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20-05-2021 | Research

Exploring the dimensionality of entrepreneurial self-efficacy in entrepreneurs and managers: a cognitive process perspective

Entrepreneurial self-efficacy (ESE; one’s belief in one’s venturing capabilities) is a key construct in entrepreneurship research. ESE is a mechanism by which domain knowledge and cognitive processes are converted into new ventures. But its …

Seán F. Keane, Kathryn T. Cormican, Jerome N. Sheahan

19-05-2021 | Research

The antecedents of success among small- and medium-sized enterprises: evidence from Ghana

Globally, small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are regarded as highly crucial to economic growth given their strategic role in job creation and the payment of tax to respective governments. In Ghana for instance, SMEs account for about two …

Christian Hagin, Livingstone Divine Caesar

18-05-2021 | Research

Alleviating poverty among the youth in Botswana: assessment of the potential and prospects of the Youth Development Fund

Botswana has achieved an impressive development record since independence in 1966, and it belongs to a category of medium developed countries. Despite this achievement, the country is grappling with developmental challenges such as poverty and …

Kabo Diraditsile

17-05-2021 | Research

Youth migration and perception on business start-up in Uganda

The youth constitute a significant proportion (21%) of the total population in Uganda. They face challenges of unemployment, which forces them to migrate. This creates a high dependency burden since the majority are not employed and are seeking …

Peter Kisaakye, Abel Nzabona, Christian Kakuba, John Bosco Asiimwe, John Mushomi, Richard Tuyiragize, Stephen Ojiambo Wandera

14-05-2021 | Review

Steering the sustainability of entrepreneurial start-ups

Entrepreneurship is a promising business avenue that individuals, groups and governments can explore and adopt for economic progress. However, there have been high rates of failure of entrepreneurial start-ups within their first 5 years across the …

Charles Karani, Patience Mshenga

14-05-2021 | Research

A critical analysis of Elon Musk’s leadership in Tesla motors

This present study applies qualitative research method to evaluate the entrepreneurial roles and leadership styles of Elon Musk in Tesla motors. The study places its focus on the general review of Elon Musk’s leadership and attempts to match the leadership traits with some traditional leadership approaches widely recognized in leadership theory. The study employs a structured observation technique assimilating numerous secondary sources with a view to analyzing Musk’s leadership traits in Tesla motor. 

Md. Rahat Khan

14-05-2021 | Research

Analysing the individual entrepreneurial resilience of rural women

Individual and social resilience is considered a key to managing stresses in rural communities. The individual resilience of rural women affects the improvement of entrepreneurial resilience and consequently rural community. Resilient …

Fatemeh Badzaban, Kurosh Rezaei-Moghaddam, Mahsa Fatemi

06-05-2021 | Research

Entrepreneurial attitude entropy

In line with further investigation into the issue of the entrepreneurial attitude, this study extends the work by Faghih et al. (2019) to introduce a new concept named Entrepreneurial Attitude Entropy. The way that this study follows to achieve …

Nezameddin Faghih, Lida Sarreshtehdari, Ebrahim Bonyadi

28-04-2021 | Research

From subcontractors to company owners: modeling firm-type choices in industrial clusters

The importance of industrial clusters in industrial development in developing countries is increasingly recognized in the literature. In industrial clusters, division and specialization of labor established under subcontracting arrangements permit …

Babur Wasim Arif, Sana Ullah

28-04-2021 | Research

Determinants of entrepreneurial behaviour in the public sector in Tanzania: a case of water services provision

This paper examines the factors influencing entrepreneurial behaviour in the public sector in Tanzania. To obtain data on the antecedents of entrepreneurial behaviour, we surveyed employees of Tabora Urban Water Supply and Sanitation Authority …

Charles Stephen Tundui, Christopher Shiganza

28-04-2021 | Research

Factors influencing online apparel shopping orientation among women in Mumbai

The purpose of the study was to examine the factors influencing online apparel shopping orientation among women. Survey data from women aged 18–55 with online shopping experience were considered. Four key factors were identified by factor analysis …

Vaishali Hemant Pardeshi, Vandana Khanna

28-04-2021 | Review

An overview of cloud computing in SMEs

The emergence of the Web in 1990 gave rise to cloud computing; a disruptive innovation in the bird’s-eye view of information technology. Cloud computing essentially sidesteps the need for capital investments in hardware and expensive information …

Jayalaxmi P Shetty, Rajesh Panda

Open Access 28-04-2021 | Research

Does the height to entrepreneurship nexus have two stages? New evidence from 27 nations

We examine the association between height and entrepreneurship in 27 nations, finding that the relationship between height and entrepreneurship can be considered to be a two-stage process. During the first stage, individuals make the decision of …

Nazim Habibov, Alena Auchynnikava, Rong Luo

27-04-2021 | Research

How performance of top companies are related on Global Competitiveness Index?

Given the role and importance of competitiveness indicators for businesses’ performance and profitability, the question arises why no research has been undertaken internationally in this regard. Therefore, the main purpose of the present study is …

Mehdi Khazaei, Mohammad Azizi, Mohamadreza Zali

26-04-2021 | Research

Determinants of entrepreneurial knowledge and information sharing in professional virtual learning communities created using mobile messaging apps

There is very limited knowledge about the factors that influence entrepreneurial knowledge and information sharing in professional virtual learning communities created using mobile messaging apps. To address this gap, a survey was conducted on 165 …

Naser Zamani, Fatemeh Kazemi, Ehsan Masoomi

26-04-2021 | Research

Quit or continue? The influence of demography, challenges and performance

The study of intention to enter into business is more common compared to the intention to exit, but exit is more common than the success in entrepreneurship. The study investigates quit intention among youth entrepreneurs in Ethiopia. The quit …

Brajaballav Kar, Yimer Ayalew Ahmed

26-04-2021 | Research

On the utility of the stochastic processes in modeling the nexus between entrepreneurship and innovation: a nonparametric application of Bayesian inference

The application of stochastic processes in modeling uncertain phenomena will benefit researchers in the fields of various sciences like management, engineering, chemistry, physics, and business. The present article tries to apply several …

Nezameddin Faghih, Ebrahim Bonyadi, Lida Sarreshtehdari

23-04-2021 | Research

Disentangling the effect of personal abilities and socio-demographic variables on entrepreneurial intentions: implications for entrepreneurship pedagogy

Since the start of twenty-first century, in the face of rapid globalization, a dynamic marketplace, the emergence of new technologies, innovation, and new business models, there has been an increasing need for young university graduates to be …

Hina Munir, Miao Wang, Sidra Ramzan, Umar Farooq Sahibzada, Cai Jianfeng

23-04-2021 | Research

Difference in business obstacles faced by firms across sizes: evidence from enterprise survey data of India

Economies across the globe are working on creating a business climate in their regions, which is favorable for the business firms. However, business firms still face a variety of obstacles in their day-to-day operations. This paper aims at …

Zakia Jabeen, Jabir Ali, Nadia Yusuf

22-04-2021 | Research

The mediating role of personality traits on the entrepreneurial orientation–firm performance relationship: informal entrepreneurship context

In developing countries, informal entrepreneurship makes a significant contribution to poverty eradication and economic development. Thus, understanding the factors that predict the success of informal entrepreneurs has important implications for …

Eijaz Ahmed Khan, Lynne Harris, Mohammed Quaddus