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Journal of Systems Science and Systems Engineering OnlineFirst articles


Coordination for a Closed-loop Supply Chain with Recycling Platform Considering Dynamic Setting

This paper presents a dynamic closed-loop supply chain (CLSC) model, incorporating a manufacturer, a retailer, and an internet recycling platform (IRP), utilizing differential game theory while considering the forgetting effect of consumers. The …

Zehua Xiang, Ting Ji, Lingfeng Dong


Supplier Encroachment and Quality Disclosure Strategy in an E-supply Chain with Blockchain Technology

This paper explores quality disclosure strategy in an e-supply chain including a supplier and an e-retailer driven by blockchain technology (BT), wherein the supplier possesses private quality information and has the option to encroach on the end …

Huimin Zhang, Zhenkai Lou, Yan Yan, Fujun Hou


Energy Conflict Resolution for Sustainable Resource Production in Ghana Using a Hybrid DEMATEL-GMCR Model

The production of fossil energy resources is central to economic development for developing economies such as Ghana, with abundant natural resources, despite the interrelated socio-ecological disruptions. Owing to the value of the newly found oil …

Bismark Appiah Addae, Sifan Dai, Haiyan Xu


Optimal Control of Service Rates of Discrete-Time (s, Q) Queueing-Inventory Systems with Finite Buffer

This article, we develop an optimal policy to control the service rate of a discrete time queueing-inventory system with finite buffer. The customers arrive according to a Bernoulli process and the service time for the customers are geometric.

L. Iniya, B. Sivakumar, G. Arivarignan


Supplier Development under Supply Risk and Reputational Risk

This paper considers the supplier investment decision-making problem in a supply chain consisting of an original equipment manufacturer (OEM), a global supplier, and a local supplier. To reduce dependence on global suppliers and improve supply …

Zhaowei Miao, Yu Wang, Rongjing Zhu, Lili Shangguan


The Strategic Analysis of Demand Forecast-Sharing in a Hybrid-Format Online Platform Supply Chain

This paper examines the optimal forecast-sharing strategy in a hybrid-format online platform supply chain where a supplier sells a product through agency format and reselling format provided by a platform retailer who possesses demand forecasts …

Jing Zhao, Zijun Yin, Guobiao Zhou


GMAT: A Graph Modeling Method for Group Preference Prediction

Preference prediction is the building block of personalized services, and its implementation at the group level helps enterprises identify their target customers effectively. Existing methods for preference prediction mainly focus on behavioral …

Xiangyu Li, Xunhua Guo, Guoqing Chen


Research on Credit Default Swaps Pricing Considering Moral Hazard Incentive under Reduce-Form Model

Equilibrium pricing of credit default swaps (CDS) promotes efficient identification of credit risk in the market, which in turn leads to efficient allocation of resources. However, even when CDS have been priced in equilibrium, i.e., when premiums …

Liang Wu, Kangjie He, Zhe Guo


Measuring Impact of Lean Manufacturing Tools for Continuous Improvement on Economic Sustainability

Using Lean Manufacturing (LM) tools in production processes is crucial for companies’ economic, environmental, and social sustainability success. This study shows a structural equation model (SEM) that shows the relationship between LM Tools like …

Luis Javier Márquez Figueroa, Jorge Luis García-Alcaraz, Ahmed I. Osman, Alfonso Jesús Gil López, Yashar Aryanfar, Mika Sillanpää, Mamdouh El Haj Assad


Model Predictive Control based Motion Cueing Algorithm for Driving Simulator

Thanks to the emerging integration of algorithms and simulators, recent Driving Simulators (DS) find enormous potential in applications like advanced driver-assistance devices, analysis of driver’s behaviours, research and development of new …

Ayesha Hameed, Ali Soltani Sharif Abadi, Andrzej Ordys