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Journal of Visualization OnlineFirst articles

19-11-2021 | Regular Paper

iPoet: interactive painting poetry creation with visual multimodal analysis

Fig. 1 Interface of iPoet consists of seven components: a Painting View explores ancient Chinese paintings; b Element View shows the scenery and object elements detected by algorithms; c Vernacular View offers various candidates for element-related …

Yingchaojie Feng, Jiazhou Chen, Keyu Huang, Jason K. Wong, Hui Ye, Wei Zhang, Rongchen Zhu, Xiaonan Luo, Wei Chen

19-11-2021 | Short Paper

Measurement of underwater sound produced by a hydrophobic sphere entering water

A hydrophobic sphere entering water makes an air cavity behind it. Pioneering work of solid–liquid impact can be found in Worthington and Cole ( 1997 , 1900 ) who used single-spark photography to investigate the air cavity formed by the entry of a …

Y. Ueda, M. Iguchi

18-11-2021 | Regular Paper

CNERVis: a visual diagnosis tool for Chinese named entity recognition

With the recent development of artificial intelligence, natural language processing (NLP) applications play more and more critical roles in our life. At the same time, named entity recognition (NER) also becomes more important because NER has a …

Pei-Shan Lo, Jian-Lin Wu, Syu-Ting Deng, Ko-Chih Wang

11-11-2021 | Regular Paper Open Access

Gaze-driven placement of items for proactive visual exploration

Recent advances in digital signage technology have improved the ability to visually select specific items within a group. Although this is due to the ability to dynamically update the display of items, the corresponding layout schemes remain a …

Shigeo Takahashi, Akane Uchita, Kazuho Watanabe, Masatoshi Arikawa

09-11-2021 | Regular Paper

SurVizor: visualizing and understanding the key content of surveillance videos

With the rapid development of society, video surveillance has progressively expanded into different areas of life, such as transportation, security inspection, banks. There are a large number of replaced and newly deployed cameras in fields such …

Guodao Sun, Tong Li, Ronghua Liang

06-11-2021 | Regular Paper

PEVis: visual analytics of potential anomaly pattern evolution for temporal multivariate data

Analyzing temporal multivariate data that can reveal the law of natural development and evolution is becoming increasingly important to studying various phenomena in the real world. For example, through mining multivariate air pollution …

Cheng Lv, Ke Ren, Huijie Zhang, Jia Fu, Yiming Lin

02-11-2021 | Regular Paper

Neural network training fingerprint: visual analytics of the training process in classification neural networks

Deep neural networks (DNNs) are currently among the state-of-the-art for analyzing large-scale and complex datasets due to their ability to abstract high-level patterns and model data beyond most heuristics (Goodfellow et al. 2016 ; LeCun et al.

Martha Dais Ferreira, Gabriel D. Cantareira, Rodrigo F. de Mello, Fernando V. Paulovich

02-11-2021 | Regular Paper

On the large-scale streaks in the logarithmic layer of wall-bounded flows

Laboratory experiments were performed to characterize the distinct features of hairpin-like vortical structures induced via pulsed, wall-normal jets in laminar (LBL), and turbulent boundary layers (TBLs). Hotwire anemometry was used to …

Jian-Hua Liu, Nan Jiang, Leonardo P. Chamorro

29-10-2021 | Regular Paper

EddyVis: A visual system to analyze eddies

Oceanic mesoscale eddies are typically understood as vortices with diameters ranging from tens to hundreds of kilometers, which may live for several months Williams et al. ( 2011 ). They play an important role in the transport of heat, salt …

Runpu Yue, Guan Li, Xuyi Lu, Sisi Li, Guihua Shan

28-10-2021 | Regular Paper

The interaction of vortices induced by a pair of microjets in the turbulent boundary layer

Experimental and numerical study of active and passive flow control are notable and highly practical subjects in aircraft and missiles. Fluid jets are invaluable tools for this purpose. Accordingly, the present study delves into the effects of a …

Mohammad Javad Pour Razzaghi, Cheng Xu, Aliakbar Emamverdian

16-10-2021 | Regular Paper

Virtual-reality visualization of loss points of 1 MeV tritons in the Large Helical Device, LHD

