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02-12-2021 | Production Process Open Access

Influence of dressing strategy on tool wear and performance behavior in grinding of forming tools with toric grinding pins

The performance of grinding tools in grinding processes and the resulting surface and subsurface properties depend on various factors. The condition of the grinding tool after dressing is one of these factors. However, the influence of the …

Berend Denkena, Alexander Krödel-Worbes, Michael Keitel, Philipp Wolters

29-11-2021 | Machine Tool Open Access

Experimental investigation into the implications of transmission errors for rack-and-pinion drives

Rack-and-pinion drives are the preferred option in the machine tool sector when long ranges of motion and high loads are involved. However, their shortcomings particularly include deficiencies in the achievable positioning and path accuracy. The …

Lukas Steinle, Armin Lechler, Michael Neubauer, Alexander Verl

24-11-2021 | Production Management

A structured methodology to support human–robot collaboration configuration choice

Human–robot collaboration (HRC) is a gradually consolidating paradigm of the modern industry which combines human and robot skills to make production more flexible. Since the effective implementation of HRC requires a careful analysis of different …

Riccardo Gervasi, Luca Mastrogiacomo, Domenico Augusto Maisano, Dario Antonelli, Fiorenzo Franceschini

10-11-2021 | Production Process

Double-sided self-pierce riveting with flat-bottom holes: a feasibility study

This paper is focused on solving the problems of positioning and alignment of rivets in double-sided self-pierce riveting by means of flat-bottom holes that are previously machined in the overlapped sheets with greater mechanical strength. The …

Luis M. Alves, Rafael M. Afonso, Patric T. Pereira, Paulo A. F. Martins

10-11-2021 | Machine Tool Open Access

A novel tool monitoring approach for diamond wire sawing

Mobile diamond wire sawing is a highly flexible, productive and, versatile cutting process. Accordingly, it is used in many areas, such as the dismantling of nuclear power plants or wind turbines. Despite the widespread use of the process, the …

Berend Denkena, Benjamin Bergmann, Björn-Holger Rahner

27-10-2021 | Machine Tool

Tool wear and remaining useful life (RUL) prediction based on reduced feature set and Bayesian hyperparameter optimization

Accurate prediction of machine tool wear is an essential part of modern and efficient manufacturing. In recent years, many studies have been carried out using machine learning algorithms, both traditional and deep learning; with the latter ones …

Fabio C. Zegarra, Juan Vargas-Machuca, Alberto M. Coronado

19-10-2021 | Computer Aided Engineering Open Access

An optical-flow-based monitoring method for measuring translational motion in infrared-thermographic images of AFP processes

This paper presents a novel method for a precise localization of the automated-fiber-placement head, without the need for a data access to the machine control. It is based on a sub-pixel accurate optical-flow-algorithm which determines information …

Berend Denkena, Carsten Schmidt, Marc Timmermann, Andreas Friedel

14-10-2021 | Machine Tool Open Access

Experimental derivation of a condition monitoring test cycle for machine tool feed drives

Due to their critical influence on manufacturing accuracy, machine tool feed drives and the monitoring of their condition has been a research field of increasing interest for several years already. Accurate and reliable estimates of the current …

Maximilian Benker, Sebastian Junker, Johannes Ellinger, Thomas Semm, Michael F. Zaeh

11-10-2021 | Communication

Two decades of research trends and transformations in manufacturing sustainability: a systematic literature review and future research agenda

Sustainable manufacturing (SM) has become an emerging research topic in sustainability due to strict government policies, social awareness, and rapid information and technology changes. Industries are now adopting Industry 4.0 technologies to …

Anbesh Jamwal, Rajeev Agrawal, Monica Sharma, Anil Kumar, Sunil Luthra, Siwarit Pongsakornrungsilp

08-10-2021 | Production Process Open Access

Shoulderless Friction Stir Welding: a low-force solid state keyhole joining technique for deep welding of labile structures

This paper reports on the possibility of performing Friction Stir Welding (FSW) without the usual immanent shoulder to enable FS processing to deep welding of narrow and labile structures and applications where backing is not possible.

