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04-12-2023 | Research Article

The Factors that Shape Chinese Officials’ Political Attitudes: An Experimental Intergenerational Approach

This research delves into the dynamics of officials’ attitudes toward the Communist Party of China (CPC), examining the joint impact of parental political identity and political norms. A novel experimental survey conducted in provincial CPC …

Leizhen Zang, Feng Xiong, Qiongyu Zhang

28-11-2023 | Research Article

U.S.-China 5G Competition, the Economy-Security Nexus, and Asia

This article uses theories of industrial policy to assess the development of China’s 5G telecommunications equipment policy. It considers the path China’s 5G build-out has taken, and American security concerns in reaction to several nations’ …

Eric Harwit

22-11-2023 | Research Article

The Double-Edged Sword of State Media Credibility: Experimental Evidence from China

Existing research has shown that pubic trust in state-aligned media facilitates political persuasion. However, little is known about how media credibility interacts with political trust when governments exercise control over media outlets acting …

Yanfeng Gu, Bingdao Zheng

22-11-2023 | Review Essay

Ten Years of China’s Belt and Road Initiative: A Bibliometric Review

The Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) is poised to profoundly reshape the regional geographical landscape. While existing communication studies on BRI have focused on the official and media narratives to frame the initiative, the overall orientation …

Shaleen Khanal, Hongzhou Zhang

13-11-2023 | Research Article

Public Trust During a Public Health Crisis: Evaluating the Immediate Effects of the Pandemic on Institutional Trust

Institutional trust is pivotal in facilitating targeted policy implementation and fostering appropriate preventative behavior amid public health crises. This study examines the immediate effects of the pandemic on institutional trust …

Yu You, Deyong Ma, Chao Chen

Open Access 09-11-2023 | Research Article

Digital RMB vs. Dollar Hegemony? Friendly Foes in China-US Currency Competition

Digital transformations are impacting inter-state currency politics in strategically important ways. This article contributes to growing debates over the nature of US-China competition as the Chinese RMB rapidly digitizes in ways said to challenge …

Falin Zhang, Yang Cui, Malcolm Campbell-Verduyn

08-11-2023 | Research Article

Incentivized Inequality: Career Incentives and Investment Allocation in China

Bureaucratic career incentives play a critical role in shaping how government officials influence local resources within their jurisdictions. This study suggests that the career incentives of subnational officials are instrumental in determining …

Jonghyuk Lee

07-11-2023 | Research Article

The United States–China Race for Green Transformation: Institutions, Incentives, and Green Industrial Policies

This article provides political analysis of the extent to which new state strategies of involvement in climate technologies have shaped the green markets in both China and the United States. Using rational choice institutionalism and comparative …

Geoffrey C. Chen

25-10-2023 | Research Article

Political Incentives, Bureaucratic Behaviors and Political Budget Cycles in China

In the context of China’s central government’s promotion of local officials’ performance evaluation for environmental protection and the division of responsibilities between the party and the government, this study investigated China’s political …

Jiapeng Li, Sujian Guo

28-09-2023 | Research Article

From Quantity to Quality: Do the Political Incentives matter for Green Transformation in China?

Political promotion is a significant factor in shaping the behavior of local officials in China. Given that the focus on economic growth has shifted from "quantity" to "quality," it is imperative to assess whether reforms in incentive structures …

Lu Miao, Huijie Gu

27-09-2023 | Research Article

Steering a Developmental Party-State: Why Has China Chosen Centralization of Power to Fight Corruption?

Anti-corruption and centralization of power have defined China’s political changes since October 2012. This article attempts to explain why China has chosen the centralization of power to fight corruption in light of the developmental state …

Chengqiu Wu

25-09-2023 | Research Article

Explaining China’s Budget Punctuations: Empirical Evidence Based on Cadre Management System

Recent applications of Punctuated Equilibrium Theory have linked institutional design to budgetary changes, yet much more work is needed to unravel the mechanism through which bureaucracy moderates the odds of budget punctuations. Three important …

Mengyao Li

21-09-2023 | Research Article

How Do Online Public Messages Affect Local Government Responsiveness in China? A Multilevel Analysis Based on the Message Board for Leaders

The development of the internet has enabled a novel channel for citizens to express their opinions and needs, and governments have become more responsive to citizens’ messages as a result. We performed a two-dimensional classification of 3,900 …

Difei Hu, Enmei Wang, Qianen Ye, Siyin Chen, Xiao Gu

11-09-2023 | Research Article

Censor and Sensitivity: How China Handles US Embassy’s Public Diplomacy in Chinese Cyber Space

This study examines how Chinese authorities distinguish between acceptable and unacceptable diplomatic discourse within China’s cyberspace. Using computer-assisted text analysis, we analyze a unique dataset comprising US Embassy social media posts …

Xiaoyu Pu, Chengli Wang, Yuan Zhou

Open Access 06-09-2023 | Research Article

The Role of Narratives for Gaining Domestic Political Legitimacy: China’s Image Management during COVID-19

Crises constitute ideal opportunities for authoritarian leaders to promote certain narratives, shaping reality in their favor and crafting their own preferred storylines about current events. In other words: they serve authoritarian leaders on a …

Elias Klenk, Julia Gurol

24-08-2023 | Research Article

Official Turnover and Sustainable Development in China

Achieving sustainable development is an important goal for China’s economic transformation to high-quality development. Using the city-year panel data and constructing a green total factor productivity (GTFP) indicator, we implement the idea of an …

Xing Li, Chunkai Zhao, Jianhua Cao

18-07-2023 | Research Article

Surviving the Pandemic: NGOs’ Strategies to Cope with COVID-19

Focusing on the challenges brought about by the devastating COVID-19 pandemic in China and the Chinese government’s increasingly stringent regulatory policies, this paper poses the following research questions: During the pandemic and in …

Song Daolei

12-07-2023 | Research Article

Stuck Between the Great Powers: Secondary Countries’ Responses to Soft Power Competition Between the US and China During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The recent and increasingly antagonistic relationship between the world’s two great powers, the United States and China, has caused collateral damage to many secondary countries as their interests might rely on amicable relationships with both the …

Fen Lin, Xiang Meng

Open Access 05-07-2023 | Research Article

Personal Networks and Grassroots Election Participation in China: Findings from the Chinese General Social Survey

Grassroots elections of rural village heads and urban community directors are an important public arena for social-political participation of Chinese citizens. Analyzing the Chinese General Social Survey (CGSS2017) data through the models of GSEM …

Mingsong Hao, Xiwang Ke

13-06-2023 | Research Article

The Impact of the Belt and Road Initiative on Chinese International Political Influence: An Empirical Study Using a Difference-in-Differences Approach

This paper examines the impact of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) on China’s political influence in international affairs, as mediated by Chinese economic integration with the BRI countries. We propose that the BRI plays a role in influencing …

Jingjing An, Yanzhen Wang