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10-07-2024 | Original Article

A Classical Requiem for Robert Solow

We prove an alternative and much simpler proof of the key results of the celebrated Solow growth model (Solow 1956), without the neo-classical production function and diminishing marginal productivity. The driving force behind the result is …

Sugata Marjit

10-07-2024 | Original Article

Economic Development, Energy Consumption, and Environmental Deterioration: A Non-Linear Evidence from India

This study examines whether hydropower consumption, fossil fuel consumption, and economic growth had symmetric or asymmetric impacts on India’s environmental deterioration, i.e., ecological footprint. We have employed a Nonlinear Autoregressive …

Arup Roy, Ranjan DasGupta

04-07-2024 | Editorial

Prof. H. D. Vinod - An Appreciation

Dilip M. Nachane

25-06-2024 | Original Article

Regional Dimensions in India: Economic Growth, Inclusive and Sustainable Development

It is a great honour and privilege to deliver the Presidential Address at the 58th Annual Conference of the Indian Econometric Society (TIES). I am grateful to the Society for conferring this honour on me. TIES is one of the oldest and most …

S. Mahendra Dev

17-06-2024 | Original Article

The Sustainability of Portuguese Fiscal Policy in Democracy, 1974–2020

In the current year of 2024, Portugal celebrates half a century of Democracy. In this paper we test the sustainability of Portuguese fiscal policy during this most recent period of Portuguese history – a time when the principle of sound finance is …

Ricardo Ferraz, Joaquim Miranda Sarmento, António Portugal Duarte

Open Access 30-05-2024 | Notes and Short Article

Can We Reliably Identify the CES Preference Parameter from Firm Revenue and Cost Data? Evidence from Monte Carlo Experiments

In empirical studies involving the estimation of structural parameters, a commonly used strategy to identify the CES preference parameter is to assume that firms have a constant marginal cost (MC). This assumption allows one to utilize the link …

Sizhong Sun, Sajid Anwar

Open Access 30-05-2024 | Original Article

All Road User Casualties (Killed) in Great Britain from 1926. Linear and Nonlinear Trends with Persistent Data

This paper deals with the analysis of road casualties in Great Britain, using annual data since 1926. Based on the persistent nature of the data, fractional integration methods are used that include linear and non-linear (structural breaks) …

Luis Alberiko Gil-Alana

30-05-2024 | Original Article

The Digital Divide and Poverty in Developing Countries: Evidence from Farm Households in Niger

Over time, most of the farm households lack the good access of internet and mobile phone; thereby, the use causes a problem with the disparities observed between farm households located in urban and rural areas, which could increase their poverty …

Ousmane Djibo, Maman Nafiou Malam

22-05-2024 | Notes and Short Article

Neighbor Weighting and Distance Metrics in Nearest Neighbor Nowcasting of Swedish GDP

Forecasting and nowcasting of economic activity can be of great importance in many settings. Business tendency survey data, when employed in a nearest neighbor (NN) algorithm, can produce nowcasts of Swedish GDP that compare well, in terms of …

Kristian Jönsson

03-05-2024 | Original Article

Asymmetric Impact of Monetary Policy on 10-Year G-Sec Yield in India

This paper examines the asymmetric impact of monetary policy on central government’s 10-year g-sec yield using a non-linear autoregressive distributed lag model for the period Q1:2001–02 to Q4:2019–20. We find that monetary policy transmission to …

Saksham Sood, Bichitrananda Seth, Samir Ranjan Behera, Deba Prasad Rath

Open Access 23-04-2024 | Original Article

Banknote Life in India: A Survival Analysis Approach

India’s currency-to-GDP ratio indicates a strong and persistent demand for cash. Despite the withdrawal of two high-value banknotes in 2016 and the recent economic contraction due to the COVID-19 pandemic, cash continues to rule in India. Although …

Anirudh Tagat, Mehmet Özmen, Gregory Markowsky

23-04-2024 | Original Article

Dynamics of Operational Efficiency in Credit Lending and Recovery of Stressed Assets: An Alternative Approach with Undesirable By-Products

Our study estimates the operational efficiency of Indian banks during 2009–2010 to 2017–2018, considering advances, and recovery of stressed assets as desirable outputs, while NPAs and slippages are undesirable by-products. Our first stage DEA …

Gargi Sanati, Anup Kumar Bhandari

23-04-2024 | Original Article

A Time Series Analysis of Corporate Profit Rates in Selected Developed Economies: Asymmetries, Non-linearity and Mean Reversion

This study examines the dynamic behaviour of corporate profits in selected developed economies using the quarterly data. Firstly, the non-linear and asymmetric behaviour is considered: the presence of general form of nonlinearity (based on linear …

Ivan D. Trofimov

22-04-2024 | Original Article

Determining Energy Consumption Function under Nonlinearity and Structural Break in India: An Empirical Investigation

Using the nonlinear autoregressive bounds approach, the proposed study highlights that not only upside but also downside (i.e., positive and negative) variations in GDP, globalization index, and capital formation significantly affect energy …

Rajesh Sharma, Pradeep Kautish, Dhyani Mehta

20-04-2024 | Original Article

Identifying Financial Performance Drivers in the Indian Banking Sector During the COVID-19 Crisis

In order to shed light on the possible factors responsible for volatility in the financial performance of Indian banks, we primarily consider four novel variables in the study, including the COVID-19 crisis, NPLs, systemic risk, and government …

Anju Goswami, Pooja Malik

18-04-2024 | Original Article

Creditworthiness: The Role of Trust in the Socioeconomic Network

The paper explores the significance of a borrower’s socioeconomic network in assessing creditworthiness using a novel theoretical framework. We introduce a method for a lender to consolidate the individuals’ trustworthiness of the borrower within …

Silu Muduli, Shridhar Kumar Dash

18-04-2024 | Original Article

Economic Growth in Middle-Income Countries: The Role of Political Stability and Foreign Direct Investment

In this article, we investigate the interrelationships between political stability, corruption, and public governance, in association with foreign direct investment (FDI) and Gross Fixed Capital formation (GFCF), and economic growth (GDP) for a …

Mongi Chebli, Kais Saidi

01-03-2024 | Notes and Short Article

Collusion with Not-So-Secret Rings

When collusion is analyzed for Independent private value auctions, it is implicitly assumed that ring presence is commonly known to colluding and non-colluding bidders. We drop this assumption and analyze a simple model of a first price …

Ceesay Muhammed

29-02-2024 | Original Article

Role of Crude Oil in Determining the Price of Corn in the United States: A Non-parametric Approach

This paper explores the role of crude oil in determining corn prices for data on the weekly front future prices in the United States. With 38% of corn production allocated toward fuel ethanol, a possible effect of crude oil price variation on corn …

Subrata K. Mitra, Debdatta Pal

29-02-2024 | Original Article

Forecasting and Analyzing Predictors of Inflation Rate: Using Machine Learning Approach

In this study, we investigate and apply the models from the machine learning (ML) paradigm to forecast the inflation rate. The models identified are ridge, lasso, elastic net, random forest, and artificial neural network. We carry out the analysis …

Pijush Kanti Das, Prabir Kumar Das