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12-10-2021 | Regular Paper

OFExplorer: multi-facetted visual analysis of ocean front

The sea-surface temperature (SST) front is a narrow transition zone where the temperature changes dramatically and the stability of water body decreases. SST front is one of the typical mesoscale phenomena in the ocean. It is an important factor …

Cui Xie, Jian Song, Junyu Dong

10-10-2021 | Regular Paper

Evaginating scientific charts: Recovering direct and derived information encodings from chart images

Charts are commonly used to visualize quantitative information. Individuals can easily comprehend these visualizations and its underlying data due to the human visual processing mechanism. However, chart visualizations were not designed for …

Prerna Mishra, Santosh Kumar, Mithilesh Kumar Chaube

07-10-2021 | Regular Paper

VeLight: A 3D virtual reality tool for CT-based anatomy teaching and training

Anatomy is considered to be one of the most essential courses for medical students to develop their clinical skills (Fig. 1 ). A solid understanding includes, for instance, how the human skeleton is built up, the spatial relationships between body …

Lingyun Yu, Joost Ouwerling, Pjotr Svetachov, Frans h. j. van Hoesel, Peter M. A. van Ooijen, Jiri Kosinka

06-10-2021 | Regular Paper

Family metro maps

Visualizing family relations by metro lines

We propose a visualization of family relations, called family metro map . The visualization is inspired by the famous London Underground Map that Harry Beck constructed in the early 1930s Degani ( 2013 ). This map abstracts from reality by drawing …

Jan Korst, Verus Pronk, Jarke J. van Wijk

06-10-2021 | Regular Paper Open Access

Numerical visualization of drop and opening process for parachute-payload system adopting fluid–solid coupling simulation

In order to study the fluid–solid coupling dynamic characteristics of parachute-payload system during drop process and analyze the unsteady aerodynamic characteristics under finite mass opening conditions, an adaptive moving fluid mesh method is …

Binqi Chen, Yiding Wang, Chendi Zhao, Yi Sun, Leiming Ning

30-09-2021 | Regular Paper

Graph convolutional network-based semi-supervised feature classification of volumes

Feature classification is an important research topic in scientific visualization. Features are objects with semantic meanings in different domains, such as bones and muscles in medicine, vortexes in computational fluid dynamics, and hurricane …

Xiangyang He, Shuoliu Yang, Yubo Tao, Haoran Dai, Hai Lin

28-09-2021 | Regular Paper

Proposal and verification of optical flow reformulation based on variational method for skin-friction-stress field estimation from unsteady oil film distribution

A skin-friction stress is one of the important physical quantities in fluid engineering and is very important for comprehension of the fluid acting on an object. A boundary layer is formed on the surface of the object due to the viscosity of the …

Kanta Endo, Takumi Ambo, Yuji Saito, Taku Nonomura, Lin Chen, Keisuke Asai

28-09-2021 | Regular Paper

StreamFlow: a visual analysis system for 2D streamlines based on workflow mining technique

Flow visualization and exploration play critical roles in understanding complex vector fields produced by various disciplines such as climate modeling, ocean research, and computational fluid dynamics. However, the complexity of the data and …

Xuyi Lu, Guan Li, Bo Yang, Jun Liu, Guihua Shan

27-09-2021 | Regular Paper

ACMViz: a visual analytics approach to understand DRL-based autonomous control model

Fig. 1 ACMViz: a control panel allows user to adjust hyperparameters; b training view shows the overall statistics during the training process via line charts and stack area charts; c reward view reveals the reward distribution for each actions; d …

Shiyu Cheng, Xiaochen Li, Guihua Shan, Beifang Niu, Yang Wang, MaoKang Luo

22-09-2021 | Regular Paper

Construct boundaries and place labels for multi-class scatterplots

Multi-class scatterplot is a common visualization to show patterns, trends, and outliers hidden in classes, as well as relationships between classes. However, for large-scale data and data whose classes overlap significantly, overdraw problem …