Max Hossfeld

27-09-2021 | Correction

Correction to: Performance measurement for offline inspections under variable interactions and inspection errors in low-volume production

In the published article “Performance measurement for offline inspections under variable interactions and inspection errors in low-volume production. Prod. Eng. Res. Devel. (2021). ” the order of author's …

Elisa Verna, Gianfranco Genta, Maurizio Galetto, Fiorenzo Franceschini

25-09-2021 | Production Process Open Access

Evaluation and optimisation of a slurry-based layer casting process in additive manufacturing using multiphase simulations and spatial reconstruction

Slurry-based 3D printing allows ceramic green bodies to be fabricated at high packing densities. In contrast to powder-based binder jetting, full densification of printed parts can be achieved in a subsequent sintering step as fine particles …

P. Erhard, A. Seidel, J. Vogt, W. Volk, D. Günther

23-09-2021 | Production Management

An joint decision of production and maintenance plan (Q, N) for a two-stage deteriorating JIT production system with random breakdowns

In this paper, we consider a joint decision-making issue of production and maintenance plan with imperfect and perfect maintenance actions for two-stage deteriorating JIT (Just-in-time) production systems with random breakdowns. The risk cost …

Xiao Shao, Zhixiang Chen, Bhaba R. Sarker

18-09-2021 | Assembly Open Access

Adaptive aerodynamic part feeding enabled by genetic algorithm

Aerodynamic feeding systems represent one possibility to meet the challenges of part feeding for automated production in terms of feeding performance and flexibility. The aerodynamic feeding system investigated in this article is already able to …

Sebastian Blankemeyer, Torge Kolditz, Jan Busch, Melissa Seitz, Peter Nyhuis, Annika Raatz

12-09-2021 | Production Management Open Access

Methodology for an automatic and early manufacturing technology selection on a component level

Production systems of the automotive industry process parts that were previously designed and manufactured according to different manufacturing technologies. In car body architectures, additive manufacturing (AM) has become a relevant technology …

Tobias Buechler, Felix Schumacher, Patrick Reimann, Michael F. Zaeh

07-09-2021 | Quality Assurance Open Access

Improving quality prediction in radial-axial ring rolling using a semi-supervised approach and generative adversarial networks for synthetic data generation

As artificial intelligence and especially machine learning gained a lot of attention during the last few years, methods and models have been improving and are becoming easily applicable. This possibility was used to develop a quality prediction …

Simon Fahle, Thomas Glaser, Andreas Kneißler, Bernd Kuhlenkötter

04-09-2021 | Quality Assurance Open Access

Performance measurement for offline inspections under variable interactions and inspection errors in low-volume production

The assessment of the performance of inspection strategies is a crucial element in the design phase of product quality inspections of manufacturing companies. The aspects that inspection designers need to consider include: (1) the typology of …

Elisa Verna, Gianfranco Genta, Maurizio Galetto, Fiorenzo Franceschini

24-08-2021 | Quality Assurance

An optimal multivariate control chart for correlated Poisson variables using multiple dependent state sampling

In this article we propose a control chart to monitor correlated Poisson variables, which uses a statistic based on the linear combination of Poisson variables considering the methodology of sampling called Multiple Dependent State. In order to …

Sandra García-Bustos, Andrés Plaza, Nadia Cárdenas-Escobar

18-08-2021 | Computer Aided Engineering Open Access

Optimization of a clamping concept based on machine learning

Fixtures are an important element of the manufacturing system, as they ensure productive and accurate machining of differently shaped workpieces. Regarding the fixture design or the layout of fixture elements, a high static and dynamic stiffness …

Qi Feng, Walther Maier, Thomas Stehle, Hans-Christian Möhring

29-07-2021 | Mechanical Engineering Open Access

Predictive maintenance integrated production scheduling by applying deep generative prognostics models: approach, formulation and solution

To harness the full potential of predictive maintenance (PdM), PdM information has to be used to optimally plan production and maintenance actions. Hence, operation-specific modelling of degradation, i.e. predictions of the health condition under …

Simon Zhai, Meltem Göksu Kandemir, Gunther Reinhart