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29-03-2023 | Correction

Correction to: Population and individual firing behaviors in sparsely synchronized rhythms in the hippocampal dentate gyrus

Sang-Yoon Kim, Woochang Lim

27-03-2023 | Research Article

A novel nonlinear bispectrum analysis for dynamical complex oscillations

In this study, we proposed a novel set of bispectrum in constructing both frequency power and complexity spectrum. The uniform phase empirical mode decomposition (UPEMD) was implemented to obtain nonlinear extraction while guaranteeing explicit …

Yidong Hu, Wenbin Shi, Chien-Hung Yeh

27-03-2023 | Research Article

Identifying optimal channels and features for multi-participant motor imagery experiments across a participant’s multi-day multi-class EEG data

The concept of the brain-computer interface (BCI) has become one of the popular research topics of recent times because it allows people to express their thoughts and control different applications and devices without actual movement. The …

Esra Kaya, Ismail Saritas

23-03-2023 | Research Article

Sex differences of signal complexity at resting-state functional magnetic resonance imaging and their associations with the estrogen-signaling pathway in the brain

Sex differences in the brain have been widely reported and may hold the key to elucidating sex differences in many medical conditions and drug response. However, the molecular correlates of these sex differences in structural and functional brain …

Cheng-li Zhao, Wenjie Hou, Yanbing Jia, Barbara J. Sahakian, Qiang Luo, the DIRECT Consortium

23-03-2023 | Research Article

Mathematical derivation and mechanism analysis of beta oscillations in a cortex-pallidum model

In this paper, we develop a new cortex-pallidum model to study the origin mechanism of Parkinson's oscillations in the cortex. In contrast to many previous models, the globus pallidus internal (GPi) and externa (GPe) both exert direct inhibitory …

Minbo Xu, Bing Hu, Zhizhi Wang, Luyao Zhu, Jiahui Lin, Dingjiang Wang

18-03-2023 | Research Article

Classification of coma/brain-death EEG dataset based on one-dimensional convolutional neural network

Electroencephalography (EEG) evaluation is an important step in the clinical diagnosis of brain death during the standard clinical procedure. The processing of the brain-death EEG signals acquisition always carried out in the Intensive Care Unit …

Boning Li, Jianting Cao

Open Access 07-03-2023 | Research Article

EEG decoding for effects of visual joint attention training on ASD patients with interpretable and lightweight convolutional neural network

Visual joint attention, the ability to track gaze and recognize intent, plays a key role in the development of social and language skills in health humans, which is performed abnormally hard in autism spectrum disorder (ASD). The traditional …

Jianling Tan, Yichao Zhan, Yi Tang, Weixin Bao, Yin Tian

04-03-2023 | Research Article

Neurophysiological and other features of working memory in older adults at risk for dementia

Theta–gamma coupling (TGC) is a neurophysiological process that supports working memory. Working memory is associated with other clinical and biological features. The extent to which TGC is associated with these other features and whether it …

Rachel A. Patterson, Heather Brooks, Mina Mirjalili, Neda Rashidi-Ranjbar, Reza Zomorrodi, Daniel M. Blumberger, Corinne E. Fischer, Alastair J. Flint, Ariel Graff-Guerrero, Nathan Herrmann, James L. Kennedy, Sanjeev Kumar, Krista L. Lanctôt, Linda Mah, Benoit H. Mulsant, Bruce G. Pollock, Aristotle N. Voineskos, Wei Wang, Tarek K. Rajji, the PACt-MD Study Group

Open Access 04-03-2023 | Research Article

Dynamic causal modeling analysis reveals the modulation of motor cortex and integration in superior temporal gyrus during multisensory speech perception

The processing of speech information from various sensory modalities is crucial for human communication. Both left posterior superior temporal gyrus (pSTG) and motor cortex importantly involve in the multisensory speech perception. However, the …

Ting Zou, Liyuan Li, Xinju Huang, Chijun Deng, Xuyang Wang, Qing Gao, Huafu Chen, Rong Li

01-03-2023 | Research Article

Assessment of impaired consciousness using EEG-based connectivity features and convolutional neural networks

Growing electroencephalogram (EEG) studies have linked the abnormities of functional brain networks with disorders of consciousness (DOC). However, due to network data’s high-dimensional and non-Euclidean properties, it is difficult to exploit the …

