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Multi-verse optimizer based parameters decision with considering tool life in dry hobbing process

Dry hobbing has received extensive attention for its environmentally friendly processing pattern. Due to the absence of lubricants, hobbing process is highly dependent on process parameters combination since using unreasonable parameters tends to …

Heng-Xin Ni, Chun-Ping Yan, Shen-Fu Ni, Huan Shu, Yu Zhang


Novel evaluation method for metal workability during cross wedge rolling process

This study presents a novel method using a disk-like sample to assess the workability of metal during the cross wedge rolling (CWR) process. Using this method, we can quantitatively evaluate the moment destruction which occurs at the center of the …

Ming Cheng, Ming-Jie Shi, Petrenko Vladimir, Rui-Xue Wang, Shi-Hong Zhang

11-03-2021 Open Access

Failure mode analysis on compression of lattice structures with internal cooling channels produced by laser powder bed fusion

Conformal cooling coils have been developed during the last decades through the use of additive manufacturing (AM) technologies. The main goal of this study was to analyze how the presence of an internal channel that could act as a conformal …

E. Virgillito, A. Aversa, F. Calignano, M. Lombardi, D. Manfredi, D. Ugues, P. Fino


Prediction of product roughness, profile, and roundness using machine learning techniques for a hard turning process

High product quality is one of key demands of customers in the field of manufacturing such as computer numerical control (CNC) machining. Quality monitoring and prediction is of great importance to assure high-quality or zero defect production. In …

Chunling Du, Choon Lim Ho, Jacek Kaminski


The influence of ultrasonic vibration on parts properties during incremental sheet forming

The integration of ultrasonic vibration into sheet forming process can significantly reduce the forming force and bring benefits including the enhancement of surface quality, the enhancement of formability and the reduction of spring-back.

Yan-Le Li, Zi-Jian Wang, Wei-Dong Zhai, Zi-Nan Cheng, Fang-Yi Li, Xiao-Qiang Li


Characterization of process and machine dynamics on the precision replication of microlens arrays using microinjection moulding

Injection moulding has shown its advantages and prevalence in the production of plastic optical components, the performance and functionality of which rely on the precision replication of surface forms and on minimizing residual stress. The …

Hao-Yang Zhang, Nan Zhang, Wei Han, Hong-Gang Zhang, Michael D. Gilchrist, Feng-Zhou Fang


Effects of assembly errors and bonding defects on the centroid drift of a precision sleeve structure

Adhesive joints are widely used in precision electromechanical products, and their bonding process has significant effects on the performance of an assembled product. This paper presents a numerical study on the bonding assembly of a sleeve …

Jian-Hua Liu, Xia-Yu Li, Huan-Xiong Xia, Lei Guo


Prediction of cutting power and surface quality, and optimization of cutting parameters using new inference system in high-speed milling process

During the actual high-speed machining process, it is necessary to reduce the energy consumption and improve the machined surface quality. However, the appropriate prediction models and optimal cutting parameters are difficult to obtain in complex …

Long-Hua Xu, Chuan-Zhen Huang, Jia-Hui Niu, Jun Wang, Han-Lian Liu, Xiao-Dan Wang


Towards understanding the microstructure and temperature rule in large strain extrusion machining

Large strain extrusion machining (LSEM) is a typical process for preparing ultrafine or nanocrystalline strips. It is based on large plastic deformation. The processing parameters of LSEM in this study were optimized by experiments and …

Yun-Yun Pi, Wen-Jun Deng, Jia-Yang Zhang, Xiao-Long Yin, Wei Xia

21-02-2021 Open Access

Thermal error modeling based on BiLSTM deep learning for CNC machine tool

The machining accuracy of computer numerical control machine tools has always been a focus of the manufacturing industry. Among all errors, thermal error affects the machining accuracy considerably. Because of the significant impact of Industry …

Pu-Ling Liu, Zheng-Chun Du, Hui-Min Li, Ming Deng, Xiao-Bing Feng, Jian-Guo Yang


A two-stage restoration of distorted underwater images using compressive sensing and image registration

Imaging through a time-varying water surface exhibits severe non-rigid geometric distortions and motion blur. Theoretically, although the water surface possesses smoothness and temporal periodicity, random fluctuations are inevitable in an actual …

Zhen Zhang, Yu-Gui Tang, Kuo Yang


Experimental and numerical investigation of the abrasive waterjet machining of aluminum-7075-T6 for aerospace applications

The machining of hard-to-cut materials with a high degree of precision and high surface quality is one of the most critical considerations when fabricating various state-of-the-art engineered components. In this investigation, a comprehensive …

Joseck Nyaboro, Mahmoud Ahmed, Hassan El-Hofy, Mohamed El-Hofy


Surface integrity evolution of machined NiTi shape memory alloys after turning process

With the development of modern science and technology on the rise, smart materials have steadily garnered attention owing to their excellent engineering properties. NiTi shape memory alloys (SMAs) are intelligent materials with shape memory and …

Yan-Zhe Zhao, Kai Guo, Vinothkumar Sivalingam, Jian-Feng Li, Qi-Dong Sun, Zhao-Ju Zhu, Jie Sun

28-12-2020 | Correction

Correction to: Arduino-based low-cost electrical load tracking system with a long-range mesh network

In the original publication the first author name is published incorrectly as “Xin-Lin Wang”.

Xinlin Wang, Bora Ha, Frank Andrew Manongi, Woo-Kyun Jung, Yusufu Abeid Chande Jande, Sung-Hoon Ahn

27-10-2020 Open Access

Precision micro-milling process: state of the art

Micro-milling is a precision manufacturing process with broad applications across the biomedical, electronics, aerospace, and aeronautical industries owing to its versatility, capability, economy, and efficiency in a wide range of materials. In …

Lorcan O’Toole, Cheng-Wei Kang, Feng-Zhou Fang


Modeling the density gradient of 3D nanofiber scaffolds fabricated by divergence electrospinning

Following recent insights on structure-cell-function interactions and the critical role of the extracellular matrix (ECM), the latest biofabrication approaches have increasingly focused on designing materials with biomimetic microarchitecture.

Muhammad Adib Uz Zaman, Dilshan Sooriyaarachchi, Ying-Ge Zhou, George Z. Tan, Dong-Ping Du