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Open Access 29-02-2024 | Research Article-Civil Engineering

Introducing a Newly Developed Computer Software to Analyze Fluid Transients in Pressurized Pipeline Systems

Changes in flow rates in pressurized pipeline systems, due to power loss in a pump, opening or closing of a valve, load rejection by a turbine, etc., may lead to unsteady conditions called fluid transients or water hammer in the pipeline, which …

Murat Cenk Uyanık, Zafer Bozkuş

29-02-2024 | Research Article-Mechanical Engineering

CFD Analysis of Buoyancy-Driven Flow in an Infinite Surrounding: Comparison of Effects of Solid and Hollow Cylinders

Buoyancy-driven flow and heat transfer characteristics of the solid/hollow cylinders with concave shapes were numerically analyzed in a turbulent regime. The effects of $${\text{Ra}}$$ Ra , $$L/D$$ L / D , and $${D}_{{\text{th}}}/D$$ D th / D on …

Akhilesh Kumar, Mrityunjay K. Sinha

29-02-2024 | Research Article-Mechanical Engineering

Silver Nanofluid-Based Thermal Management for Effective Cooling of Batteries in Electric Vehicle Systems

To achieve efficient cooling capabilities in electric vehicle (EV) batteries, battery thermal management systems with higher power density have garnered significant attention. This work introduces a novel computational analysis method to assess …

Anitha Dhanasekaran, Rajkumar Dhanasekaran, Yathavan Subramanian, Ramesh Kumar Gubendiren, Muhammed Ali, Veena Raj, Hayati Yassin, Abul K. Azad

29-02-2024 | Research Article-Mechanical Engineering

Optimization of the Solid-State Copper Brazing Condition Using Desirability Function and Genetic Algorithm

This research studies on optimization of solid-state copper brazing condition and comparatively investigates the ability of the desirability function and genetic algorithm (GA) optimization schemes with regard to the optimal brazing condition that …

Prajak Jattakul, Thiti Mhoraksa, Kannachai Kanlayasiri

29-02-2024 | Research Article-Mechanical Engineering

Drilling Studies on MWCNT- and Zirconia-Reinforced Aluminium Alloy 8011 Hybrid Composite: A Machine Learning Approach

Emerging novel composites fabricated from aluminium alloys incorporating high strength and fracture-resistant ceramics with multi-walled carbon nanotubes (MWCNTs) are used frequently in aeronautical and structural engineering fields. This research …

V. Senthil, E. Balasubramanian, G. Sundar Raju, N. Senthilkumar

29-02-2024 | Research Article-Civil Engineering

Design Equation for Completely Overlapped Tubular Joint (COJ) Under Axial Loading

The design of fixed offshore structures for wind turbines with a common joint configuration has been widely adopted for the past few decades. A completely overlapped tubular joint (COJ) is usually proposed as a replacement of a common joint in the …

Ruslan Yapa, Pattamad Panedpojaman, Chatchawin Srisuwan

Open Access 28-02-2024 | Research Article-Chemical Engineering

A Multi-response Nonlinear Programming Model with an Inscribed Design to Optimize Bioreduction Conditions of (S)-phenyl (pyridin-2-yl)methanol by Leuconostoc pseudomesenteroides N13

Asymmetric bioreductions have the potential to synthesize chiral alcohols when catalyzed by biocatalysts. Nevertheless, the (S)-phenyl (pyridin-2-yl)methanol ((S)-2) analgesic synthesis poses significant challenges concerning unsatisfactory …

Akın Özdemir, Engin Şahin

28-02-2024 | Research Article-Mechanical Engineering

Formability of Aluminum AA5754 Using Electrohydraulic Forming Process

Conventional sheet metal forming processes have problems like low formability, non-uniform strain distribution, spring back, wrinkling, etc. High velocity processes like electrohydraulic forming can deform sheets at high strain rate and have …

Ayisha Ali, Meraj Ahmed, Surendra Kumar, Manoj Soni, Khushwant Singh Gavel, Venkat Chilla

27-02-2024 | Research Article-Computer Engineering and Computer Science

Cost Adjustment for Software Crowdsourcing Tasks Using Ensemble Effort Estimation and Topic Modeling

Crowdsourced software development (CSSD) is a fast-growing field among software practitioners and researchers from the last two decades. Despite being a favorable environment, no intelligent mechanism exists to assign price to CSSD tasks. Software …

Anum Yasmin

27-02-2024 | Research Article-Chemical Engineering

Adsorption of Hexavalent Chromium Ions from Aqueous Solutions Using Chitosan/Urotropin Magnetic Nanocomposite

In the pursuit of substantially augmenting the adsorption efficiency of hexavalent chromium (Cr(VI)) from aqueous solutions, a pioneering and eco-friendly chitosan/urotropin magnetic nanocomposite (CUMNC) has been synthesized. The fabricated …

