop an ensemble model that integrates …

Zhuo Chen, Chuda Xiao, Yang Liu, Haseeb Hassan, Dan Li, Jun Liu, Haoyu Li, Weiguo Xie, Wen Zhong, Bingding Huang

Open Access 04-03-2024

Development and Usability Testing of Virtual Reality (VR)-Based Reminiscence Therapy for People with Dementia

The prevalence of dementia is increasing due to a longer life expectancy and an ageing population. Cognitive impairment affects patients’ daily lives and places a financial and healthcare burden on them and their families. Reminiscence therapy …

Joyce S.Y. Lau, Yuk Ming Tang, Grace Gao, Kenneth N.K. Fong, Billy C.L. So


Securing Network Resilience: Leveraging Node Centrality for Cyberattack Mitigation and Robustness Enhancement

In response to the dynamic and ever-evolving landscape of network attacks and cybersecurity, this study aims to enhance network security by identifying critical nodes and optimizing resource allocation within budget constraints. We introduce a …

Essia Hamouda, Mohsen ElHafsi, Joon Son

Open Access 22-02-2024

From Industry 4.0 Digital Manufacturing to Industry 5.0 Digital Society: a Roadmap Toward Human-Centric, Sustainable, and Resilient Production

The present study addresses two critical controversies surrounding the emerging Industry 5.0 agenda. Firstly, it seeks to elucidate the driving forces behind the accelerated momentum of the Industry 5.0 agenda amidst the ongoing digital industrial …

Morteza Ghobakhloo, Hannan Amoozad Mahdiraji, Mohammad Iranmanesh, Vahid Jafari-Sadeghi