Lihui Cai, Xile Wei, Yang Qing, Meili Lu, Guosheng Yi, Jiang Wang, Yueqing Dong

28-02-2023 | Research Article

Detections of bifurcation in a fractional-order Cohen-Grossberg neural network with multiple delays

The dynamics of integer-order Cohen-Grossberg neural networks with time delays has lately drawn tremendous attention. It reveals that fractional calculus plays a crucial role on influencing the dynamical behaviors of neural networks (NNs). This …

Chengdai Huang, Shansong Mo, Jinde Cao

28-02-2023 | Research Article

Brain connectivity dynamics during listening to music and potential impact on task performance

To analyze brain connectivity dynamics during listening to music and estimate the potential impact on task performance. Fifteen participants (13 males and 2 females) participated in this study based on their interest in Indian classical music.

Geethanjali Balasubramanian, Adalarasu Kanagasabai, Mahesh Veezhinathan, Jagannath Mohan

Open Access 27-02-2023 | Research Article

Temporal-spatial deciphering mental subtraction in the human brain

Mental subtraction, involving numerical processing and operation, requires a complex interplay among several brain regions. Diverse studies have utilized scalp electroencephalograph, electrocorticogram, or functional magnetic resonance imaging to …

Na Clara Pan, Chengtian Zhao, Jialin Du, Qilin Zhou, Cuiping Xu, Chunyan Liu, Tao Yu, Dan Zhang, Yuping Wang

27-02-2023 | Research Article

Effectual seizure detection using MBBF-GPSO with CNN network

EEG is the most common test for diagnosing a seizure, where it presents information about the electrical activity of the brain. Automatic Seizure detection is one of the challenging tasks due to limitations of conventional methods with regard to …

Dinesh Kumar Atal, Mukhtiar Singh

25-02-2023 | Research Article

Tensor decomposition-based channel selection for motor imagery-based brain-computer interfaces

A brain-computer interface (BCI) is an advanced communication system, which aims to establish direct communication between the brain and the external world. Electroencephalogram (EEG) has become the most commonly adopted neurophysiological signal …

Ziwei Huang, Qingguo Wei

22-02-2023 | Research Article

Machine to brain: facial expression recognition using brain machine generative adversarial networks

The human brain can effectively perform Facial Expression Recognition (FER) with a few samples by utilizing its cognitive ability. However, unlike the human brain, even the well-trained deep neural network is data-dependent and lacks cognitive …

Dongjun Liu, Jin Cui, Zeyu Pan, Hangkui Zhang, Jianting Cao, Wanzeng Kong

19-02-2023 | Research Article

Multimodal and hemispheric graph-theoretical brain network predictors of learning efficacy for frontal alpha asymmetry neurofeedback

EEG neurofeedback using frontal alpha asymmetry (FAA) has been widely used for emotion regulation, but its effectiveness is controversial. Studies indicated that individual differences in neurofeedback training can be traced to neuroanatomical and …

Linling Li, Yutong Li, Zhaoxun Li, Gan Huang, Zhen Liang, Li Zhang, Feng Wan, Manjun Shen, Xue Han, Zhiguo Zhang

18-02-2023 | Research Article

A within-subject voxel-wise constant-block partial least squares correlation method to explore MRI-based brain structure–function relationship

The brain structure–function relationship is crucial to how the human brain works under normal or diseased conditions. Exploring such a relationship is challenging when using the 3-dimensional magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) functional dataset …

Xiaoyu Zhao, Kewei Chen, Hailing Wang, Yufei Gao, Xiangmin Ji, Yanping Li

18-02-2023 | Research Article

Detection of dynamic changes of electrodermal activity to predict the classroom performance of college students

It is emphasized in the Self-regulated learning (SRL) framework that self-monitoring of learning state is vital for students to keep effective in studying. However, it’s still challenging to get an accurate and timely understanding of their …

Haiqing Yu, Minpeng Xu, Xiaolin Xiao, Fangzhou Xu, Dong Ming

15-02-2023 | Research Article

EEG multi-domain feature transfer based on sparse regularized Tucker decomposition

Tensor analysis of electroencephalogram (EEG) can extract the activity information and the potential interaction between different brain regions. However, EEG data varies between subjects, and the existing tensor decomposition algorithms cannot …

Yunyuan Gao, Congrui Zhang, Jincheng Huang, Ming Meng