Saad Sulttan, Amina J. Khazm, Hussein G. Salih, Mashallah Rezakazemi, Sohrab Rohani

26-02-2024 | Research Article-Mechanical Engineering

Wheel Slippage Compensation in Mobile Manipulators Through Combined Kinematic, Dynamic, and Sliding Mode Control

In this article, an updated dynamic model of mobile manipulators is presented, which incorporates the effects of wheel slipping and skidding in the mobile base motion equations. This modified model is then used to design an improved control …

Moharam Habibnejad Korayem, Siavash Fathollahi Dehkordi, Narges Ghobadi

26-02-2024 | Research Article-Chemistry

Chemical Synthesis, Experimental, Molecular Docking and Drug-likeness Studies of Salidroside

The compound salidroside was synthesized through the glucosylation of p-tyrosol. This research prioritizes the purification of salidroside over process optimization due to insufficient product yield. High-performance centrifugal partition …

M. Amin Mir, Waseem Ahmad, Kim Andrews, Nupur Kukretee

26-02-2024 | Research Article-Physics

Highly Electroactive Chitosan–Zinc Oxide–Cerium Oxide (CS–ZnO–CeO2) Nanocomposites Modified Electrode for Electrochemical Detection of CA 15-3 in Human Serum

An efficient electrochemical transducer matrix for immunosensing must possess a variety of specialized characteristics, comprised of stability, quick electron transport, biocompatibility, having a large electroactive surface area, and exhibiting …

Farrukh Bashir Kayani, Saima Rafique, Rubina Nasir, Shazia Bashir

26-02-2024 | Research Article-Computer Engineering and Computer Science

A Hybrid Marine Predators Algorithm with Particle Swarm Optimization Using Renewable Energy Sources for Energy Scheduling Problem-Based IoT

The energy scheduling problem (ESP) is a complex NP-hard optimization scheduling problem of finding the best schedule for the energy consumed through a time horizon by smart appliances according to several constraints and dynamic pricing …

Sharif Naser Makhadmeh, Mohammed Azmi Al-Betar, Ammar Kamal Abasi, Anessa Al-Redhaei, Osama Ahmad Alomari, Shaimaa Kouka

26-02-2024 | Research Article-Earth Sciences

Fractal Analysis of Effective Permeability for Power-Law Fluid in Porous Media with Effective Pore Radius

In this paper, the capillary is divided into several regions, and the effective pore radius is proposed. The relationship between the effective hole radius and the maximum radius is analyzed. The fractal models of fractal flow rate, average …

Wuxue Li, Lei Kou, Maoxiang Sun, Yibo Wang, Xiaodong Shi, Huiyuan Liang

26-02-2024 | Research Article-Civil Engineering

Performance Evaluation of Ultra-high Performance Concrete (UHPC) and Ultra-high Performance Fibre Reinforced Concrete (UHPFRC) in Pavement Applications

UHPC and UHPFRC are distinguished materials that are utilised either partially as an overlay on an existing pavement or completely as a thin wearing slab over a base course in pavements. However, their full-scale structural applications are …

Dadi Rambabu, Shashi Kant Sharma, M. Abdul Akbar

26-02-2024 | Research Article-Systems Engineering

Investigating Energy-Efficient Consumption and Intervention Mechanisms for the Manufacturing Sector: A Monopolistic Competition

Due to the importance of mechanism evaluation of energy efficiency enhancement in recent years, in this paper, Industrial Energy-Efficiency Programs (IEEPs) are investigated through a supply chain including a manufacturer, an energy producer, and …

Soroush Safarzadeh, Hamed Jafari

26-02-2024 | Research Article-Civil Engineering

Evaluating the Sensitivity of Machine Learning Models to Data Preprocessing Technique in Concrete Compressive Strength Estimation

This study rigorously examines the impact of various data preprocessing techniques on the accuracy of machine learning models in predicting concrete's compressive strength. It develops ten regression models under nine distinct preprocessing …

Maan Habib, Maan Okayli

26-02-2024 | Research Article-Civil Engineering

Comprehensive Flow Analysis of Dokan Dam’s Morning Glory Spillway: Utilizing Advanced Numerical and Physical Models

Spillway is a hydraulic structure designed to release of excess water, from the upstream to the downstream area of a dam. In the present study, a three-dimensional numerical model was employed using Flow-3D software. The accuracy of the model was …

Luqman S. Othman, Kawa Z. Abdulrahman

26-02-2024 | Research Article-Computer Engineering and Computer Science

U-NET: A Supervised Approach for Monaural Source Separation

Separating speech is a challenging area of research, especially when trying to separate the desired source from its combination. Deep learning has arisen as a promising solution, surpassing traditional methods. While prior research has mainly …

Samiul Basir, Md. Nahid Hossain, Md. Shakhawat Hosen, Md. Sadek Ali, Zainab Riaz, Md. Shohidul Islam