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Open Access 01-07-2022 | Research Paper

When Self-Humanization Leads to Algorithm Aversion

What Users Want from Decision Support Systems on Prosocial Microlending Platforms

Decision support systems are increasingly being adopted by various digital platforms. However, prior research has shown that certain contexts can induce algorithm aversion, leading people to reject their decision support. This paper investigates …

Pascal Oliver Heßler, Jella Pfeiffer, Sebastian Hafenbrädl

Open Access 01-07-2022 | Research Paper

A Dark Side of Telework: A Social Comparison-Based Study from the Perspective of Office Workers

Telework became a necessary work arrangement during the global COVID-19 pandemic. However, practical evidence even before the pandemic also suggests that telework can adversely affect teleworkers’ colleagues working in the office. Those regular …

Christian Maier, Sven Laumer, Tim Weitzel

Open Access 27-06-2022 | Discussion

Quo Vadis Information Systems Research in Times of Digitalization?

Reinhard Schütte, Frederik Ahlemann …

Reinhard Schütte, Frederik Ahlemann, Jörg Becker, Christine Legner, Christiane Lehrer, Manuel Wiesche, Gérard Richter

Open Access 30-05-2022 | Research Paper

Opposing Effects of Response Time in Human–Chatbot Interaction

The Moderating Role of Prior Experience

Research has shown that employing social cues (e.g., name, human-like avatar) in chatbot design enhances users’ social presence perceptions and their chatbot usage intentions. However, the picture is less clear for the social cue of chatbot …

Ulrich Gnewuch, Stefan Morana, Marc T. P. Adam, Alexander Maedche

Open Access 23-05-2022 | Correction

Correction to: Intelligent Assistants

Conceptual Dimensions, Contextual Model, and Design Trends

A Correction to this paper has been published: 10.1007/s12599-022-00743-1 …

Hitesh Dhiman, Christoph Wächter, Michael Fellmann, Carsten Röcker

Open Access 13-05-2022 | Profile

Interview with Peter Mertens and Wolfgang König: “From Reasonable Automation to (Sustainable) Autonomous Systems”

Roman Beck, Jens Dibbern, Martin Wiener

03-05-2022 | Editorial

A Multi-Perspective Framework for Research on (Sustainable) Autonomous Systems

The ongoing digital transformation is challenging the way in which business is conducted and value is created and captured (Vial 2019 ). While prior digitalization waves focused on replacing paper as physical carrier of information, leveraging the …

Roman Beck, Jens Dibbern, Martin Wiener

Open Access 22-04-2022 | Research Paper

Radiologists’ Usage of Diagnostic AI Systems

The Role of Diagnostic Self-Efficacy for Sensemaking from Confirmation and Disconfirmation

While diagnostic AI systems are implemented in medical practice, it is still unclear how physicians embed them in diagnostic decision making. This study examines how radiologists come to use diagnostic AI systems in different ways and what role AI …

Ekaterina Jussupow, Kai Spohrer, Armin Heinzl

Open Access 15-04-2022 | Research Paper

Design Principles for Shared Digital Twins in Distributed Systems

Digital Twins offer considerable potential for cross-company networks. Recent research primarily focuses on using Digital Twins within the limits of a single organization. However, Shared Digital Twins extend application boundaries to …

Hendrik Haße, Hendrik van der Valk, Frederik Möller, Boris Otto

Open Access 01-04-2022 | Research Paper

Design Knowledge for Deep-Learning-Enabled Image-Based Decision Support Systems

Evidence From Power Line Maintenance Decision-Making

With the ever-increasing societal dependence on electricity, one of the critical tasks in power supply is maintaining the power line infrastructure. In the process of making informed, cost-effective, and timely decisions, maintenance engineers …

Julius Peter Landwehr, Niklas Kühl, Jannis Walk, Mario Gnädig

Open Access 01-04-2022 | Research Paper

Semi-Supervised Discovery of DNN-Based Outcome Predictors from Scarcely-Labeled Process Logs