Intersection points of 1 MeV tritons and the plasma facing wall are visualized in the vacuum vessel of Large Helical Device (LHD) with the divertor plates by the virtual-reality (VR) system. The trajectory of the energetic triton is evaluated by …

Hiroaki Ohtani, Suguru Masuzaki, Kunihiro Ogawa, Seiji Ishiguro

15-10-2021 | Regular Paper

Numerical investigation on thermal hydraulic performance of supercritical LNG in PCHEs with straight, zigzag, and sinusoidal channels

Printed circuit heat exchanger (PCHE) has semi-circular micro-channels with high thermal performance and is widely used in the oil and gas industry, refrigeration, and other fields. PCHE is seen as the most promising technology in LNG-floating …

Jinxing Fan, Eunseop Yeom

13-10-2021 | Regular Paper

Dynamic behavior of water droplets impinging on a heated cylinder with various diameter ratios

In this study, the dynamic characteristics of water droplets impinging on a heated cylinder were investigated using a high-speed camera regarding the diameter ratios between droplet and cylinder. Water droplets generated by a needle in the range …

Dong Kim

13-10-2021 | Regular Paper

Visual analytics of genealogy with attribute-enhanced topological clustering

Clustering is able to present a brief illustration for families of interest and patterns of significance within large-scale genealogical datasets. In the traditional clustering methods, topological features are mostly taken for summarizing and …

Ling Sun, Xiang Zhang, Xiaan Pan, Yuhua Liu, Wanghao Yu, Ting Xu, Fang Liu, Weifeng Chen, Yigang Wang, Weihua Su, Zhiguang Zhou

12-10-2021 | Regular Paper

OFExplorer: multi-facetted visual analysis of ocean front

The sea-surface temperature (SST) front is a narrow transition zone where the temperature changes dramatically and the stability of water body decreases. SST front is one of the typical mesoscale phenomena in the ocean. It is an important factor …

Cui Xie, Jian Song, Junyu Dong

10-10-2021 | Regular Paper

Evaginating scientific charts: Recovering direct and derived information encodings from chart images

Charts are commonly used to visualize quantitative information. Individuals can easily comprehend these visualizations and its underlying data due to the human visual processing mechanism. However, chart visualizations were not designed for …

Prerna Mishra, Santosh Kumar, Mithilesh Kumar Chaube

07-10-2021 | Regular Paper

VeLight: A 3D virtual reality tool for CT-based anatomy teaching and training

Anatomy is considered to be one of the most essential courses for medical students to develop their clinical skills (Fig. 1 ). A solid understanding includes, for instance, how the human skeleton is built up, the spatial relationships between body …

Lingyun Yu, Joost Ouwerling, Pjotr Svetachov, Frans h. j. van Hoesel, Peter M. A. van Ooijen, Jiri Kosinka

06-10-2021 | Regular Paper

Family metro maps

Visualizing family relations by metro lines

We propose a visualization of family relations, called family metro map . The visualization is inspired by the famous London Underground Map that Harry Beck constructed in the early 1930s Degani ( 2013 ). This map abstracts from reality by drawing …

Jan Korst, Verus Pronk, Jarke J. van Wijk

06-10-2021 | Regular Paper Open Access

Numerical visualization of drop and opening process for parachute-payload system adopting fluid–solid coupling simulation

In order to study the fluid–solid coupling dynamic characteristics of parachute-payload system during drop process and analyze the unsteady aerodynamic characteristics under finite mass opening conditions, an adaptive moving fluid mesh method is …

Binqi Chen, Yiding Wang, Chendi Zhao, Yi Sun, Leiming Ning

30-09-2021 | Regular Paper

Graph convolutional network-based semi-supervised feature classification of volumes

Feature classification is an important research topic in scientific visualization. Features are objects with semantic meanings in different domains, such as bones and muscles in medicine, vortexes in computational fluid dynamics, and hurricane …

Xiangyang He, Shuoliu Yang, Yubo Tao, Haoran Dai, Hai Lin