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Open Access 29-03-2023 | Originalarbeit

Investigation of permanent magnet synchronous machines with buried magnets and carbon fiber sleeve for automotive application

Due to the limited space available in vehicles, traction drives with high torque densities are a key objective of machine design in the automotive sector. In order to be able to dispense with a multispeed transmission and still achieve high …

Maximilian Clauer, Andreas Binder

21-03-2023 | Vorwort

Elektrische Maschinen und Antriebe

Harald Neudorfer

Open Access 17-03-2023 | Originalarbeit

Design of hairpin windings considering the transient potential distribution

With the increasing use of novel semiconductor technologies such as SiC and GaN in inverter-fed electrical machines, the switching losses of the power electronics can be reduced. However, this leads to steeper voltage gradients, resulting in a …

Jochen Dittmann, Marc England, Bernd Ponick

Open Access 16-03-2023 | Originalarbeit

The analytical beam element model: novel approach for fast calculation of vibrations in electric machines

The vibration and acoustic behavior of electric machines is an important aspect of the design process. A crucial part of the modeling is the correct prediction of the stator’s vibration behavior, characterized by the stator’s eigenfrequencies and …

Martin Enno Gerlach, Allan de Barros, Xudong Huang, Markus Langfermann, Bernd Ponick, Amir Ebrahimi

Open Access 13-03-2023 | Originalarbeit

Optimum 7 MW HTS direct-drive wind turbine synchronous generator designs with different rotor and stator iron topologies

Partially superconducting direct-drive wind turbine generators with high-temperature superconducting excitation winding enable an increase of the rated unit power, higher efficiency, and a high, adjustable power factor. The high excitation …

Robin Köster, Andreas Binder

Open Access 13-03-2023 | Originalarbeit

Efficient modeling of DFIG- and FSC-based wind turbines for frequency stability analysis

The contribution of wind turbines (WTs) to enhance the frequency stability of power systems is traditionally analyzed using commonly applied root mean square (RMS) models. RMS WT models require smaller simulation time steps compared to …

Farshid Goudarzi, Lucas Reus, Lutz Hofmann

Open Access 03-03-2023 | Originalarbeit

Elektromagnetischer Energiewandler auf Basis des Klauenpol-Prinzips

Dieser Beitrag stellt einen elektrodynamischen Wandler vor, der im Vergleich zu konventionellen E‑Maschinen wettbewerbsfähige Betriebseigenschaften aufweist, beliebig skalierbar und kostengünstig herzustellen ist. Der Wandler ist geeignet, in …

Eugenia Bosler, Sawsan Abo-Koos, Paul Kastl, Dirk Oberschmidt, Uwe Schäfer

28-02-2023 | Originalarbeit

Wicklungsumschaltung als elektrische Getriebestufe bei Hauptspindelantrieben

Die Prozessleistung bei Werkzeug- und Produktionsmaschinen wird von Hauptantrieben zur Verfügung gestellt, bei denen hauptsächlich feldorientiert betriebene Käfigläufermotoren zum Einsatz kommen. Weist die Leistungs-Drehzahl-Kennlinie eine …

Gerhard Huth

Open Access 28-02-2023 | Originalarbeit

Robotergestützte 3D-Laser-Doppler-Vibrometrie zur experimentellen Modalanalyse von elektrischen Maschinen

Die Modellierung des strukturdynamischen Verhaltens von elektrischen Maschinen ist herausfordernd. Insbesondere die präzise Modellierung der Dämpfung ist nach dem Stand der Technik nicht möglich. Es werden deshalb häufig experimentelle …

Marius Franck, Dennis Berft, Kay Hameyer

01-02-2013 | Reprint

Digital programmable power device for LED lighting

LED lighting uses typically switched mode power supply (SMPS) techniques to generate the appropriate LED voltage and current out of high mains voltages. A variety of SMPS controllers is available on the market for this application. Most of these cont…

