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16-11-2020 | Vorwort

CIGRE 2020

Gerhard Christiner

16-11-2020 | Vorwort

CIGRE Session 2020

W. Hribernik

16-11-2020 | Originalarbeit Open Access

Systematic stability analysis, evaluation and testing process, and platform for grid-connected power electronic equipment

The proportion of grid-connected power electronic equipment is already large enough to influence the dynamic characteristics of the modern power system. Ensuring the stability of grid-connected power electronic equipment in all relevant situations …

Ziqian Zhang, Robert Schürhuber, Lothar Fickert, Katrin Friedl, Guochu Chen, Yongming Zhang

16-11-2020 | Originalarbeit

Übertragungsfunktionen zur Abschätzung der gestrahlten Emissionen von HV-Kraftfahrzeugkabeln

Komponenten im elektrischen Antriebsstrang von Kraftfahrzeugen müssen strenge Normen bezüglich der abgestrahlten Magnetfeldemissionen erfüllen. Hochvoltkabel spielen eine wichtige Rolle bei der Verteilung von beabsichtigten funktionalen und …

Madhavi Dhara, Guido A. Rasek

13-11-2020 | CIGRE 2020

Berichte über die Diskussionen der Studienkomitees der CIGRE

13-11-2020 | CIGRE 2020

Verification of withstand capability for very fast transients of a 200 MVA, 500 kV GSU transformer by modelling and testing

Transformers in the network are often exposed to voltage stresses that are different from the impulses during the factory assessment tests (FAT). In many cases transformers can withstand these voltages. In combination with gas-insulated switch …

A. Rabel, J.-J. Zhou

12-11-2020 | CIGRE 2020

An advanced method for steady-state security assessment considering dynamic thermal capacities of grid assets

The ( n − 1 $n-1$ ) criterion is a commonly used criterion for secure grid operation. Violations of this criterion lead to remedial actions in the short term and the construction of additional transmission capacities in the long term to reduce …

M. Schrammel, I. Lupandina, W. Gawlik, K. Viereck

12-11-2020 | Vorwort

Elektrische Energietechnik – Der Wandel zu hybriden AC/DC-Netzen

Uwe Schichler

09-11-2020 | CIGRE 2020

Improving synthetic inertia provision by Power Electronic Interfaced Power Sources to support future system stability

Increasing penetration of power-electronics-converter-interfaced generation and loads raises several challenges for the operation, control and protection of power systems. This paper investigates the impact of high penetration of Power Electronic …

W. Gawlik, C. Alacs, J. Marchgraber, Y. Guo, A. Anta, J. Kathan, B. Weiss, K. Oberhauser, M. Lenz, M. Froschauer, A. Stimmer, M. Leonhardt

09-11-2020 | CIGRE 2020

Achievements, experiences, and lessons learned from the European research infrastructure ERIGrid related to the validation of power and energy systems

Power system operation is of vital importance and must be developed far beyond today’s practice to meet future needs. Almost all European countries are facing an abrupt and very important increase of renewables with intrinsically varying yields …

T. I. Strasser, E. C. W. de Jong, M. Sosnina, J. E. Rodriguez-Seco, P. Kotsampopoulos, D. Babazadeh, K. Mäki, R. Bhandia, R. Brandl, C. Sandroni, K. Heussen, F. Coffele

09-11-2020 | CIGRE 2020

Development of resilience issues and challenges in the SEERC region

South East European regional council of CIGRE

This paper aims to report on the South East European Regional Council of CIGRECIGRE (SEERC) activities related to resilience of electrical power networks. Based on the results of an organized SEERC workshop focusing on resilience of network issues …

K. Reich, M. Pompili, K. Bakic, Y. Bondarenko

09-11-2020 | CIGRE 2020

Potentials and systemic aspects for the integration of renewable energies in the North African and Middle Eastern electricity system

The electricity economies in North Africa and in the Middle East are currently heavily dependent on fossil fuels. As these countries have also signed the Paris Climate Agreement, plans to move towards renewable energies are already in place. In …

R. Gaugl, U. Bachhiesl

09-11-2020 | CIGRE 2020

Overhead transmission line performance with respect to grounding impedance on alpine terrain

The present paper shows a study case of transient effects of direct and indirect lightning discharges on overhead transmission lines with respect to actual grounding impedances of the transmission line system. The transient measurement data was …

L. Schwalt, S. Pack, J. Plesch

09-11-2020 | Originalarbeit Open Access

Low-power integrated transmitter design using frequency multiplication techniques

Edge-combining and third harmonic extraction

This paper proposes an approach to employ frequency multiplication techniques like edge-combining and third harmonic extraction in ultra-low-power integrated transmitter design. The overall power demand of the transmitter is reduced by keeping …

Markus Stadelmayer, Tim Schumacher, Thomas Faseth, Harald Pretl

06-11-2020 | Originalarbeit Open Access

Ultra-thin oxide breakdown for OTP development in power technologies

OTP (One Time Programmable) memory in power technology enables electrical performance optimization together with area occupation reduction. In this paper, the aspects relative to the oxide breakdown (which is the key mechanism for memory …

Osvaldo Gasparri, Mirko Bernardoni, Paolo Del Croce, Andrea Baschirotto

06-11-2020 | CIGRE 2020

Investigation of the dynamic rating of tubular busbars in substations

In recent years, Austrian Power Grid AG (APG) has successfully introduced dynamic line rating for the weather-dependent determination of the current-carrying capacity on various overhead lines. The higher current loading of overhead lines also …

K. Reich, R. Weissnar, R. Puffer

05-11-2020 | CIGRE 2020

Field experience of small quasi-DC bias on power transformers

A first classification of low-frequency current patterns and identification of sources

Low-frequency currents (LFC) or quasi-DC (QDC) in the electrical power transmission network, and especially in power transformers, are causing negative effects such as an increase in noise level, in reactive power consumption and in power …

D. Albert, P. Schachinger, H. Renner, P. Hamberger, F. Klammer, G. Achleitner

04-11-2020 | CIGRE 2020

Evaluation of dynamic loading capability for optimal loading strategies of power transformers

Increasing needs for operational flexibility encourage concepts of using thermal operational limits of grid equipment instead of nominal limits, e.g., “dynamic line rating” for transmission lines. Using the available loading flexibility of complex …

I. Lupandina, W. Gawlik, M. Schrammel, A. Ilgevicius, M. Kürten, K. Viereck

23-10-2020 | CIGRE 2020

Extended thermal rating calculations of 400 kV XLPE cables for urban grid applications based on long-term experimental data

Conventional rating calculations for power cables are based on the analytical methods given by IEC standards. These methods lead to rather conservative results though, which has been acceptable in the past since high-voltage cables are normally …

F. Ainhirn, R. Woschitz, U. Schichler, A. Bolzer

23-10-2020 | CIGRE 2020

Engineering and validation support framework for power system automation and control applications

The rollout of smart grid solutions has already started and new methods are deployed to the power system today. But the complexity is still increasing and the focus is moving from a single system to a system of systems perspective. The results are …

J. Resch, B. Schuiki, S. Schöndorfer, C. Brandauer, G. Panholzer, F. Pröstl Andrén, T. I. Strasser