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Productivity-conditioned market reaction of US Bank acquisitions during regulation-deregulation eras

This study investigates whether the market can detect the productivity changes in US bank acquirers during the deregulation of the 1990s and the regulation in the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis. We find that the market reacts negatively to …

Jamal Ali Al-Khasawneh, Naceur Essaddam, Salah A. Nusair, Benito A. Sanchez

Open Access 17-11-2022

Regulation of data breach publication: the case of US healthcare and the HITECH act

Data breaches continue to plague most industries but especially the healthcare sector. While previous studies have aimed at assessing the financial implications arising from data breaches, none of them focused on the healthcare sector. This study …

Lorenz Bohn, Dirk Schiereck

Open Access 09-11-2022

Profitability of private equity: mean reversion and transitory shocks

This paper deals with the analysis of the statistical properties of the profitability yielded by Private Equity from a fractionally integrated viewpoint. Using quarterly data from 1981q2 to 2021q3, the results support the hypothesis of …

Luis Alberiko Gil-Alana, Francisco Puertolas-Montanes


The trilogy of economic policy uncertainty, earnings management and firm performance: empirical evidence from France

This paper investigates the effect of earnings management practices on firm performance and focuses on how economic policy uncertainty (EPU) moderates the association between earnings management and firm performance. The analysis is based on a …

Ines Kahloul, Jocelyn Grira, Khawla Hlel


Firm specific pass through and heterogeneity

In this paper, a simple and tractable model of cost pass through is presented to explain the rate of transmission of exchange rate variations to the markups of exporting firms. The explanation is based on the assumption of endogenous firms …

Zahra Sheidaei


A synthetic control analysis of U.S. state level COVID-19 stay-at-home orders on new jobless claims

There is an ongoing debate regarding the economic consequences of public policies designed to curb public health crises, such as the COVID-19 pandemic. Many opponents of such policies claim that their economic costs may outweigh their health …

John Gibson, Xiaojin Sun


Non-linear structures, chaos, and bubbles in U.S. regional housing markets

This study analyzes the nonlinear price pattern and its underlying source of nonlinearity for U.S. housing markets along with the plausible explanations of chaos and bubble-like characteristics during 1987 to 2019. The results from the BDS test …

Benjamas Jirasakuldech, Riza Emekter, Thuy Bui


The Predictive Power of Financial Stress on the Financial Markets Dynamics: Hidden Markov Model

This study investigates the predictive power of the financial stress on the dynamic of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) financial market returns from 2007 to 2021. Based on a Quantile Regression, we show that financial stress has highest …

Hayet Soltani, Mouna Boujelbène Abbes


Stock and oil price returns in international markets: Identifying short and long-run effects

This paper examines how stock returns respond to oil prices with monthly data from 1990 to 2020 for 12 major economies: 6 oil-exporting countries and 6 oil-importing countries. Combining short and long-run empirical approaches in …

Theophilus Teye Osah, Andre Varella Mollick


Growth opportunities and earnings management by cross-listed and U.S. firms

Using a sample of cross-listed and U.S. firms, we examine whether firms’ growth opportunities are associated with discretionary accruals and/or real activities management. While existing papers have reported mixed evidence for U.S. firms, we are …

Shrikant P. Jategaonkar, Linda M. Lovata, Xiaoxiao Song


Asymmetric effects of exchange rate volatility on trade flows: evidence from G7

Current trend in applied research points at application of Shin et al.’s (2014) nonlinear ARDL approach to asymmetric error-correction modeling and asymmetric cointegration. Two studies in the literature have applied these approaches to assess the …

Mohsen Bahmani-Oskooee, Huseyin Karamelikli, Farhang Niroomand


Economic and Institutional Determinants of Corruption: The Case of Developed and Developing Countries

Since ancient times, corruption has been one of the essential topics for economists and politicians. Moreover, it is a concern for both developed and developing countries and a significant obstacle to economic development. The primary objective of …

Ali Acaravci, Seyfettin Artan, Pinar Hayaloglu, Sinan Erdogan


The level of African forex markets integration and Eurobond issue

In this paper, we examine the comovements and volatility spillovers of four US dollar exchange rates for four African currencies in the period of the Sub-Saharan African Eurobond issue. The currencies considered are the US dollar exchange rates …

Lord Mensah, Charles Andoh, Saint Kuttu, Eric Boachie-Yiadom

Open Access 01-08-2022 | Publisher Correction

Publisher Correction: Is fund performance driven by flows into connected funds? spillover effects in the mutual fund industry

Bing Zhu, René-Ojas Woltering


Covid-19 pandemic and stock returns in India

This paper examines whether the Covid-19 pandemic has had a homogeneous or heterogeneous effect on stock returns in India. We consider panel data by using 1,318 companies that are listed on the National Stock Exchange of India. We find that the …

Munusamy Dharani, M. Kabir Hassan, Makeen Huda, Mohammad Zoynul Abedin