Predicting the final outcome of an ongoing process instance is a key problem in many real-life contexts. This problem has been addressed mainly by discovering a prediction model by using traditional machine learning methods and, more recently …

Francesco Folino, Gianluigi Folino, Massimo Guarascio, Luigi Pontieri

Open Access 07-03-2022 | State of the Art

Intelligent Assistants

Conceptual Dimensions, Contextual Model, and Design Trends

Intelligent assistants are an increasingly commonplace class of information systems spanning a broad range of form and complexity. But what characterizes an intelligent assistant, and how do we design better assistants? In the paper, the authors …

Hitesh Dhiman, Christoph Wächter, Michael Fellmann, Carsten Röcker

Open Access 07-03-2022 | Catchword


Esport—or competitive video gaming—is on the rise as events attract millions of viewers. For example, the League of Legends World Cup Finals in 2018 attracted more than 200 million viewers (Esports Charts 2021 ). In contrast, the American Super …

Karl Werder

Open Access 21-02-2022 | Research Paper

CURIE: Towards an Ontology and Enterprise Architecture of a CRM Conceptual Model

Companies face the challenge of managing customer relationships (CRM) in a context marked by a drastic digital transformation and unbridled evolution of consumer behavior, exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. The customer is more demanding, has …

Miguel Fernández-Cejas, Carlos J. Pérez-González, José L. Roda-García, Marcos Colebrook

Open Access 14-02-2022 | Research Paper

Learning From the Past to Improve the Future

Value-Added Services as a Driver for Mass Adoption of Contact Tracing Apps

Contact tracing apps were considered among the first tools to control the spread of COVID-19 and ease lockdown measures. While these apps can be very effective at stopping transmission and saving lives, the level of adoption remains significantly …

Dana Naous, Manus Bonner, Mathias Humbert, Christine Legner

Open Access 10-02-2022 | Research Notes

Exogenous Shocks and Business Process Management

A Scholars’ Perspective on Challenges and Opportunities

Business process management (BPM) drives corporate success through effective and efficient processes. In recent decades, knowledge has been accumulated regarding the identification, discovery, analysis, design, implementation, and monitoring of …

Maximilian Röglinger, Ralf Plattfaut, Vincent Borghoff, Georgi Kerpedzhiev, Jörg Becker, Daniel Beverungen, Jan vom Brocke, Amy Van Looy, Adela del-Río-Ortega, Stefanie Rinderle-Ma, Michael Rosemann, Flavia Maria Santoro, Peter Trkman

14-01-2022 | Research Paper

Identifying Competitive Attributes Based on an Ensemble of Explainable Artificial Intelligence

Competitor analysis is a fundamental requirement in both strategic and operational management, and the competitive attributes of reviewer comments are a crucial determinant of competitor analysis approaches. Most studies have focused on …

Younghoon Lee

12-01-2022 | Research Paper

Security-Induced Lock-In in the Cloud

Cloud services providers practice security-induced lock-in when employing cryptography and tamper-resistance to limit the portability and interoperability of users’ data and applications. Moreover, security-induced lock-in and users’ anti-lock-in …

Daniel Arce

06-01-2022 | Research Paper

Identifying Digital Transformation Paradoxes

A Design Perspective

In turbulent contexts, organizations face contradictory challenges which give rise to management tensions and paradoxes. Digital transformation is one such context where the disruptive potential of digital technologies demands radical responses …

Lieselot Danneels, Stijn Viaene

Open Access 21-12-2021 | Research Paper

Gameful Learning for a More Sustainable World

Measuring the Effect of Design Elements on Long-Term Learning Outcomes in Correct Waste Sorting

Municipal waste sorting is an important but neglected topic within sustainability-oriented Information Systems research. Most waste management systems depend on the quality of their citizens pre-sorting but lack teaching resources. Thus, it is …

Greta Hoffmann, Jella Pfeiffer