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23-07-2021 | BOOK REVIEW

Jonathan Marks: Let’s Be Reasonable: A Conservative Case for Liberal Education

Princeton University Press, 2021, ISBN-13: 978-0691193854, 248 pp.
Jenna Silber Storey

22-07-2021 | Original Article

Managing Longevity in Luxury Markets: A Perspective from Monaco

The preservation of luxury offerings over time is not evident. Here, we consider the factors that may have contributed to their successful evolution in Monaco. To frame our theoretical discussion, we lean on observations, behavioural economics …

Freda Gonot-Schoupinsky

21-07-2021 | Original Article

The Virtue and Limits of Gereb as an Aboriginal Conflict Reconciliation Device Among the Wejerat People: the Case of Hintalo-Wejerat Wereda Southeastern Tigray

The study scrutinizes the virtue and limits of the Gereb aboriginal conflict reconciliation device among Wejerat people of Hintalo-Wejerat, Southeastern Tigray, with particular emphasis on the virtue of Gereb institution. The functions that …

Kahsu Abrha Belew

21-07-2021 | Original Article

When a Nation Breathes Through Humor: A Sociolinguistic Perspective on Iranian Jokes About America

Based on the proposition that human beings are humor beings, this article probes into Iranian society through the lens of humor. It also strives to open a window to Iranian perspectives on America. Persian online jokes as the mainstream of Iranian …

Mohammad Ali Heidari-Shahreza

20-07-2021 | BOOK REVIEW

John Keane: The New Despotism

Harvard University Press, 2020, 305 pp., ISBN: 978-0674660069
Marie McGinn

20-07-2021 | Original Article

The Climate Leadership Council’s Carbon Dividends Plan: Polanyi’s Market Embeddedness, Fictitious Commodities, and Double Movement

In 2017, large oil and gas companies formed the Climate Leadership Council (CLC) in response to increased social pressure to reduce their emissions to combat climate change. The CLC developed the Carbon Dividends Plan (CDP), which proposes a …

Amber M. Blazek

19-07-2021 | Original Article

Why We Have Forgotten About Refugee Adaptation and Why Studying It in the Global South is Critical

This paper first critically assesses the sociology of immigration and refugee studies and demonstrates that they have long ignored refugee adaptation. Immigration studies have focused on the assimilation of labor immigrants and their descendants …

Çetin Çelik

12-07-2021 | BOOK REVIEW

David Spiegelhalter: The Art of Statistics: Learning from Data

(Pelican, 2020), pp. 426, ISBN: 978-0241258767
Michael Laver

06-07-2021 | BOOK REVIEW

David Stavasage, The Decline and Rise of Democracy: a Global History From Antiquity to Today

Princeton University Press: Princeton and Oxford, 2020), 424 pp., ISBN: 978-0691228976

A short story by the Argentine writer Jorge Luis Borges tells of an emperor who so wanted to improve knowledge of his realm that he instructed his royal cartographers to prepare a perfect map of his empire. They obliged, by delivering a map the …

John Keane

24-06-2021 | BOOK REVIEW

John Rodden: Becoming George Orwell: Life and Letters, Legend and Legacy

Princeton University Press, 2020, 360 pp. ISBN: 978-0691182742
Stefan Collini

24-06-2021 | BOOK REVIEW

Philip Stephens: Britain Alone. The Path from Suez to Brexit

Faber and Faber, 480 pp., ISBN: 978-0571341771
Pat Thane

23-06-2021 | BOOK REVIEW

Edmund Fawcett: Conservatism: The Fight for a Tradition

Princeton University Press, 525 pp., ISBN 9780691174105
Daniel Gordon

21-06-2021 | BOOK REVIEW

Robert Talisse: Overdoing Democracy: Why We Must Put Democracy in Its Place

Oxford University Press, 2019, ISBN 978-0190924195, 216 pp.
Jason Brennan

21-06-2021 | BOOK REVIEW

Helen Pluckrose and James Lindsay: Cynical Theories: How Universities Made Everything about Race, Gender, and Identity - And Why this Harms Everybody

Swift Press, 2020, pp. 352., ISBN: 978-1800750043
Gerard Casey

21-06-2021 | BOOK REVIEW

Jonathan Marks: Let’s Be Reasonable: a Conservative Case for Liberal Education

Princeton University Press, 2021, 248 pp., ISBN: 978-0691193854
Jeffrey R. Collins

14-06-2021 | Commentary

Welcome to the Digital Era—the Impact of AI on Business and Society

As the news media continue to demonstrate, AI will play an increasingly important role in our daily lives, and it will exert a growing influence on national and global economies. AI will have a positive impact on GDP, for example, primarily …

Petr Polak

14-06-2021 | Original Article Open Access

Towards an Equitable Digital Society: Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Corporate Digital Responsibility (CDR)

In the digital era, we witness the increasing use of artificial intelligence (AI) to solve problems, while improving productivity and efficiency. Yet, inevitably costs are involved with delegating power to algorithmically based systems, some of …

Karen Elliott, Rob Price, Patricia Shaw, Tasos Spiliotopoulos, Magdalene Ng, Kovila Coopamootoo, Aad van Moorsel

08-06-2021 | Original Article

Financial Technology with AI-Enabled and Ethical Challenges

Financial Technology (FinTech) has become a disruptive innovation. Being one form of FinTech financing, peer-to-peer (P2P) lending has been widely developed and has grown rapidly for the last few years. The main challenge for P2P lending is on …

Muhammad Anshari, Mohammad Nabil Almunawar, Masairol Masri, Milan Hrdy

28-05-2021 | Social Science and Public Policy

The Right to Teach in a Hyper-Digital Age: Legal Protections for (Post-)Pandemic Concerns

The development of the internet has presented special challenges for teaching and learning, especially from the viewpoint of the rights and expectations of the instructor to maintain an environment appropriate to fulfill educational objectives.

Mathieu Deflem

28-05-2021 | Culture and Society

University as Secret Society: Becoming Faculty Through Discretion

Becoming a professor is complicated by a lack of clear guidelines for promotion to permanent status and, paradoxically, a surplus of mechanisms for institutional transparency. Drawing on Lilith Mahmud’s anthropologies of discretion applied to …

Jennifer Lee O’Donnell, Stephen T. Sadlier