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25-11-2021 | Original Open Access

On the interrelation of equilibrium positions and work of friction forces on brake squeal

Brake noise, in particular brake squeal, is a permanent topic both in industry and academia since decades. Nonlinearities play a decisive role for this phenomenon. One nonlinear effect widely ignored so far is that the brake can engage multiple …

Sebastian Koch, Holger Gödecker, Utz von Wagner

24-11-2021 | Original

Modeling and analysis of a novel multi-directional micro-vibration isolator with spring suspension struts

In this work, a novel spring suspension strut with quasi-zero-stiffness (QZS) and zero-stiffness (ZS) properties is proposed to improve the performance of the multi-directional micro-vibration isolator. The QZS and ZS properties are achieved by …

Tao Yang, Qingjie Cao

19-11-2021 | Original

A deformable spheropolygon-based discrete element method

A deformable spheropolygon-based discrete element method (DS-DEM) that combines the spheropolygon-based discrete element method (DEM) and the finite element method is developed to study behaviors of the deformable particles. Under the framework of …

Lanhao Zhao, Linyu Shao, Jia Mao, Xunnan Liu

17-11-2021 | Original

Finite element modeling of mechanical behaviors of piezoelectric nanoplates with flexoelectric effects

This paper uses the finite element method to simulate the mechanical, electric, and polarization behaviors of piezoelectric nanoplates resting on elastic foundations subjected to static loads, in which the flexoelectric effect is taken into …

Le Minh Thai, Doan Trac Luat, Van Binh Phung, Phung Van Minh, Do Van Thom

17-11-2021 | Original Open Access

Analytical solution of the uniaxial extension problem for the relaxed micromorphic continuum and other generalized continua (including full derivations)

We derive analytical solutions for the uniaxial extension problem for the relaxed micromorphic continuum and other generalized continua. These solutions may help in the identification of material parameters of generalized continua which are able …

Gianluca Rizzi, Hassam Khan, Ionel-Dumitrel Ghiba, Angela Madeo, Patrizio Neff

16-11-2021 | Original

Concurrent energy harvesting and vibration suppression utilizing PZT-based dynamic vibration absorber

This paper investigates simultaneous vibration suppression and energy harvesting through a continuous dynamic vibration absorber (DVA) with piezoelectric coupling, both numerically and analytically. The proposed system is composed of a simply …

Masoud Rezaei, Roohollah Talebitooti, Wei-Hsin Liao

16-11-2021 | Original

Stochastic design of multiple tuned mass damper system under seismic excitation

Design/optimization of the tuned mass damper (TMD) system may not always lead toward robust performance if uncertainties exist. In view of this, a stochastic design of multiple TMD (MTMD) systems has been proposed in the present study taking into …

Kamalesh Bhowmik, Nirmalendu Debnath

10-11-2021 | Original

Dynamic interaction between multiple pantographs sliding on an overhead conductor wire: a multibody and wave-based approach

The interaction dynamics between a number of railway pantographs moving in contact with an overhead high-tension conductor wire has been studied. The bases of the pantographs are subjected to harmonic excitation with different phases representing …

Soumyajit Roy, Anirvan DasGupta, G. Chakraborty

02-11-2021 | Original

Joint finite size influence and frictional influence on the contact behavior of thermoelectric strip

The severe electric and thermal environments may cause localized deterioration of the contact behavior of thermoelectric devices. The contact responses of the thermoelectricity under the joint effect of the finite size and the friction are …

X. J. Tian, Y. T. Zhou, F. J. Li, L. H. Wang

01-11-2021 | Original

A new approach to nonlinear quartic oscillators

In this study, we proved that damped quadratic nonlinear oscillators similar to Duffing and Helmholtz–Duffing damped equations which emerge in bubble dynamics with time-periodic straining flows and solitary-like wave's dynamics may be derived from …

Rami Ahmad El-Nabulsi, Waranont Anukool

28-10-2021 | Original

Electromechanical fields in PN junctions with continuously graded doping in piezoelectric semiconductor rods

