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Open Access 01-02-2023 | Regular Article

Financial inclusion and business practices of microbusiness in Colombia

Financial inclusion is known to be relevant for improving the growth perspectives of microbusinesses. This research has three aims. First, to explore how adopting business practices can impact the usage of financial products and services of these …

Juan Carlos Urueña-Mejía, Luis H. Gutierrez, Paul Rodríguez-Lesmes

30-01-2023 | Regular Article

Risks and returns in crowdlending

Crowdlending has emerged in recent years as an innovative way to fund financially-constrained new ventures and small companies. However, digitalized funding is a new technology itself and as such it is prone to mispricing and inefficiencies. We …

Saman Adhami, Gianfranco Gianfrate, Sofia Johan

Open Access 28-01-2023 | Regular Article

Local versus national banking development in Europe: who is the winner?

This article investigates the role of local banking development, per se, in European SME debt policies, using a cross-country dataset. Moreover, it assesses whether the debt policies of SMEs are mainly driven by local or national banking …

Francesco Fasano, Maurizio La Rocca

19-01-2023 | Regular Article

Distributional effects of COVID-19

Using Italian Labour Force Survey data for the period 2019Q1-2020Q4 and applying quantile regression model accounting for sample selection bias, the paper investigates the effects of the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic on the wage distribution …

Carmen Aina, Irene Brunetti, Chiara Mussida, Sergio Scicchitano

14-01-2023 | Regular Article

The knowledge-intensive direction of technological change

The paper articulates and tests the hypothesis that the current direction of technological change is knowledge- rather than capital intensive. The new accounting procedures that identify and quantify intangible assets allow us to test the role of …

Cristiano Antonelli, Gianluca Orsatti, Guido Pialli

Open Access 10-01-2023 | Regular Article

Export and variability in the innovative status

The nature of innovation persistence is still open to debate. In this paper, we attempt to shed some light to the topic by providing a novel analysis of the impact of exporting strategies on changes in innovative status. We derive exhaustive …

Josep Tomàs-Porres, Agustí Segarra-Blasco, Mercedes Teruel

09-01-2023 | Regular Article

Risk contagion of bank-firm loan network: evidence from China

Starting from Chinese A-listed firms’ loan announcements, this research creatively constructs a dynamic, variant-linkage, and more comprehensive banking network in China during 2007 and 2016. Exploiting techniques from the literature on complex …

Qingmin Hao, Jim Huangnan Shen, Chien-Chiang Lee

09-01-2023 | Regular Article

Does planned innovation promote financial access? Evidence from Vietnamese SMEs

The study examines the feedback effect of innovation outcomes on access to finance, as an extension to the existing literature which suggests financial access drives firms to innovate. The study applies the theory of planned behaviors integrated …

Thi Thu Tra Pham, Thai Vu Hong Nguyen, Son Kien Nguyen, Hieu Thi Hoang Nguyen

06-01-2023 | Regular Article

Social capital and firm performance in transition economies

The study explores how social capital affects the performance of small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in a transition economy. Social capital is referred to as firm’s social interactions with formal and informal creditors, which is financial …

Hung Quang Doan, Francesca Masciarelli, Andrea Prencipe, Nam Hoang Vu

06-01-2023 | Regular Article

Small and internationalized firms competing with Chinese exporters

The import competition literature suggests that Chinese industrial policies and technological trends have altered the nature of competition with China so that it does not take place on a level playing field anymore. Empirical evidence about firms’ …

Klaus S. Friesenbichler, Andreas Reinstaller

Open Access 06-01-2023 | Regular Article

Knowledge inheritance and performance of spinouts

We investigate the impact of knowledge inheritance by vertical spinouts originating from user and supplier industries on performance. We test whether spinouts from a supplier or user industry perform better than focal industry spinouts and de novo …

Carla Costa, Rui Baptista

Open Access 08-10-2022 | Regular Article

How corporate social responsibility mediates the relationship between corporate reputation and enterprise risk management: evidence from Spain

Enterprise risk management (ERM) systems lessen the probability of risks harming a firm’s reputation for a number of reasons. First, a high-quality ERM system makes it less likely a firm will suffer a risk-based reputational crisis. Second, ERM …

Clara Pérez-Cornejo, Esther de Quevedo-Puente

Open Access 23-09-2022 | Regular Article

Do innovation and financial constraints affect the profit efficiency of European enterprises?

This paper investigates the relationship between profit efficiency, finance and innovation. By adopting stochastic frontiers, we pioneer the use of a novel dataset merging firm level survey data with balance sheet information for a large sample of …

Graziella Bonanno, Annalisa Ferrando, Stefania Patrizia Sonia Rossi

19-09-2022 | Regular Article

Does the appointment of the three musketeers reduce IPO underpricing? global evidence

This paper examines impact of hiring reputable auditors, underwriters, and lawyers, “namely, the three musketeers”, by issuing firms on the global IPO underpricing. We employ large and unique dataset of 24,312 IPOs in 22 countries between 1995 and …

Fouad Jamaani, Manal Alidarous

13-08-2022 | Regular Article

Twitter carbon information and cost of equity: the moderating role of environmental performance

This study aims to examine the moderating role of a firm’s environmental performance, measured by its environmental strength and concern ratings, on the influences of Twitter dissemination of carbon-related information (Carbon_Tweets) on a firm’s …

Mohammed S. Albarrak, Ngan Duong Cao, Aly Salama, Abdullah A. Aljughaiman

Open Access 10-08-2022 | Regular Article

Investment expectations by vulnerable European firms in times of COVID

The effect of the COVID shock on European economies has been severe and also unequal, with some firms being affected much more strongly than others. To improve the effectiveness of policy interventions, policymakers need to understand which types …

Alex Coad, Sofia Amaral-Garcia, Peter Bauer, Clemens Domnick, Peter Harasztosi, Rozália Pál, Mercedes Teruel

Open Access 02-08-2022 | Regular Article

The spirit is willing, but the institutions are weak: disclosure of corporate social responsibility and the financial sector in transition

Evidence exploring the relationship between corporate social responsibility (CSR) disclosure and corporate financial performance (CFP) is consistently inconsistent, if not outright contradictory. We assert that much of this confusion is due to a …

Khurshid Djalilov, Christopher A. Hartwell

18-07-2022 | Regular Article

Enlightening the influence of family TMT involvement on firm growth and degrowth rates

Determining whether family management influences firm growth remains a controversial issue in current literature. This study addresses this research gap by analyzing the effect of family TMT involvement on firm growth, as a reflection of the mixed …

María J. Martínez-Romero, Julio Diéguez-Soto, Pieter Vandekerkhof

27-06-2022 | Regular Paper

What people talk about online and what they intend to do: related perspectives from text mining and path analysis

Nowadays, it remains unclear whether the accumulation of Internet buzz can accurately predict customer preferences and buying intentions. We study two related perspectives with regard to what people talk about online and what they intend to do in …

Sheng-Yen Chang, Virginia Bodolica, Huei-Hsia Hsu, Hsi-Peng Lu

14-06-2022 | Regular Article

How careerists use LMX as a strategy to achieve power and career success? A moderated mediation model

Relying on the theory of planned behavior, we aim to investigate how careerist individuals achieve subjective career success and personal power by maintaining high-quality leader-member exchange (LMX) quality. We further propose that the …

Tasneem Fatima, Ifrah Jameel, Rabia Mushtaq