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Journal of Advanced Ceramics

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28-11-2018 | Research Article Open Access

Luminescent sensing film based on sulfosalicylic acid modified Tb(III)-doped yttrium hydroxide nanosheets

Sulfosalicylic acid (SSA) was used as an intercalation agent and an excellent antenna to synthesize layered rare-earth hydroxide (LRH) materials and directly obtain SSA-modified terbium-doped ytterbium hydroxide nanosheets by mechanical …

28-11-2018 | Research Article Open Access

Effect of Al2O3 addition on the non-isothermal crystallization kinetics and long-term stability of BCABS sealing glass for IT-SOFCs

Owing to adjustable thermal expansion performance, BaO–CaO–Al2O3–B2O3–SiO2 (BCABS) glass has a promising commercialization prospect for intermediate temperature-solid oxide fuel cells (IT-SOFCs) sealing. Herein, Al2O3 with two different contents …

28-11-2018 | Rapid Communication Open Access

High-temperature phase relations of ZrN–ZrO2–Y2O3 ternary system

Zirconium nitride (ZrN) ceramics were prepared via hot pressed sintering (HP) at 1750 °C in N2 atmosphere with ZrO2–Y2O3 as sintering additive. X-ray diffraction was applied to analyze the phase composition of the as-prepared ceramics to study the …

21-11-2018 | Research Article Open Access

Microstructure and mechanical properties of h-BN/Yb4Si2O7N2 composites

A series of h-BN based composites with Yb4Si2O7N2 as a secondary phase were successfully synthesized by an in situ reaction hot pressing method. It was found that the relative density and room-temperature mechanical properties monotonically …

21-11-2018 | Research Article Open Access

Densification behavior of yttria-stabilized zirconia powders for solid oxide fuel cell electrolytes

Yttria-stabilized zirconia (YSZ) is the most common electrolyte material for solid oxide fuel cells. Herein, we conducted a comparative study on the densification behavior of three different kinds of commercial 8 mol% YSZ powders: (i) TZ-8Y …

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Journal of Advanced Ceramics is an international journal published under the brand SpringerOpen that presents the results of theoretical and experimental studies on the processing, structure and properties of advanced ceramics and ceramic-based composites.

Coverage spans a wide range of ceramics-related topics, including Processing (powder preparation and characterization, novel sintering techniques) Structure characterization (including nanoscopic, optical, electrical and magnetic characterization), Properties (mechanical, electrical, ferroelectric) and Advanced materials (transparent ceramics; lead-free piezoelectrics; ferromagnetics and solid oxide fuel cells).

Journal of Advanced Ceramics is published on behalf of the State Key Laboratory of New Ceramics and Fine Processing (Tsinghua University) and the Advanced Ceramics Division of the Chinese Ceramic Society.

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