Dipl.-Ing. Torsten Hinz

29-01-2013 | cigre 2012

Tuned medium-band UHF PD measurement method for GIS

In order to replace the lightning impulse test, a very sensitive PD-measurement is required for onsite tests of GIS (CIGRE Joint Working Group 33/23.12 in Electra No 176, 1998). The most sensitive UHF-PD-measurement technique consists of low-noise hi…

S. M. Hoek, S. M. Neuhold

24-01-2013 | cigre 2012

Use of high thermal limit conductors in the replacement of 220 kV overhead lines in the Tirolean Alps

The distribution system operator TIWAG-Netz AG operates a 220 kV grid in the alpine region of Tirol. Due to the age of the conductors, the fittings and the pylons (approximately 50 years), the question has arisen as to whether, for parts of…

J. Bodner, M. Höfer, M. Laußegger, G. Stampfer, H. Strobl, H. Wörle

24-01-2013 | cigre 2012

Effects from downbursts on overhead lines. Meteorological thunderstorm study—climatological, meteorological and CFD analysis

In February and March 2008 cyclone “Emma” crossed some countries of central Europe and caused severe damages. In very local areas thunderstorms with downbursts were embedded in “Emma” and led to collapses of overhead lines.Downbursts are downward win…

C. Karner, H. Lugschitz, S. Tschannett, M. Ratheiser, W. Gepp, A. Beck, H. Kaufmann

22-01-2013 | cigre 2012

Extension and optimization of the load range of DRT test systems for testing extra-long HV and UHV cables

In the last few years, the demand for testing extra-long cables, such as submarine cables has grown rapidly. The existing testing methods have been complemented by a new testing technology called DRT (Differential Resonance Technology). This testing …

P. Mohaupt, H. Geyer, B. A. Bergman, S. Bergman, A. E. Bergman, W. Kemmetmüller, S. Eberharter, A. Kugi

22-01-2013 | cigre 2012

Power transformers with environmentally friendly and low flammability ester liquids

To improve personal safety and reduce the environmental impact of electrical power supply, alternative insulation fluids are demanded for large power transformers. With their biodegradability, the fact that they can be produced from renewable resourc…

G. J. Pukel, R. Schwarz, F. Baumann, H. M. Muhr, R. Eberhardt, B. Wieser, D. Chu

22-01-2013 | cigre 2012

Condition assessment of instrument transformers using dielectric response analysis

Dielectric response analysis is an advanced technique, providing information about the insulation condition of the measured test object. It is typically used for power transformers, where the water content in the solid cellulosic insulation can be as…

S. Raetzke, M. Koch, M. Krueger, A. Talib

22-01-2013 | cigre 2012

Direct current in transformers: effects and compensation

Due to the high magnetic conductivity of transformer cores, very small direct currents in the electric power grid are sufficient to cause half-cycle saturation of the core. Even minor DC-bias leads to a considerable increase of the noise level and to…

F. Bachinger, A. Hackl, P. Hamberger, A. Leikermoser, G. Leber, H. Passath, M. Stoessl

22-01-2013 | cigre 2012

Improving the portability and exchangeability of model data for smart grids focusing on real-time simulations—definition of a common reference model

A key and important aspect of future power and energy systems is the integration of renewable and distributed energy resources. In order to develop, test and implement such distributed energy resources appropriate methods, procedures and guidelines a…

T. Strasser, M. Stifter, W. Hribernik, E. Lambert, P. Kotsampopoulos, P. Crolla, C. Tornelli

16-01-2013 | Originalarbeiten

White light by LED—mechanism of generation and evaluation of quality

The generation of white light by Light Emitting Diodes (LED) is presented. Unlike thermal emitters (e.g. incandescent bulbs) or UV excited fluorescent light-sources (e.g. compact fluorescent bulbs), the emission is in the visible range only, allowing…

Istvan Peter Bakk, Peter Pachler

16-01-2013 | cigre 2012

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