We study PN junctions in a piezoelectric semiconductor rod with continuously graded doping. The macroscopic theory of piezoelectric semiconductor is used. The doping profile is describes by power series in a general manner. The resulting …

Guangying Yang, Jianke Du, Ji Wang, Jiashi Yang

27-10-2021 | Original

Magnetic effect on the creeping flow around a slightly deformed semipermeable sphere

This paper presents steady axisymmetric creeping motion of a conducting, incompressible viscous fluid past a weakly permeable slightly deformed sphere in the presence of transverse magnetic field. The Stokes approximation of momentum equation and …

Ravendra Prasad Namdeo, Bali Ram Gupta

22-10-2021 | Original

Nonlinear in-plane buckling of shallow parabolic arches with tension cables under step loads

Shallow parabolic arches have been commonly applied in engineering structures, whereas their structural behavior has not been fully investigated due to significant geometric nonlinearity. In general, a shallow parabolic arch has a tendency to …

Linzi Fan, Ying Zhang, Yaroslav Zhuk, Ivan Goroshko, Pooya Sareh

16-10-2021 | Original

Experimental verification of phononic crystal based on square arrays of cylindrical holes against seismic vibrations in full-scale systems: modeling, sensing and signal processing of seismic vibrations

In this study, phononic crystals reducing the earthquake effects will be determined and prototypes will be constructed which can give the opportunity to reduce the effects of seismic waves. Furthermore, test results will be discussed numerically …

Selçuk Kaçın, Murat Öztürk, Umur Korkut Sevim, Muharrem Karaaslan, Zafer Özer, Oğuzhan Akgöl, Bayram Ali Mert, Emin Ünal

15-10-2021 | Original

A topology optimization method and experimental verification of piezoelectric stick–slip actuator with flexure hinge mechanism

This paper presents a topology optimization method to design the piezoelectric stick–slip actuator. In particular, the vertical input displacement can be converted to the oblique displacement by the flexure hinge driving mechanism, and the …

Shitong Yang, Yuelong Li, Xiao Xia, Peng Ning, Wentao Ruan, Ruifang Zheng, Xiaohui Lu

12-10-2021 | Original

Stress–strain prediction of dual phase steels using 3D RVEs considering both interphase hardness variation and interface debonding at grain boundaries

The numerical study on the complex failure mechanism in dual phase steels is significant because of their intricate microstructure. Their mechanical behavior depends on the volume fraction of martensite/ferrite and microstructural morphology, such …

H. Hosseini-Toudeshky, P. Parandavar, B. Anbarlooie

07-10-2021 | Original

A mechanical model of the crack-bridging effect in nacre with interlocking interface

The excellent mechanical properties of nacre have attracted the research interest of countless scholars and inspired the optimal design of novel nacre-like materials. In recent years, studies have found that the interface between the mineral …

Yu-jing Ge, Gan-yun Huang

05-10-2021 | Original

A novel space–time generalized FDM for dynamic coupled thermoelasticity problems in heterogeneous plates

A novel space–time generalized finite difference method based on the direct space–time discretization technique is developed for solving dynamic coupled thermoelasticity problems. By considering the time scale as an additional space dimension, the …

Jun Lei, Xun Wei, Qin Wang, Yan Gu, Chia-Ming Fan

04-10-2021 | Original

Analysis of a bio-inspired multistage nonlinear vibration isolator: an elliptic harmonic balance approach

Recently, studies on isolation of low- and ultra-low-frequency micro-vibrations have been gaining attention to protect sensitive components, improve operating comfort, and enhance control accuracy. In this study, a modified elliptic harmonic …

Weilei Wu, Bin Tang

01-10-2021 | Original

Correction of post-necking stress–strain curve of copper using surface strain method

Correction of the stress–strain curve in the strained specimens after necking is one of the remarkable issues in mechanical engineering. The corrected curve strain–stress is needed to perform plastic or post-necking analysis in metals' large …

A. Shahrjerdi, B. Ranjbar