Zeyu Li, Teng Wang, Meng Wang, Jiawan Zhang

20-09-2021 | Regular Paper

Color-in-fist: a metaphor for color selection with mid-air interaction

In visualisation and visual analysis systems, selecting colors is a common task. Color picker is a common interaction component used to select colors and create color schemes (Feisner and Reed 2014 ). Color is determined by three dimensions: hue …

Wei Zhou, Tiemeng Li, Suwen Li, Yangyang Zhu

13-09-2021 | Regular Paper Open Access

Visual analytics for nonlinear programming in robot motion planning

Fig. 1 User interface of our visual analytics system for nonlinear programming processes. Using multiple coordinated views, a user can assess the evolution of a problem’s solution, constraint values, and progression speed throughout an …

David Hägele, Moataz Abdelaal, Ozgur S. Oguz, Marc Toussaint, Daniel Weiskopf

12-09-2021 | Regular Paper

What makes a scatterplot hard to comprehend: data size and pattern salience matter

Visualizations have been extensively used in a wide range of fields, such as news media, business intelligence, and healthcare. Average end-users would encounter various visualizations as part of their work and daily lives (Börner et al. 2016 ).

Jiachen Wang, Xiwen Cai, Jiajie Su, Yu Liao, Yingcai Wu

11-09-2021 | Regular Paper Open Access

Comparative evaluation of contribution-value plots for machine learning understanding

The past decade has witnessed a sharp increase in the popularity of artificial intelligence and machine learning. This prevalence has resulted in a wide variety of new approaches and techniques (e.g., deep learning) that have achieved astounding …

Dennis Collaris, Jarke J. van Wijk

09-09-2021 | Regular Paper

Visual analysis of defect clustering in 3D irradiation damage simulation data

Irradiation damage is one of the most important topics of material science, which has attracted considerable attention in nuclear and electronic industry. As critical processes involving individual defect migration are difficult to be observed …

Guoqing Wu, Deye Lin, Huawei Wang, Leqing Liu

09-09-2021 | Regular Paper

HyIDSVis: hybrid intrusion detection visualization analysis based on rare category and association rules

Cyber security is intended to protect computers, networks and data from attack, destruction, unauthorized access Buczak and Guven 2017 . Intrusion detection system(IDS) provides effective defense mechanisms for network to detect and defend against …

Yanling Zhang, Haolin Liu, Xiaoju Dong, Chenlu Li, Zexi Zhang

06-09-2021 | Regular Paper

RallyComparator: visual comparison of the multivariate and spatial stroke sequence in table tennis rally

Analyzing the stroke sequence in a table tennis rally is essential and challenging in sports science. In a table tennis match, a rally is the shortest scoring unit. A player will score at least after it. Meanwhile, it is the longest unit within …

Ji Lan, Jiachen Wang, Xinhuan Shu, Zheng Zhou, Hui Zhang, Yingcai Wu

04-09-2021 | Regular Paper

An evolutional model for operation-driven visualization design

Although there are many visualization authoring tools, often the design process is confirmatory in that the user either selects and refines pre-built visualization templates or manually constructs the visualization following the standard visual …

Yating Wei, Honghui Mei, Wenqi Huang, Xiangyang Wu, Mingliang Xu, Wei Chen

04-09-2021 | Regular Paper

ScalarGCN: scalar-value association analysis of volumes based on graph convolutional network

Multivariate data are widely used to extract hidden relationships and explore existing phenomenons or new patterns in many fields, such as meteorological simulation, nuclear fission simulation, blood flow simulation, and natural disaster …

Xiangyang He, Yubo Tao, Shuoliu Yang, Chuanchang Chen, Hai Lin

02-09-2021 | Regular Paper

Observation of unsteady motion induced by counterflow jet on blunt body in hypersonic flow

This study focuses on the drag reduction phenomenon caused by counterflow. Experimental studies were performed using a hypersonic shock tunnel to observe the effect of drag reduction caused by unstable counterflow. In the long penetration mode, a …

Duk-Min Kim, Yongchan Kim, Tae-Seong Roh, Hyoung Jin Lee